A Prologue

Les Beau Ciel: New Birth

In our land called Les Beau Ciel, beauty is perhaps the most cherished treasure that we have.

Apple trees with the scent of sweet honey and grass are planted around edifices of what was called as our home and a blanket of velvet celadon covers our land. Waters run around our lone world in thin streams of crystals made into the purest liquid deemed to be found on this world. Exquisite little girls and boys play out their joy and sorrow in enticing choruses of violins and pianos.

But there is one single flaw in this place I have called to be my own haven. That is, we never grow old. We don't live in mortality, unlike in our past existence. This is because we live in what you humans might call as 'Heaven.' We are mere spirits borne from the Earth that glide around this perfect little world the One God had created for us.

This place which the One God had created for us has the home that we live in as the heart of this world. Elisha, the lady spirit whom I had first met when He made me, was the one who showed me the most Blessed room in our home. It binds us with the human world, since in it lays the Sea of Mortals.

The Sea of Mortals is where we get our new companions in this land of ours. Once a human dies and the One God thinks that he or she is worthy enough, that person shall be renewed and be given life again as a spirit of Les Beau Ciel. If a spirit enters this passage, though, he or she shall be granted a new form as a human. Why the One God had made the Sea of Mortals that way, I was never capable of comprehending.

If you have heard tales about spirits yearning to claim mortal flesh as their own, then you have probably heard my story.

Even as a mere illusion of what I used to be as a mortal, I never forgot the thirst I had towards my mortality. To have an uncertainty in life and having night and day is something that I have always loved as a human. In this New Existence, I don't remember even the most trivial things like the taste of meat or iced fruits; I don't remember what is ugly. We don't have night or day in this land. In here, the sun is always at the point of setting, because this is what the One God believes to be the most beautiful point in time. We don't have the thrill of discovery or ambiguity like what you humans have when you live day by day. Other spirits- or angels, I guess you might call us that- feel content enough in this world.

I'm not, evidently.

You see, I exist in here because my mother resorted to a cursed deed, or so Elisha told me. My mother was a thing of beauty but she was a practitioner of the Dark Crafts; a minion of the devil or a witch, as the other humans back in the days of Salem would have called her.

She was locked up in confinements that had tools that would mark her pale skin with bruises and wounds until she would plead guilty into being a witch. During those days, when one person was accused and proved to be a follower of witchcraft, his or her family would also suffer the consequences. This is because the people in those times believed that this sort of evil runs through the whole family of a witch.

My mother obviously knew this and so, desperation got the best of her. She then cried out for mercy to the Devil himself, whom she believed to be a sorcière. Yet he didn't answer her wails, cursed being that he was.

She waited and waited until the day before her supposed death came. At last, she struck out a deal with the One God. He was a gracious being, for He loved all things lovely that He made, and so he couldn't resist my mother's pleas for a bargain.

She gave Him her one true treasure to prove her devotion to their deal: her child; the child whom she conceived with the seed of a gentleman who had left her for his whore.

…The child whom she called Adèle, and the one who would grant her and her loved ones freedom to live the rest of their mortal days.

I am- rather, I was Adèle.

I vaguely remember the incident of sacrifice itself, but I do recall the simple things like the smell of my mother's sweat and the taste of her salty tears as she offered me to the One God. I was a mere child of sixteen years, and I hardly even knew the ways in being a proper woman of the house. I didn't even comprehend the fact that I was being cast out to my New Existence.

When I entered this world, everything I had desired as a mortal was given to me, that is, except for human life itself.

How I yearned to know how to be human again. To taste, to hate, to sweat… to breathe…

And just like my mother, I acted out of sheer desperation as well. At that moment, I acted on what was forbidden.

I entered the Sea of Mortals, in that Blessed room of Les Beau Ciel.

And thus, I became human once more.



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