What's Black and White and Green All Over?

Chapter one

By: NoDrogs

I do not own Kim Possible or any related characters. They are the property of the Walt Disney corporation and are used without permission purely for non-commercial entertainment purposes.

This is not part of my Small Possibilities series, it's just a silly one-shot fan fic.

It was dark and storm-free night. Outside, the streets were lit by electric street lights, instead of random flashes of lightning. Inside the lab of Dr. Zimmerman, all was quiet.. Automated security cameras scanned the darkened space. Inside a glass tank, a large spider spun its web.

Against one wall, an air conditioning grate suddenly sprang out. Before it could fall to the floor, a pair of graceful hands, clad in black and green gloves, reached out and caught it. A lithe, female figure clad in a form fitting green and black suit slipped out of the narrow air conditioning vent. In the dim glow from the lab windows, her skin looked pale white in contrast to the jet black hair on her head and the bright green and jet black of her outfit. Before either of the two security cameras could get a good look at her, she pointed a device that looked like a TV remote at each camera. There was a brief electric whine in each camera and then they froze, motionless.

The female burglar moved confidently across the room to a large electronic safe. When she used the remote control this time, the safe beeped and unlocked, allowing her to open it. She quickly pulled out a folder and several micro-CDs... research that Dr. Zimmerman had stolen from several other scientists, and that she was now stealing from him. Leaving the safe unlocked, she strolled back to the air conditioning vent, tucking the remote and the stolen material into a pouch strapped to her ankle. She pulled herself back into the vent, exiting the building.

Several minutes later, the pied-costumed figure ducked into a hotel room she had rented over the internet, under a false name. Another, more conventional outfit was already laid out on the bed. The female figure transferred the stolen records to an innocuous looking backpack, then went into the bathroom. She glanced at her pale face in the mirror, and picked up a towel. After removing the black wig that had covered her real hair, Kim Possible began to wipe the makeup off her face.

"Did you and Ron stay out late last night?" asked Mrs. Dr. Possible, as she saw her little Bubble Butt yawn over a bowl of cereal.

"Just enjoying ourselves before we have to go to college." said Kim, in what was not quite a lie. Kim, much to her surprise, had enjoyed her last night eacapades. Ron, she was sure, had enjoyed himself last night also; last she had seen, he had been chortling over the fact that the Mucho Buenos Nachos in Go-City now featured Nacos. Ron had been accepted at a cullinary college in Go City; Kim was sure that Ron would be spending most of his time eating there, especially since he was friends with the store's manager (and residential superhero) Hego. Ron had even mentioned that Hego had asked Ron if Ron would be interested in taking a sidekick position with him, while Kim was attending college in Europe.

"Anything interesting in the news?" Kim said, glancing at her dad.

"Great news, Kimmie-cub!" said Dr. Possible. "Remember that Dr. Zimmerman I was telling you about? It seemed the police last night received an anonymous package with evidence that Dr. Zimmerman had been steeling research from other scientists. I knew he stole those rotary rocket designs from me."

"I guess what goes around comes around." says Kim. "Do the police know who sent the package?"

"It says the police are following some leads, but nothing else." said Dr. Possible. "Oh, look at the time... I've got to run."

Kim looked at the paper and read over the article, smiling. She turned the page, flipping through the rest of the paper. After a few minutes, her smile vanished, to be replaced by a calculating frown. She stared at a small headline near the back of the paper. 'Tri-Ples Financial to close Middleton Orphanage'.

"Father, I do not understand why we must be here." Senor Senior Jr. paced around the luxorious hotel suite. "These quarters are so small compared to home. And everything reeks of Middleton."

"Now now, my son." said Senor Senior Sr., the head of the Trip-Les Financial corporation. "Here I am, about to pass a milestone in my career of evil, and you do not wish to admire it?"

"But all you are doing is foreclosing on a loan." said Senor Senior Jr. "What is evil about that?"

"It's a loan on an ORPHANAGE." said Senor Senior Sr. "What self respecting villain could resist the opportunity to kick a group of penniless orphans out into the street, along with the dozens of hard working, kind hearted people who work there?"

"Whatever." said Senor Senior Jr. "I am going to change and go work on my tan some more."

Senor Senior Sr. sighed as his son walked out. His son had no respect for the craftsmanship of evil. Evil was more then just a hobby, it required art. It required patience. It required...

Senor Senior Sr.'s thoughts were cut off as his son screamed, shrieking like a Girl Scout who had just managed an exclusive sales contract with a cookie-eating championship sumo team. He rushed into the next room. The safe provided by the hotel was open, with several large packets of money missing. One window of the hotel room was cut open, leaving a large hole. Junior was pointing at the window.

"I saw the thief, father, just as she was leaving... she was dressed in green and black, like Shego!"

Senor Senior Sr. frowned in confusion.

Senor Senior Sr. counted through the money again and sighed in disappointment. The amount on the table was the exact same amount that had been taken from his safe... an amount that Senor Senior Sr. would normally have considered pocket change. More infuriatingly, however, it was also the exact amount left due on the mortgage.

"I am afraid I have no choice." he said. He took out the deed to the orphanage and handed it to the matron who was smiling in delight. "Thanks to a mysterious benefactor... the orphanage will remain open."

"Police followed a woman believed to be the internationally wanted 'Shego' to a local warehouse today, after the woman threw a large brick through the police headquarters window. The woman vanished at the warehouse, but the police did manage to capture and arrest a ring of drug smugglers who had been using the warehouse as a meetinghouse. Asked if this was part of the 'beneficial crime wave' that has been sweeping our city lately, the chief of police refused to comment."

