So, it's not really April 1st, but who's following? Just a short ficlet.

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April Fool's

"This is gonna be so awesome!" Mikey said to himself, "It may have taken two months, three weeks, fourteen days, ninety-six hours, one minute, and, like, elevidy-bigillion seconds, but it's finally done. Now to wait for my unsuspecting victim! Here they come now!"

"Look, all I'm saying is it's pronounced rabid, not re-bad." Donnie said, as he, Raph and Leo walked by.

"Ra-bid," Raph growled, thoroughly annoyed. "Are ya happy now?" Truthfully, he couldn't care less between the pronunciation, all he knew was that those purple dragons had been out get him.

Donnie rolled his eyes, "Do you want me to fix that cut on your arm?"

The red clad turtle simply glared at the younger, but didn't say anything. "No need to threaten anyone, bro." He was quite sure his younger brother would go through with it if he didn't shut up soon. When it came to Don and fixing things, you didn't want to cross over the line...speaking of which...

Mikey began to rub his hands maniacally, "Soon they shall fall, unexpectedly in to my trap. MWA HA HA HA HA!"

"Mikey, who're you talking to?" Leo asked, coming to a stop, his eye ridges raised in quetion.

"What? How did you get out of my trap?" Mikey asked, mentally going over his well devised plan.

"You mean that wire in the hall?" Donnie asked with a small smile. "We stepped over it."

Mikey looked shocked, his mouth dropping open. "But I spent forever on that just for today!" he whined. "I used very thin nearly invisible wire! April even recommended it."

"Good thing, brainiac over here got a good eye." Raph commented, shoulder bumping the purple clad brother.

"Yeah," Leo agreed, but with a confused gaze he turned back to his yongest brother. "I know you pull pranks on occassion, but what's so special about today?"

Mikey gasped dramatically, "Do you live in a cave?!" he all, but shouted with disbelief. Picking up the calendar, he pointed to the first of the month, "it's April Fool's Day!"

"Uh...sorry, Mikey, but that was yesterday." Donnie explained, carefully.

"Yeah," Raph chimed in with a smirk. "I thought you must've hit yer head yesterday when ya didn't pull anythin' on us."

The three oldest shook their heads.

Mikey exploded at the information. "YOU MEAN I SPENT FOREVER ON THAT TRAP JUST TO...wait, why are you smiling?"

Donnie was the first to start laughing, "Sorry, Mikey, but . . . APRIL FOOLS!"

"I never thought we'd get him that easily." Leo commented, a wide grin spread across his face.

"I know!" Raph said, chuckling. "You should have seen your face, bro!"

"That was totally uncalled for, guys." Mikey pouted.

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