Fated by Black and White

Pairing: Uchiha Sasuke/ Hyuuga Hinata minor Umzimaki Naruto/Hyuuga Hinata

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Summary: Can love simply bring someone back to the one wanting them? A young girl faces many battles just to bring something back to the one she loves, yet during these battle will she continue to love the one she's fighting for or will she fall deeply in love with her enemy? Sasuke/Hinata.

--+0+--Chapter One: Crossing Paths--+0+--

Hyuuga Hinata drew the pair of black leather trousers up over her legs and settled them on her hips where they molded to her body. Leather helped prevent injury during battles and she was certain she would be running into trouble tonight while heading home from her mission. As she pulled on the soft leather camisole, she glanced around the meticulously clean room she'd rented. The inn was small, but colorful with tapestries on the walls and bright patterned covers decorating the bed. Her weapons were laid out with great care over the beautifully woven quilt. She began to slip various weapons into the specially made compartments and loops in her leather pants. Shurikens with razor sharp edges. Several kunais. A belt that provided her with room for more weapons. Slipping her glove over her pale fingers, her other hand lingered over her wrist.


The name shimmered in her mind as her slender fingers caressed one of the gloves that Sakura had given her. It was a gift that really wasn't meant to be given, but after the mission they had gone on together they swore upon the gloves, they each wore on opposite arms, that they both would bring Sasuke back to Naruto.

Sighing she moved to the window of her room, sliding open the large window. She slipped her slender frame from the room. Her mission was not complete yet, not until she was sure that this area was clear. Landing onto the ground without much as a sound, she stood to take a look around the area. She passed to examine the pristine forest surrounding her. The rain poured heavily from the sky while she glanced around the area. The area received twice the rainfall of surrounding regions and the amazing forests and green hills gave evidence of the amount of water that fed the river systems below. The vivid colors of green drew her into the coolness of the forest.

She moved along it effortlessly, giving off the impression of a highly-trained warrior. She'd thought she'd heard something nearby, and her senses were almost always correct. She was completely silent in her actions, her movements crafted to bring the noise of footsteps down to just above nonexistent; it would take a being with terrific hearing to know she was coming through aural means, and even then it'd most likely be too late for them. She turned, her head the only thing visible of her body, around the corner of a large tree carefully to inspect; nothing there, but then a noise came again. She froze, she'd misjudged the location of the noise due to the rain's interference. The Byakugan quickly sent an image of the thing above her directly into her mind, allowing her far faster reaction time than would be normally possible. Goddamn rain. It seemed something wanted to die today, and she would be happy to oblige; she idly wondered whether it could communicate what it wanted on its grave, as she went into action. This wouldn't take long.

Taking a few steps deeper into the shadows, she jumped silently to the trees. It seemed that she wasn't to far from what she had seen only seconds earlier, yet the person had yet to turn and face her. Maybe it was a simple villager enjoying the rain? Or maybe it was someone who seemed to have a good amount of skill and felt that they needn't waste time with her. Hinata shut done all thoughts that entered her mind and calmed herself for this upcoming battle. Closing her eyes for a moment the young girl softly spoke a prayer in her mind before taking action.

Nodding to herself she grabbed a kunai from her pocket and launched herself at her enemy. Hinata swung swiftly, but only swore herself as the man quickly spun to the side. Having seen through the visual that it was a man, much heavier than her, she quickly ducked down lower her body meeting his abdomen she raised her free palm to his stomach meeting the man with a stiff, palm thrust to the gut. The man only stared down at her with eyes of blood. Lightning flashed brightly in the sky, giving Hinata some light to see the face of her enemy. Was it really him? The man she had been doing all this research to find, was he the one before her?

Being lost in her thoughts, she gave the man the perfect moment to attack. He gracefully jumped back from her and unsheathed his weapon in the process, slashing at her torso. She yelped in pain as the blade cut across her tender flesh, the force sent her flying into the thick trunk of the tree. She slid down, her body against the tree trunk and branch in a crumpled pile of bloodied flesh and stained leathers. Her large pale eyes grew with thick tears as she began to speak.

"Is it...y...you..Sasuke-ku--" Her words were stopped from her need to cough up the extra content of blood in her mouth. She did her best to stop her teeth from chattering as the cold rain drops gently poured over their bodies.

"Who are you...?" He spoke to her in a cold voice, as he placed his back to her. She hated him when he did that, had he forgotten her so quickly over these past years

Of course he had, she was just the simple Hyuuga girl who loved his best friend, he had no reason to remember her. Standing the best she could, she clutched her chest and stomach as she limped near him, only to fall and clutch tightly onto his pants leg.

"I..I..am..Hin..ata..Hyuuga..." her mind began to fall into the darkness of slumber as she desperately did her best to fight it. If she were to pass out now, she would never be able to bring Sasuke back to Naruto. Clutching tighter to the male above her she began screaming as hot tears ran down the coldness of her small round cheeks.

"I won't let you leave! I..have to keep you! For him...I have...to--" Hinata's body went limp as she lost the battle against consciousness.

Sasuke only stared down at the fragile female, before he reached down and pulled her small body from where it lay. He made no effort to show emotion as he threw her body roughly over his shoulder, as he leaped through the trees and rain. He had no need for her, but she wasn't on his list of people who should die. As a matter of fact, Hinata was the most and only innocent thing he had witnessed in his horrid childhood.

"You have no need to die on this day..."


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