Dear Diary,

© Salome Wilde, 2008

Dear Diary

Author's Note: I don't think I've ever written 1000 words so quickly. This one just wrote itself. I laughed writing it and hope you do reading it.

Dear Diary,

You know how I believe that every day we should learn something new? I mean not in school (which I haven't gone to in so long I don't think I'm even on the roll anymore), but in terms of life and stuff. Well, I learned something new today: Kikyo's pussy smells like ginger. I kid you not. I mean I know she was brought back to life from bones and dirt and stuff, but I didn't think there'd be ginger in there, too. Maybe it was an ingredient required for the magic Urasue used to recreate her? Anyway, it's weird but it's true.

Fortunately, it doesn't taste as strong as it smells because the way she was forcing my head down there would've burned my tongue if it weren't more in the scent than the flavor. I suppose I should tell how I ended up eating Kikyo's haka, but it's not like I'm going to forget and anyway it's the fact that it tastes like ginger that is what is important. But what the heck: I decided I needed to know what all Inuyasha's crushed-out weirdness was about, and if you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

So, everybody's really exhausted from our last bout with the grossest-of-the-gross Naraku (and I swear no matter how many yokai and hanyo I fuck—without anyone knowing it except you Diary—I will never fuck Naraku), and I say, "Hey, I gotta go back down the well for a couple of days and take a test-o." That always works. Sure, whenever I say this I do eventually go home so I can come back with ramen and chips and stuff and prove I've been there, and besides my family likes to pretend they miss me and care about whether I get eaten by demons or whatever. Plus, I never know when Inuyasha might show up to get me. But, if no one escorts me (and sometimes I have to pretend to get really pissed off at Inuyasha so they won't), then the first day is always about that "learn something new" thing and usually the new thing to learn is more about fucking.

So back to Kikyo. After I'd gotten over the whole "take him to hell with me" thing Kikyo pulled, I started to really wonder what her appeal was. She definitely has the whole "cool as a cucumber thing" down, especially since she's dead and all, but what else? Totally out-of-date hairstyle (I mean even for the Feudal Period), robes that don't show her figure or even if she has one, and about as much personality as a stick. But Inuyasha actually loved her—probably still does—and I just wanted to know.

So, Diary, instead of going down the well, I went to the village where we'd last seen her and there she is, with a bunch of little kids around her, planting potatoes or something. It's just before sundown, so I do my best "polite girl" posture and smile big and ask if I can come into her hut for a little while to talk. She gives me the blank stare (which is just like Sesshomaru and I swear he fucks like a whole pack of dogs—takes me days to wash off that stink), but she lifts the door-covering and motions me in.

We sit by the little firepit and she offers me tea, which I kind of wonder if I should drink or not because maybe she'll just poison me and take over my body or something that people who come back from the dead in bone-dirt bodies and eat souls do. But I drink and she drinks and I realize she isn't going to say anything if I don't. So I do. I say, "Kikyo, I know Inuyasha loves you. Don't you think it would just be easier if we were all friends?" I cock my head like the sweet little schoolgirl I am and adjust my position so my skirt rides up even higher than usual to see if she'll take the bait. She seems a bit baffled, though it's hard to tell what emotion she's feeling because she continues the facial stonewalling. (Again, she could be Sesshomaru's twin—I swear they'd make a great couple—cold as ice until they're fucking your brains out). So I continue. "In my time, we show forgiveness and welcome new friends with a kiss," I say, and I move around the firepit until my crotch is right at the level of her face, and then I squat down and plant one on her.

I don't think I've ever seen anyone go from cold to hot so fast. Before I know it, she's groping and feeling me up as if we've known each other a lifetime. (Which, in a weird kind of way, of course, we kind of have.) And she's strong. She strips my clothes off like a pro and in a flash she's pinned me and is grinding that ginger puss in my face. I may have been caught off-guard, but I am not going to be outdone, so I dig right in. She cums much faster than I thought she would, which is great for the first time and I'm seriously proud of myself (practice on Sango has helped my technique quite a bit and she's fun, when I can talk her into it—she doesn't give but in the right mood she receives). And then she turns the tables and by the time I leave there she's licked and sucked me raw.

I don't know if I'll see Kikyo again soon, Diary, but she did say I'm welcome anytime.

Yikes, gotta run: Koga's come to visit and I need to go play hard to get some more. (That horny wolf is so obvious; I love to make him sweat.)

Dewa kore de!


Author's Note: This story was inspired in large part by a jenerikbrand crackfic in which Miroku compares how his companions kiss. It was equally inspired by my need to make Kagome a rampant slut. I'm wondering whether I need to write more chapters or call this a oneshot!