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The Note:
Chapter Four

The morning fog still lingered on the ground as a single figure made its way through the grave stones. He walked slowly, enjoying the sight around him. he had always felt most comfortable in graveyards. The thought of being surrounded by the dead may creep most people out, but to him he found it to be a nice quiet place, peaceful.

He only stopped when he came to a freshly dug grave. The new tombstone next to it held a name that was all to familiar.

Seto Kaiba.

He stepped over to the tombstone and ran a finger over the name. It was true, the CEO was dead, gone forever. He knelt before the grave marker and placed a single blood red rose before it.


The figure stood and turned to see Mokuba standing behind him. The youths eyes were red from crying and he had lost the childish wonder he used to have. Now he seemed dull... a shadow of his former self.

"You're here early," Mokuba said, "The funerals not for another hour."

"I know," Ryou said softly, "I wasn't doing anything, so I thought I'd come down before the crowds arrive."

That was only part true. He also knew that Yugi would probably show up early to avoid the crowds as well. Ryou had been instructed to confront the pint sized duelist about the notebook, no matter what.

"Is there anything I can help with?" Ryou asked.

"No, I think everything has been taken care of..."

The young Kaiba trailed off. Tears welling up in his eyes.

"Everything will be ok, Mokuba," said Ryou.

"I know," Mokuba sighed, "It just happened so fast. I was there when it happened, and one second big brother was perfectly fine, the next he was just... gone."

Ryou placed a comforting hand on Mokuba's shoulder. Deep inside him the spirit of the Millennium Ring smirked. Hearing that just made everything better.

"Well I've got a few things I need to look over before the funeral starts," Mokuba said, adverting his gaze as a single tear fell. Ryou nodded, but didn't say anything further. The last remaining Kaiba sniffed as he walked away.

"It is real..." he whispered to himself when Mokuba was out of earshot, "It has to be..."


"Yugi!" Grandpa Motou called up the stairs, "Are you almost ready to go?"

A pale face stuck out from under the sanctuary of its blankets and lied, "Almost!"

In all reality Yugi wasn't close to being ready for anything, other then curling up further in his cocoon of fabric and disappearing from the world himself. Which perhaps might have been the most sanest reaction given the fact that on the other side of the room a death god and his notebook were perched on his desk. Ryuk was busying himself this morning by munching loudly on a bright red apple.

"At least there's one good thing here," he chuckled devouring the piece of fruit, core and all, "Apples in the human world are, how you say... juicy."

Yugi quickly vanished under the blankets again. The spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, who also occupied the room, shot the shinigami an annoyed look and walked over to the bed.

"Abiou, you need to get up."

"Why?" the question was muffled by the fabric covering him. The other Yugi dug his counterpart out of the blankets and looked straight into his eyes.

"You need to go to that funeral."

It pained the spirit to see Yugi like this. He hadn't been sleeping the past couple days, dark circles formed under his large eyes. He had been becoming more and more recluse, which wasn't like the teen at all. The other Yugi was deeply concerned that if he didn't change this behavior then...

He didn't even want to think about it.

"How many murderers go to their victims funerals?" Yugi asked.

"You are not a murderer," the other Yugi said sternly.

"I wrote his name down!" the teen snapped, "I killed Seto Kaiba!"

In the background, Ryuk was chuckling again.

Yugi's face saddened, "Oth-other me?"


"Could you go for me?"

The other Yugi nodded, "Anything for you, Aibou."

With that the spirit returned to the Puzzle that hung from the teens neck, and a second later he took possession over the body. This had been strange for the shinigami when it first happened... he had never encountered two souls in one body before, but he (like the rest of Yugi's friends) soon became well adjusted to this phenomenon.

"Come along, Ryuk," the other Yugi said once he was dressed and ready, he cracked a smile, "Let's go see how our victim is doing?"


Ryou sat in a nearby tree watching the funeral. He hung around all morning with no sign of Yugi, and when the first of the mourners arrived the spirit inside him grew impatient. But there was no way Ryou was allowed to leave until confrontation with Yugi was had.

The white haired teen felt it better just to get out of the way then to deal with people today. He leaned back against the trunk of the tree, never taking his eyes off the dark group huddled around the fresh grave.

The minutes ticked by slowly. Ryou was bored. He had never been that close to Kaiba... hell, nobody had. This whole thing was a charade. Where ever the CEO was now Ryou highly doubted he cared whether anyone came to pay their respects. He sighed and finally looked away.

It was then that something caught his eye.

He sat up straighter, squinting into the distance trying to get a better look. Two figures were making their way through the graveyard towards Kaiba's grave. The first of them was unmistakably Yugi... but what was that behind him!? A cold wave washed over him as they got closer. The tall lanky monster hovered just behind Yugi, large feathery wings beating lazily, just enough to keep him airborne. His stomach lurched, he quickly put his hands out, catching himself. Had he leaned any further, he would have fallen from the tree.

Yugi joined the group by the grave, the creature flew around a few times before resting on top of the new gravestone. Ryou's eyes widened slightly as they quickly welcomed Yugi and went on with the funeral. Could no one else see the creature? Was it only him? Had he finally gone off the deep end?

The voice in the back of his mind only provided him with one word:


It echoed through him. The chill ran up his spine again.

At last the group started to disperse. Ryou jumped down from the tree and approached the pint sized duelist. Yugi, or the other Yugi rather, was one of the only people left by the grave when Ryou reached him. Jounouchi, Honda, and Tea stood by him talking quietly, Ryou felt a sense of deja-vu this was almost like it had been the day Seto died.

"So that Death Note was real, wasn't it?" Jounouchi asked. Ryou hung back a bit, listening to the conversation.

The other Yugi shook his head, "Don't be ridiculous."

"But Kaiba..." Tea said softly. The other Yugi placed a hand on her shoulder, a stoney look on his face.

"What happened to Kaiba was just really unfortunate timing," he said, "After all, look at how hard he worked. Something like this was bound to happen eventually."

Nobody really looked convinced. Not even the other Yugi.

"Look," he continued, "I know that it looks like that Death Note was what killed Kaiba... but it wasn't. I tested it out again later that night, and nothing happened. That notebook was nothing but a fake."

No one moved. Which surprised Ryou because the large creature had just landed right behind the other Yugi. It looked even worse close up. Like something out of his worse nightmares. No, perhaps he wasn't that bad... after all the spirit of the Ring was who starred in worst of his nightmares.

Having been distracted by the creature he missed the end of the conversation, the teenagers were now wondering off in different directions. Ryou followed after his target, just close enough to listen.

The creature chuckled, "So you lied to them and told them the Death Note was a fake, eh?"

"It was the easiest way to get them to forget about it, Ryuk," the other Yugi said.

Ryou stopped in his tracks. The other Yugi was talking to that... that thing! He felt a bit of relief that someone else could see this... Ryuk. But where...?

The teens face darkened as a crooked smile graced his lips.

"He's the death god that dropped that notebook," he answered himself, watching the two figures leave now, "I must have it for myself."