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The sun broke through the curtains, filtering through to splay a random pattern across the pale green sheets and over anything else that got in its way. It was still early, not yet 7:00am, but Robert was awake. This had been his habit. It wasn't because he couldn't sleep anymore, but it was due to the fact that he knew what was waiting when he woke. It was the most beautiful sight that anyone could wake up to.

It was a year and a half later; a year and a half since that fateful night when finally the two had admitted their hearts' desire. And to think, they were about to part ways without expressing their feelings just like that, she with Prince Edward and he with Nancy. Neither was going to run back to the other, afraid of ruining what had already been in place. It was true love's kiss that awoke both of their hearts to reality.

Since then, Robert hadn't left her side and wouldn't leave her side in the future. Time was scarce that he had alone with Giselle. Morgan went to school during the day, but Andalasia Fashions was still a blossoming business, it needed full attention. There were quick kisses, hand holding and whispers through the day, but never a moment between the pair. Once Morgan was settled in her bed, their bed was their solace. Thus, he spent his mornings, what little time he had before his day set in, enjoying the view of the sleeping form beside him.

Through the night, she often slept clutched to his side, head tucked beneath his chin, arm across his chest. In the morning, he could maneuver her, just so, as to not wake her, but so he would have a better glance.

Her face was serene, as always, with a hint of a smile dancing across her lips. Pale scarlet hair rolled down her back and over her shoulders. A soft breeze from the cracked window caused a feathery strand to fall across her forehead. Robert lovingly stroked the crimson tress back into place. From there, he traced his finger down her flawless cheek and down her neck line, marveling at the soft beauty of her skin.

Giselle stirred in her sleep, no more than a murmur escaping her lips before settling back to slumber. Robert propped himself up on his elbow. One of her pale legs had escaped the confines of the emerald sheets, only to outstretch towards him. The sunlight danced upon her skin and moved without care from sheets to skin and back again.

Bringing his eyes back up to her face, he was met with crystalline cerulean staring back. His brow shot up in slight surprise, "Hi."

That ghost of a smile from her slumber sparked into a grin, "Hi." She stretched the sleep from her limbs, releasing a yawn in the process.

While she was stretching, Robert slipped an arm around her waist, which was greeted by an "Oh!" from Giselle. She giggled and curled her own arms around him in a morning embrace.

"Why not get out of bed once you wake up?" she inquired, speaking into his neck, finishing by dropping a few kisses there.

He nestled his nose in her locks, breathing in a scent so uniquely Giselle's. A genuine smile graced his features, "Because this is so much better."