I hope you like reading this as much as I liked writing it!


Myfanwy's First Flight


"Suzie?" Ianto asked as nonchalantly as possible.

"Yes?" She replied, dropping her latest find - a metal glove - guiltily. Ianto decided to ignore it in favour of getting his friend's attention.

"Come on! She's trying!" He said, berating himself as his voice went higher. Keep calm, Ianto...

Suzie followed Ianto, making her way to what Jack had dubbed 'The Green Room' in respect to their little 'performer'.

"She might manage it, too!" Ianto said.

Ianto bounded to the table and nudged the Pterodactyl forward encouragingly.

It was strange how oddly paternal he felt; his hatchling was flying for the first time.


The thing about Toshiko is that she's always been a geeky person. Which is good, because it means her job is a dream come true.

It's brilliant because it means that she fully appreciates just how amazing it is to watch a Pterodactyl's flight without computer simulation.

That it's a recently hatched, shouldn't even exist reptile from prehistory just added to her wonder and amazement.

Stunning. She was stunning. It was her first ever flight - but she was so graceful, running purely on instinct; she's perfection, like a new kind of technology - wonderful, superior - yet ancient and natural.

She's Toshiko's Pterodactyl.


"It's only a bloody bird!" Owen exclaimed at seeing the look of amazement on Toshiko's face.

Even so - it's awesome to know that no-one else would see this defining moment in Myfanwy's life.

Myfanwy - that's what he wanted to call her. It added humour to the situation of having the only Pterodactyl for millions of years.

He watched as she glided around the Hub, and felt a slight sense of pride - almost (and he'd just die if anyone - Ianto - knew) maternal in that he'd helped her egg keep warm; made sure she was healthy.

She was his "bloody bird".


Jack felt a little sad at seeing the Pterodactyl's first flight.

She was a beautiful - incredible - creature. She was also just as lost as him; just as alone. More so, since she was the last of her kind. Like the Doc- not today. Today was happy. It was for joy; for happy occasions.

First times should be happy. This first was bittersweet. The Pterodactyl needed members of her family - if not species - around her. He understood how lonely she must feel.

They were similar - both lost in time, both with no-one who understood them fully.

They had each other.


Something gave her the sense that this should be humiliating.

Unable to move further than a few inches off the ground felt wrong. She wanted to be up there!

She wanted to fly! To have the air supporting her, holding her up and away from the constriction of the ground.

Her pet pushed her forward, and suddenly she was falling to the mossy floor. Then something happened.

Her wings spread out and she was floating! Experimentally, she flapped her wings. Then again.

She was flying! Free! And it was amazing! She looked down at her humans and 'squawked' in joy.