Kim turned off the television set, grinning. Little did the police or the media suspect that these recent 'crimes' had really been super hero Kim Possible. Being anonymous and playing the bad girl gave Kim Possible an illicit thrill, even as she reminded herself she was only committing these actions for the common good. So far, not even Ron or Wade knew what Kim had been doing to keep herself busy. With luck, no one would ever find out.

"Shego! How could you!"

Shego looked up from where she was finishing welding some metal panels into the new lair. "What is it this time?" said Shego. "Did I put the pickle jar lid back on too tight again?"

"I thought we had firmly agreed that saving the world from Wormonga was a one time thing!" said Dr, Drakken. He dropped a newspaper on the table, where a police artist sketch of a woman in black and green was boldly displayed on the front page. The face was left mostly blank, but the costume and black hair distinctly matched Shego's.

Shego picked up the paper and read. "Modern day Robin Hood... Reformed super villain?!"

"Um... Shego..." said Dr. Drakken. "You're wrinkling the newspaper..."

Shego growled, ignoring Dr. Drakken. Her hands ignited, green flames flowing out and incinerating the newspaper into a little pile of ash.

"Someone is ruining my bad name!" screeched Shego.

"I wasn't done reading that!" protested Dr. Drakken.

Shego glared at Dr. Drakken, then stormed out of the room, intent on proving there was more then one way to skin a copy cat. The still burning ashes of the newspaper fluttered around her

The door to Kim's attic bedroom slid open. Kim Possible slipped in, still dressed in her 'Shego suit'.. She was trembling. A few minutes ago, she had stopped a mugging. Normally, she would have had her mission gear to help. Grappling gun, lipstick laser, or at least some sticky-trap gum. When going out as Shego, she had left that behind, only taking the few items she could fit into the ankle pouch that would help her act the part of a super thief.

She hadn't thought before attacking the mugger, who had been armed with a gun. The thief had been able to get off a shot before Kim had managed to subdue him with a kung-fu attack. Had the bullet been just a little better aimed, Kim realized she would have come home bleeding…. Or had to be rushed to the hospital… or even dead.

Not even Shego relied purely on her hand to hand combat skills. Shego had her plasma powers. Kim needed to find some equivalent if she was going to keep going out dressed as Shego.

The thought of stopping her midnight forays as the green-and-black costumed villainess never even crossed Kim's mind.

Shego pushed the lapels of her dark green trench coat further up and grumbled. Normally, she didn't mind going to these Hench-co trade shows, even if she usually wound up having to steal something for Dr. Drakken after them. However, now, the suspicious looks she was getting had little to do with the change she'd be looking for a five finger discount but the theory she was leading a double life, thief AND hero.

Much to Shego's surprise, she saw a young woman looking at a booth showing robotic spy-bugs. The woman was wearing a face mask that hid her eyes, but was brazenly dressed in a duplicate of Shego's trademarked green-and-black suit. (Ok, so technically it was trademarked while she was with Team Go, it was still trademarked!)

"Who are you?" snarled Shego.

The woman turned and smirked. "I'm the next generation."

To say that Shego was irked would be an understatement. So would saying she was angry, miffed, irritated, and highly annoyed. 'Seriously pissed off' would probably do, as long as one did not intend to be too literal.

Rather then engage in any more banter, Shego fired off a snap kick to her doppelganger's chest. The figure reacted even as the kick was on its way, managing to grab Shego's foot and yanking her off balance.

Shego growled deep in her throat and allowed her hands to light up with plasma energy. The woman raised her own gloved hands and snapped her fingers. Green crystals began to form over the body suit and gloves, providing the Shego-imposter with a layer of armor and elongated finger claws.

Shego and the Shego-imposter began to lash out with a furious series of blows. The crystals, whatever they were, protected the imposter from Shego's plasma attacked… whenever she managed to destroy a layer of the crystals, they just regrew. On the other hand, the imposter couldn't do more then scratch Shego a few times, wounds Shego easily ignored in the heat of battle.

Various villains, assuming the fight was some sort of staged demonstration, gathered around. The audience just fueled Shego's rage, as her imposter just seemed to get cockier, showing off for the audience.

At last Shego managed to grab Shego-two in a headlock. The imposter gasped, trying to rake Shego's arm with her crystal claws. Shego yanked back, dislodging the wig the Shego-imposter was wearing. Shego saw a brief glimpse of bright red hair…. Hair Shego would have recognized anywhere… before the imposter managed to yank the wig back in place.

Kim reached for her ankle pouch. Her masquerade had almost been exposed, it was time to jet. She pulled a small flash-grenade from the ankle pouch, triggering it even as she closed her eyelids tight. Even with the mask and her eyelids closed, the light from the grenade left spots dancing in front of her eyes but the rest of the people in the hall were temporarily and effectively blinded. Kim ducked out of Shego's reach and ran for the air-vent tunnel she had used to enter the hall.


Dr. Drakken stomped to Shego, his arms full of bags with various promotional handouts and the normal give away toys. "What's this I hear about you fighting yourself? I though we had a strict agreement about no clones."

"It wasn't a clone." said Shego. She smiled to herself. Of all the people she had thought might be behind the rash of Robin Hood attacks, this had never struck her as a…. possible option. Shego smiled. "Ooh, this is going to be fun."

"What are you talking about?" said Dr. Drakken. "And what's this 'crystal battle suit' everyone else is talking about. Who's making it and where can we steal one?"

"Dr. D…" said Shego, then changed her mind about what she was going to say. "I'm going to need some vacation time."