Here's a new fic from me. It's about Vampires and some ideas were inspired by Vampire Knight (manga).


Title: Submission

Summary: Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto is a member of the strongest vampire clan, the Namikaze. Powerful but submissive, he became the most sought after mate dominant vampires desired. Out of the many powerful suitors he had, what would happen if he chose a human to dominate him instead?

Warning: AU, OOC, Yaoi, possible Mpreg, possible incest(NOT Uchihacest!)

Pairings: ItaNaru

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3 am. The sky was pitch black and no clouds adorned it's vastness.

In the small city of Sound, families slept peacefully in the comforts of their bed and the safety of their homes.

The streets were almost void of people. Few individuals stumbled towards their homes, some coming home from work. Others were obviously drunk after a night out in bars and discos.

Old worn out streetlights were the only source light. They were weak but offered enough light for the people to see their way.

In a certain park, a lone individual sat quietly on one of the benches facing a circular fountain.

It was silent, save for the occasional rustling of leaves. The street lamps there were barely functioning, flickering on and off at random intervals.

The person, who had his eyes closed, suddenly became alert. He sensed someone walking towards his direction.

Not bothering to open his eyes, he waited. He was cloaked in darkness as he was out of reach of the flickering lamp.

The sound of a soft voice then reached his ears.

A young woman, wearing office clothing, was singing softly to herself as she made her way through the park. She was unknowingly walking closer to the hidden male.

When she was about five meters away from the hidden person, the rustling of fabric made her stop. The person who was seating on the bench earlier was now up and stood just about the border of the flickering light.

The woman, though nervous, eyes the figure curiously. She visibly relaxed when the figure stepped into the light.

The figure, who was obviously male but on the effeminate side, was young. He looked about 16 to 20 years old. He wore a simple black cloak that covered the entirety of his body and he stood to be at around 5'6" tall. He had spiky golden blond hair and whisker-like marks adorned his cheeks.

He was beautiful. But the most mesmerizing characteristic of the male was his eyes. They were the deepest shade of the blue the woman had ever seen that shined like sapphires.

Never had she seen such color in anyone. It had somehow disabled her from moving for it had a hypnotizing effect on her.

The blond moved forward, stepping closer to the woman who was rooted at the spot. Her eyes glazed as if dreaming of something pleasant.

When the blond was right in front of the woman, he wrapped his slender arms around her neck and moved his face closer to hers.

His eyes changed. Switching from vibrant blue to deep crimson red, he maintained eye contact with the dazed female. He pulled the woman closer till his lips reached her ears and whispered.

"You never saw me, we never met. After I am done with you, you are to go home and sleep. Forget everything that transpired tonight."

The woman nodded. The blond smiled before moving his mouth to the woman's neck, just above the jugular.

Inhaling the woman's scent, he was glad she was not like those other females that wore strong perfumes. Those scents irritated his sensitive nose and it made him think that they must have used those perfumes to hide certain smells of their bodies.

This female wore a simple sweet smelling cologne. An apple scent he noted.

Happy with his little discovery, his crimson eyes narrowed. His mouth opened revealing sharp fangs underneath. The woman gasped as those fangs pierced her neck.

Still dazed and completely unaware, she was slowly drained of her life blood. A sense of euphoria filled her to the point of ecstasy.

The blond continued to feed. The woman unconsciously wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled him close. Bending her head backwards, she gave more room for the blond on her neck.

Moments later he stopped. He extracted his fangs from her skin and began licking the punctures he had made. Amazingly, the wounds closed and healed. Leaving the skin flawless as if nothing had happened.

The blond stepped back. He looked at the woman who was still under the influence of hypnotism.

She was pale but not too much. She still had enough blood in her to keep her going. Smiling, he ordered her to go and watched as she obeyed.

His eyes had already reverted back to their blue color. She the woman was no longer in sight, he disappeared in a swirl of darkness. Reappearing on top of a 15-storey building at the far end of the city, he watched the scenery below.

He could sense some of his fellow creatures of the night that were either fooling around of hunting for their meals.

It won't be long before the sun would start to rise, the blond mused. In less than two hours the first rays of light would peek through the horizon, forcing those below to seek shelter from its killing rays.

The blond was about to leave when he sensed an approaching presence. Recognizing who it was, he sighed.

"Kukuku, your way of hunting never ceased to mystify me Naruto-kun." the new comer stated, stepping out of the shadows.

"Anything I do is none of your business Hebi-sama."

The man chuckled. His slitted golden eyes traced the blond's covered frame.

"Now now Naruto-kun. There is no need for formalities. Just Orochimaru will do."

The blond sighed.

"Very well, Orochimaru-sama. Is there something I can do for you? You wouldn't seek me for no reason."

"Indeed." Orochimaru phased out and reappeared directly behind Naruto. Wrapping his arms around the blond's slim frame, he leaned close till his mouth was next to the blond's ears.

"Why don't you choose me and settle down? You don't need to travel from city to city to find a mate." Orochimaru stated while licking Naruto's ear. "I am strong. I have many subordinates. I also have my own empire with slaves at your beck and call."

The blond resisted rolling his eyes. It was always like this every time he was in a city. The dominant vampire of the territory would sense him immediately and approach him every night for permission to court him.

Of course every time they asked him, he refused. But his negative answer did little to discourage them.

"I will think about it Orochimaru-sama." with that, he disappeared.



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