Shit. thought Alex, did I just say Scorpia? He looked at the shocked faces of the soldiers around him. Yep. I did. "Did- did you just say Scorpia?" asked X-Ray.

"Um, yeah." said Alex scrambeling to find a cover story "I uh was on undercover mission." The faces of the units around him were suspicious now.

"Your lying." said Badger "Yeah" agreed Wolf and the others.

"No I'm not." answered Alex. Now that he had a cover story he lied smoothly. They still didn't believe him. The damage had already been done.

"Yes you are." said Snake. They two units were now closing in on him. Alex knew that there was no way out of this situation.

"Fine." he said "but if you don't mind I'd like to do this somewhere more private." he continued nodding towards the unit that was arriving.

A few minutes latter Alex found himself sitting on his bunk surrounded by eight SAS soldiers. "So why did Scorpia train you?" asked Eagle. Alex took a deep breath, he had decided that it would be best to tell the truth because he knew that if he got caught in the lie he would be in some big trouble.

"About two months ago I went- I guess you could say I went rogue." He heard a deep intake of breath. "I'm not anymore." he assured them. They relaxed only the slightly. "I was told something. By an assassin to go to Venice and find Scorpia to find my destiny." There was a gasp at the name Scorpia.

"And you listened?" asked Texas incredulously.

"Well- at the time I didn't know what Scorpia was. And I was angry. Very angry. There was a threat I became aware of during a vacation a told MI6 but they wouldn't help me. They wouldn't even believe me. I ended up having to take care of it my self and half the world was almost blown up because they wouldn't listen. So I went to Venice and found Scorpia. I- well the first time they saw me they tried to kill me. The next time- they offered me a job. I took it and they trained me. To be an assassin. After a week I was give an assignment- to kill Mrs. Jones. Well I got in and even pulled the trigger but there was bullet proof material that stopped it. I got caught by MI6. Then I found out that MI6 was going to kill all the schoolchildren in London. Including me. So I went back to MI6 and stopped Scorpia in the process killing one of their leaders. So they shot me. I survived. Since then I have done one mission for the CIA and one for the ASIS." I finished taking a deep breath.

I looked at your faces the were all shocked on some faces he thought he saw a little bit of anger on some faces. "MI6, they just- didn't care that you tried to kill the assistant head of MI6?" asked Eagle.

"Well they needed me. And I've been forgiven, there was another reason I agreed to go after Mrs. Jones. It's personal though."

"What about the CIA and ASIS?" asked X-Ray

"Well, they didn't really know." As a response he got more surprise.

"What did you do? In the other missions, I mean?" asked Snake.

"That's Classified." answered Alex more comfortable now that the subject was off Scorpia.

"Oh Come on!" said Eagle. After a stern look from Alex he revised his question "How many missions have you been on?"

"Including Scorpia and the self-employed one. Seven." answered Alex.

"Wow." breathed Eagle. Alex looking around the room he saw that Scooter, Texas, Sparks, Wolf and Badger weren't to sure abut forgiving him.

"Look, Scooter, Texas, Sparks when we went after Dr. Three and Royal Blue I didn't turn on you. Isn't that proof enough that I'm on your side?" Thy all seemed to agree on that and looked guilty now. He didn't know what to do about Badger and Wolf so he said addressing the whole group "If your all done questioning and judging me I would like to be excused. I need to think." They nodded and Alex walked out of the room. He really did need to think.