Part IV

CC touched Lulu's shoulder and whispered "Zero, I think you must tell them the truth now, it may be worth trying."

The sentence caught everyone's attention.

"Ith cant vi helped."(It can't be helped)

If they forgive me then it's okay. But they WILL not, I'll… I-I am really going to be forced to use my Geass!

"T-th trushis I-im Rurusshhs" (The truth is I'm Lelouch)

"WTF? 'The truth is I'm loose?' What does that mean!?" Rivalz shouted before throwing another blow at Lulu's face.









I'm HIM!"

A sudden flash of lightning revealed the disfigured head.


First there was silence

All the things that had happened in the previous chapters and this chapter flooded Suzaku's mind "WWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFF?? WWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFF?? WWWWWWWWWTTTTTTTTFFFFFFFFFFF??"

"Lelouch you f-cking son of a b-tch!-" (Rivalz continued to hit Lulu's face)

Kallen whimpered "L-Lelouch is Zero? I-I'm fantasizing for that unvirgin gay…"

"I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU YOU BASTARD!-Suzaku let me borrow that stick-" Shirley delivered a 10 kilo blow…

CC hurled herself in front of Lulu. "I won't let you hurt Lelouch-AHHH"

BAM then blood…


Drip drip drip

"Then I'll have to give you these images…" A sudden bright light followed and the four torturers fell into the ground…saliva from their mouth…seeing some things... CC managed to recover and helped Lulu, with shaking knees just a little conscious, stand up and quickly surveyed the area.

"Lelouch, let's escape while we have the chance."

Brushing of and trying to stand up on his own only to collapse again he said "NO Shi theu! I havhe thu usshh mai Gheasshh ohn them or eslsh I'll nevher vi avaul to shee Nunally aghein!" (No CC! I have to use my Geass on them or else I'll never be able to see Nunally again)

"Got it, how about Kallen?"

"I'll blackmail her in revealing her true personality to every guy on school, or in kicking her off the Black Knights or in-"

"No! Please don't Zero!" Kallen pleaded.

"Ok, I will just have to stop those images; after they recover, use your Geass! Then I'll plant the most false memories I can give them"

"Release!" CC chanted.

Still recovering, the four cannot express themselves in words:

Suzaku, still staggering, glared at Lulu "Lelouch… I-I'll make you pay…"

"Lulu why did you…"

"You betrayor…"




"Shi theu hurrhy! Hhelph! My-my eyelhidz…theyrh thu shweollen! I canth ophen them aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh" (CC HURRY! HELP! My-my eyelids… they're too swollen! I can't open them aaahhhhhhhhhhhh!)

Lelouch Lamperouge…

"Then here-"

I'll make you pay for being a three-timer…

"OWWWwwwwwwwwww!!" Lulu screamed as CC forcefully opened his eyes.

"Lelouch NOW!"

Geass sound


"Ihm the nhame ov Rurushu Viii Vrithanniah; I comhand you thu forghet and theny that I'm Shero and noth chare iff my girlfrhiend ish shi theu and jhust frosheed witht yhour nhormal lhives! (In the name of Lelouch Vi Britannia; I command to forget and deny that I'm Zero and would not care if my girlfriend is CC and just proceed with your normal lives!)


Lelouch's girlfriend?


CC and Lelouch managed to escape swiftly with the help of Kallen and went directly to the Black Knights. Seeing a pulped face they now understood that why the helmet was broken: Lelouch kinda lost his dignity in front of them, at least he's unrecognizable.

With a dozen packs of ice, his face gradually shrunk into the almost original size. As soon as he can walk, he and CC changed clothes, escaped the headquarters and went home straight.

He used the geass on Milly as soon he arrived, commanding her basically the same thing, implanted false memories he commanded earlier with an additional order to bring out Nunally and Sayoko and tell them a plausible explanation about the ruckus was just a misinterpretation and it "did not involve Zero".

Lulu and CC dragged themselves into their room ignoring Sayoko's offer of dinner and refusing Nunally's request to tell her about what they had been doing. Of course, they wouldn't tell the beloved innocent sister everything.

They had not slept, bathed and even ate a decent meal for about 2 days and he was nearing his physical limits now (which is actually very limited). No Kallen, Shirley, Suzaku…no Black Knights.

Must sleep…the bed now…

Then they slumped and fell into their desired bliss.

The next morning…

"Sayoko, I think I am starting to understand big brother now. I think I'm also beginning to grow up."

"That's nice to hear Nunally, don't worry, I'll make sure you'll be able to experience what your brother is enjoying."

"Yeah, maybe you're right."


"Good morning Nunally!" said Suzaku as Sayoko opened the door.

"Ah good morning too everyone"

"Hello Nunally, me and Suzaku want to visit Lelouch and CC, they seem to be very stressed because of last night."

"Ohhhh, they did 'it' again…Is it really okay for you Shirley…his relationship?"

"Yes I'll-proceed-with-my-normal-life-I-don't-care-if-he-has-a-girlfriend-but-I'll-still-love-him-until-I-move-on-with-my-normal-life"

" I agree with you Shirley, I Kururugi Suzaku-will-still-continue-on-with-my-life-I-don't-care-if-he-has-a-girl-he'll-still-be-very-special-to-me."



"CC…is that you?"


"I hope everything is okay…"

"It is…"

"Hey CC…did we do 'it'"

"Why did you dream again?"

"I guess so…"


"Hey Lelouch…do you want to do 'it'? Everything is okay now…"


…not now"


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