Monday 25th October

Major Case Squad Room

Eames looked at the latest postcard from Goren sent a few days before. Showing a snow clad El Capitan. He had continued to send them as before and in the last two weeks, to call her every couple of days.

Even since Caro had joined him in LA for the last part of the road trip. He wrote almost poetically about the beauty of Yosemite but then Bobby always did have quite a facility with words. And she could not begrudge him the happiness, which must be behind the ones in the last few cards.

She doubted she would do as his "PS" suggested. "Watch out for us at the game Monday night". Eames had her second appointment with someone Caro had recommended, who seemed to be helping her with lots of things.

"Trust you to take a woman to a football game for her birthday Goren" she thought. "Very romantic"

Eames turned to the papers on her desk. Relating to the efforts of the City of New York to extradite one Charles "Buck" Masters from Georgia. For the murder of Doug Kersey. File "06/MC/601/AE-RG".

Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA

No matter how many times you re-named it or "Pac–Bell" it would always be "The Stick" to the people of this city. One of those occasions when, despite all efforts since the then "New York Giants" re-located their baseball team, it was living up to its reputation. For swirling wind and mist on a fall night.

In the parking lot sat a VW Westphalia due to be dropped off tomorrow at its new owners. In its sparkling livery of acid green, pale pink and black. Liberally sprinkled with rainbows and daisies.

He had not said "told you so" to Lewis when they found a buyer for it in hardly any time at all. If only The 49ers were finding The Seahawks defence so easy to deal with.

Next to him Caro groaned as they failed to make third and eight.

"He's not Joe Montana or Steve Young is he?" she muttered.

"Should persuade Gerry Rice out of retirement" Goren replied sliding his arm round her shoulders.

Just hoped he didn't fumble or leave incomplete his own three and eight. Something he needed to tell Caro.

Three words. Eight letters.