Disclaimer: The characters in this silly little thing belong to Saban.

Whose is She?

By: SilvorMoon

Sora watched from a distance as Matt and Tai faced each other. Both boys looked angry, and Sora was amazed. She had been so certain that these two were such good friends that nothing could ever come between them, and now this had to go and happen...

"I can't believe how immature you're being about this!" Matt was saying. "Just get over it!"

"I'm not going to just get over it!" Tai replied. "She was mine before you ever came into the picture, and I'm not going to give her up!"

"She was never yours," said Matt. "You just thought she was."

"How do you know? I've known her longer than you have!"

"That doesn't matter. She came to me, okay? You mistreated her, so she came to me."

"I did not mistreat her!"

"Then why else would she come to me? Admit it, Tai, you just didn't treat her right."

"Yes, I did! I did everything I could for her! She cared about me, Matt. I could see it in her eyes. She'd always look so happy when we met..."

"She's happy with me, too."

"Na-ah! She doesn't kiss you like she does me!"

"How do you know?"

"Hey, I've watched her, okay? I have a much better relationship with her than you do!"

"Tai," said Agumon patiently, "I think maybe you're taking this just a little too seriously."

"You too, Matt," said Gabumon. "Can't you two work out a compromise or something?"

"Compromise?" Tai repeated. "How are we supposed to compromise on something like this? It's not like we can share her, for crying out loud!"

"Why not?" asked Matt. "It works for me."

Tai stared at Matt. "You're weird, you know that?"

Meanwhile, Sora continued to stare, completely bewildered. While she stood there, Miyako came up behind her and looked in on the argument.

"What's going on?" she asked.

Sora rolled her eyes. "Just the boys being big and bad, as usual. Arguing about stupid stuff."

"Arf!" agreed a small voice by her feet.

"Aww, look at the puppy!" Miyako gushed. "She's soooo cute! Where'd she come from?"

"It's a stray. Matt and Tai found her the other day, and they can't quit fighting over who's going to keep her... Hey, Miyako, you wouldn't want a puppy, would you?"

"Love one," she replied, scooping up the puppy. "Come on, girl! Let's go show you to Mom and Dad..."

She walked off, with Sora trailing behind her. The boys stared.

"She stole my puppy!" Matt protested.

"My puppy," Tai corrected. He sighed. "And she didn't even kiss me goodbye!"