"Tony, make sure the blanket is over the carrier," Ziva chided from her wheelchair as Tony carried Ben in the carrier.

"Relax, he's fine," Tony said as he checked on his sleeping son and adjusted the blanket.

"Okay, just make sure because it's chilly outside," Ziva said.

"I think you're just jealous that I get to walk and you don't," Tony said. Ziva turned around and looked at the nurse behind her.

"I can't walk?" Ziva asked. "I am perfectly capable."

"I'm sorry Mrs. DiNozzo, hospital policy," the nurse said, causing Ziva to roll her eyes.

When they arrived at the car Tony carefully strapped Ben's car seat into the holder while the nurse helped Ziva into the car, because as much as she hated to admit it, she was still sore.

Half an hour later Tony pulled into their parking spot at their apartment. He first helped Ziva out and then unbuckled Ben. They headed upstairs, Tony keeping his hand at the small of Ziva's back as they climbed the stairs. When they reached the apartment Ziva unlocked the door and was surprised when she flicked on the lights and found practically all of NCIS standing in her living room.

"Tony," Ziva said faintly.

"Yes Sweetcheeks?" Tony asked.

"What is all of this?" Ziva asked as she set the diaper bag she was carrying on the floor.

"Well, Jenny and Abby decided that you and Ben deserved a proper welcome home," Tony said just as Abby appeared from the kitchen.

"Ah, Ziva," Abby said as she ran over and gently hugged Ziva. "Can I hold my nephew?"

"Sure," Ziva said.

After Ben had been passed around to everyone, Tony kicked everyone out declaring that Ziva needed rest. Ziva retreated to Ben's room with him while Tony cleaned up from their little party. When he was done he decided to check on Ziva. He walked down the hallway to Ben's room and smiled at the sight he found there. Ziva was in the rocking chair with Ben in her arms. Ziva was sound asleep, but Ben was awake, his wide eyes looking everywhere they could. Tony smiled at this sight and quietly walked in and took Ben from Ziva. Ziva stirred slightly but didn't wake up. Tony walked out of Ben's room and took him to his and Ziva's room. Ben began to coo and Tony rocked him slightly in his arms.

"You know, little man, when your Mommy first told me that you were coming, I was so afraid. I was afraid that I would end up like my father, and I didn't want you to have that, but I'm happy you're here and I want to promise you something. I promise that I will be at every football game, every basketball game, everything that you choose to do. I will be there when you're hurt and when you're sick, and I will be there when you walk across that stage to graduate and I will support you in anything you want to do," Tony said.

"See, I knew that you would be a good father," Ziva said from the doorway, causing Tony to jump and turn around.

"How long have you been there?" Tony asked.

"Long enough," Ziva said as she walked into the room and over to Tony. Tony put his free arm around her and looked down at Ben who had since fallen asleep. He felt Ziva tighten her grip on him and he too, tightened his grip on her and Ben. His wife and son, his family.

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