My first Code Geass fanfic!

Disclaimer: I do not own Code Geass:Lelouch of the Rebellion nor its characters

I'm a C.C x Lelouch fan!I really think it is the hottest yet most mysterious anime relationships!

This was supposed to be purely romantic but the story went in a different direction haha

Must sleep…so tired…

Lulu dragged himself into his room ignoring Sayoko's offer of dinner and refusing Nunally's request to tell her about what he had been doing. Of course, he wouldn't tell her beloved innocent sister that he had been organizing Refrain drug storehouses raids, plotting a coup de tat and killing Britannian nobles after pissing them off with the "I'm alive and I'm gonna kill you" face or maybe after showing off his good-looking evil face.

He had not slept, bathed and even ate a decent meal for about 2 days and he is nearing his physical limits now(which is actually very limited). No Black Knights and schoolwork; all he thought was:

Must sleep…the bed now…

Then he slumped and fell into his desired bliss.

"What a gentleman you are Lelouch" CC said sarcastically "you slept at the girl's bed while she is also very tired after helping you, how gross."

CC was irrited. Aside from the fact that she can't wake up Lelouch or even carry him, her beloved Cheese-kun was hugged by him.

Damn you Lelouch! How can I sleep now? . She doesn't want to sleep beside a sweaty boy who occupied the whole bed. She also remembered that the sofa was full of ants from the leftover pizza she forgot to throw away

I should have ordered Pizza Hut instead of this one, this one is too sugary. Geez!

So CC just sat on the un-anty part of the safa and muses and Lulu's face which she never observed before.

He's cute… and hot!

Meanwhile at the veranda:

"Thank you for the milk Sayoko."

"You're welcome lady Nunally."

"…though this one tastes a little different. Umm… Sayoko, why is my brother hiding secrets from me now? He tells me everything before."

" Lady Nunally, it is because when boys grow up, they feel and experience things unique to them that may be embarrassing to tell to girls."

"Such as?"

The hell with that Lelouch, he didn't gave his sister "the talk"

"Ummm…they grow hair on some places and they suddenly want something that they didn't quite interested before such as girls, some things like that. I "don't" really know because I'm a girl like you" Please stop asking me

"Ohhh I see, I must not ask him about those things."

Thank god she stops

But the milk(coffee)…

"Sayoko, I'm not sleepy yet. Let me ask another one…" The effect of the coffee was in Nunally making her a bit overactive; since she can't move, she just wanted to talk and talk. Her curiosity about a thing that her brother did not attempt to explain to her exploded.

"…how does a woman get pregnant? What does fathers do? Why did my brother avoid answering that question? Is what he experiencing somehow related to this? And why…."

So Sayoko explained to her everything; the biological design, love and passion, parenting, all about the "s" word.

"Have you experienced it Sayoko? Is that really fun?"

"Yes, it feels so hot and we stripped our clothes and…"

Lelouch never knew that Sayoko will be horny when horny talks are involved, he should never have hired her.

"Urgghhhhh….."Lulu groaned.

This is unusual, Lelouch never produced a sound when asleep. CC pondered.

She went to Lelouch to check if he had some sort of injury but was surprised to find out that he is…

Hot! He's burning with fever

Lulu breathed long and slow breaths, his body soaked in sweat.

Must do something, I'm screwed if he died. Mao had something like this before and he almost died. I can't ask for help, they'll be suspicious

CC wetted a towel and put it on Lulu's head to cool him off but she felt that it will do him no good. He needs air but the harsh strong winds from the window are too much for him and might make his condition worse.

She decided that she must quietly steal the electric fan in the living room which Nunally loves.

She walked so discreetly and was very alert on her surroundings. She was about to carry the fan when she sensed a wheelchair's presence.

Darn! I can't escape, she blocked the way

"Who's there?"

"Umm…errr…its CC"

"Oh CC, you are here? What are you doing at this hour? Do you need something? It seems that he was very tired and fell asleep."

CC was a bit dumb and unfocused because of sleep deprivation (5 days already after running errands).

"No, he is actually awake. We are actually actively doing something together in secret and we thought that would be best to stay in his room because it will be long… and we...umm… What are you doing at this hour Nunally?"

"It is because I can't sleep because I accidentally drank Sayoko's coffe. Is the activity the reason why he was so tired and does not talk about what he does?"

"Yes, because his mind is into it always…in school(yawns) because he has engage in it almost all the time when he received a call…"

"A call?"

"Yes a call, now if you excuse me I need to bring this electric fan to him…(yawns)"


"Because its hot in there."


With her psychic powers weakened due to tiredness, CC did not notice that Nunally followed her and eavesdropped at the door.

"…here Lelouch, you're burning" CC said as she turned on the fan.


"Lelouch, I have to take of your clothes, they're too wet…"


Nunally cannot believe what she is imagining…

Haha what could happen next?