The genie

One day, while Sasori was cleaning his attic, he found a dusty box filled with old puppets, notebooks with puppet designs, and a strange black bottle. Feeling curious, he decided to open the bottle and find out what was inside it.

As soon as Sasori opened the bottle, a genie appeared in a cloud of smoke. The genie was no bigger than a mineral water bottle, and looked very happy to see Sasori.

"I am Deidara the genie. Thank you for letting me out of the bottle," he said happily, "I have been trapped in here by Orochimaru's disciple, Sasuke. Now that you have freed me, I will grant you a wish."

Sasori stared at the genie. Did genies really exist?

"Genies do exist, for your information. I know what you are thinking. You think that I'm not a genie, right? Well, I shall demonstrate my powers now." With that, Deidara took out some clay out his claybag.

"Well then, what do you want?"

Sasori looked skeptical, but answered, "I need some top-grade superglue for my puppets."

Deidara nodded, and started molding his clay. He molded it into the shape of a bird, and the bird suddenly turned alive, and flew into the air. "Katsu!" He said as the bird exploded into fireworks and turned into a bottle of KONOHA BEST SUPERGLUE.

The redhead stared.

"What just happened?" He muttered to himself, picking up the bottle of superglue. It was real.

"See, I am a genie," said Deidara, "now, for your wish. What do you want?"

Sasori hesitated for awhile. He wanted many things, like the latest electric guitar and sunglasses.

"The Rookie 9 album?" He asked.

Immediately Deidara shook his head. "Not that, I'm sorry. Sasuke was part of the Rookie 9 before, but he abandoned his band and went to join Kabuto and Orochimaru and Yuura's band, the Sound 3. Of course, now they're the Sound 4."

Sasori looked a little disappointed, but continued thinking. "OK then, I would like to find my ring that I lost last month. It's really important."

"Sorry, but your ring is now with a guy called Tobi, and Tobi is a dangerous S-ranked criminal. But since you lost it and your name isn't on it, anyone who picks it up would get to keep it, right? I don't steal rings from people, you know. Genies don't steal." Deidara looked bored.

"Honesty is the best policy, haven't you heard?" Sasori asked the genie, feeling very irritated.

"Yes. But have you heard of 'finders keepers?' " came the reply.

Sasori rolled his eyes. "OK, then I want you to stop my grandma from sending me to matchmaking sessions."

Deidara looked amused. "Why? Matchmaking isn't bad. Besides, who knows! You might meet your future wife on a matchmaking session!"

"Shut up! You haven't gone for matchmaking, so you don't know what it feels like to sit in a high class restaurant and listen to a girl talk all about herself, or her shopping, or her credit cards!" Sasori was fuming.

"Definitely no! I won't destroy your chances of finding a girlfriend," said Deidara.

By now, Sasori was about to explode. He was too irritated with this stupid genie. Wait, was he even a genie? Making a bottle of superglue appear was a simple task for magicians!

"Hey, are you done thinking yet?" asked Deidara.

Sasori glared at the genie, and forced a smile.

"Yes, I want you to get out of my house right now."