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Catherine and Lindsey lived with Brass for two months before they got their own place. He would never admit it, but he missed them. There was life in his house for a time, making it a home. Jim would eternally be grateful, but he would never say it out loud. Actions always spoke louder than words…

…Which is why Brass didn't shoot Eddie on sight when he busted in LVPD like he owned the place. Eddie was clearly drunk off his ass, yelling at officers to find Grissom or Brass. They had found Brass first, and he had to remind himself why he shouldn't shoot Eddie.

Lindsey needs her father. Catherine still loves him. Lindsey needs a father. Catherine still loves him…

"What do you need Eddie?"

"You ruined my marriage." Eddie slurred. "I want my Catherine back."

Brass sighed deeply. He didn't want to broadcast Catherine's business. "You ruined your own marriage." He turned to a uniform. "Will you escort him out, please?"

Turning around and walking away, Jim was proud of himself. He didn't kill the son of a bitch, and he immediately regretted it when Eddie tried to rush him from behind. Brass heard him coming in time to side-step out of the way. He quickly grabbed Eddie's arm and twisted it behind him, shoving him face first into a wall. The uniforms knew better than to interfere, so they went on with their business like nothing was out of the ordinary.

"I'm beginning to believe that your stupidity knows no limits." Brass growled.

Eddie tried to break free but the more he struggled the more pain he felt. "You're hurting my arm."

"I should kill you for what you did to Catherine." Brass' voice was dangerously low.

"I didn't do shit to her."

"Oh you didn't?" Brass tightened his grip. "I know how Lindsey was conceived, you sick fuck. You're lucky Catherine went to Gil and not me. I would've had an SAE kit run and you would be in jail for rape."

It had been a night of mournful drinking when Catherine let slip what Eddie had done to her. If Jim weren't so drunk himself he would've found Eddie and killed him. The next morning, they both had a hell of a hangover and Catherine acted like she hadn't told Jim anything. But he remembered, Jim remembered everything.

He motioned to a nearby officer. "Get this piece of shit out of my sight." Brass marched to his office reminding himself why he didn't kill Eddie. Lindsey needs her father. Catherine still loves him. Lindsey needs a father. Catherine still loves him…

When he got to his office, he slammed the door shut and stayed in there for most of the day. Brass only left his office to brief his team on cases. After that he went right back into his office. He was still pissed off about Eddie when Gil came in with a rookie CSI.

A woman named Holly Gribbs…

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