Since 4827 is like...Saya's new fav pedo pairing, she had to write a one-shot for ir :3 SupaTuna, anyone? This is just a short drabble for them, but as Saya gets more of a feel for them, be prepared for more. Much, much more.

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Rated: um...K like whoa.

Spanner loved Japan, and its people. Their writing system was cool, Kanji was beautiful while katakana and hiragana looked a bit edgy. The tea had a wonderfully curious aroma and tasted pretty damn good too. And the robots. Oh good lord, the robots. The Japanese had such advanced robotics, this place felt like heaven to him.

Of course, what had interested him more than anything was the little mafia boss, who was currently fading from consciousness at his feet after defeating his King Mosca. What had that technique been? The technique that could defeat even his King Mosca? The technique didn't seem to be complete though, as it had been unbalanced, and Spanner just knew it could be more powerful than that. Oh, to see a perfected version! But, sadly, the kid had to die.

The Vongola was small, and battered, and cute in a kicked puppy sort of way that just made you want to take him home. Spanner knelt down, and pointed his handgun at the young boss' head, orders were orders and sometimes even cute kicked puppies needed to be shot.

Tsuna's unconscious body shifted a little, and he let out a little, barely audible whimper.

Well, damn.

Spanner put his gun away with a sigh, feeling like a pushover and a bit of a pervert as he lifted the mitten-wearing child up. This puppy was coming home with him. Well, he was coming to his workshop anyway. Home, workshop, same thing.

Shamelessly, Spanner removed Tsuna's soaked clothes; Couldn't have the Vongola 10th getting a cold now could he? So naturally, the first thing that needed to be done was getting the boy out of those cold clothes. He'd let Tsuna sleep in his futon for now. Maybe he should put on some tea for the boy to have when he woke? Why did Spanner feel like he was catering to a guest and not a hostage? Right, because the kid pretty much was at the moment, but that wouldn't do, it wouldn't do at all. Handcuffs would fix that perfectly.

Spanner kept himself distracted enough with inspecting his destroyed Moscas while Tsuna slept. But it was hard not to look over to his little sleeping puppy every once in a while. He did have a reason for this strange behavior, right? He surely had a reason for disregarding his orders too. It was all to see a finished version of the X-burner, that was it, really it was.

Spanner heard a small groan of awakening come from his futon. The little puppy was waking up, it seemed. Spanner wrote down his name on a small slip of paper, before getting up and snatching a size small suit for Tsuna, along with a cup of tea. It was time to welcome his hostage puppy into the world of the wakeful.