Not a chapter.

Good evening, all, I am putting up this notice so at least all of you do not think we have abandoned our lovely cast of heroes, anti-heroes and Grimmjow.

And thank you all for your attention and kind words over the past year…Whew, has it really been that long?

I apologize for the particularly long hiatus, but can assure you that the year has not been spent sitting idle; at about this time in 2010 I was sitting on my couch, hating Bleach, humanity and life in general, not to mention totally unable to write when IVIaedhros hit me across the head with (yet another) particularly brilliant idea…what if the battle of Karakura didn't go quite according to plan? The result of this is a new monster, Occupation. While not taking place in exactly the same universe, Occupation is Understanding's spiritual successor. Expect to see the core characters return in addition to a few new faces that might be surprising along with all the usual macabre violence, sordid sex and political philosophizing.

And I may just have succumbed to the voices in my head…The new story is entirely co-written with IVIaedhros, who had hoped to keep it a little bit shorter and failed miserably, except for the prologue. No such luck, I am afraid, as one thing built on another, and well…Here we are.

The first chapter of Occupation will be uploaded at some time tonight – again, thank you all for your kind commentary and attention, and hope you will check out and hopefully enjoy our new venture.

Cheers and thanks,