Title: Just A Kiss

Author: Daedalus / Tak / Whatever, as long as the clock keeps ticking

Fandom: NCIS

Category: Slash

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Rating: R

Genre: Silliness – a bit OOC – Ficlet – One shot

Summary: A contest

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Thanks to Joey, who does an amazing job, for betaing this fic.

'Hey, Boss, see that thing over there?'

'What? The kissing contest?'

'Yeah. Let's do it.'

'Be careful of what you wish for, DiNozzo.'

'Come on. It doesn't have to mean anything. Don't tell me you've been in love with every girl you've kissed. You're a badass Marine, right? Why fear an innocent little kiss?'

Gibbs was grinning madly and Tony losing his own smile.

'Well, I warned you, but you never listen.'

He took a dumbfounded Tony by the arm and dragged him towards the podium. Tony woke up from his stupor and tried to hold him back.

'Hey, boss, come on, I was just kidding. You don't-'

'Told, you, Tony. You assumed I'd walk away from the challenge and whack you over the head. Well, I've taught you better. And don't you worry: I was told I was one hell of a kisser. I'm sure I'll last at least as long as those fuckers over there…'

'Wait, boss!!'

But they had arrived at the foot of the podium, where one of the organizers of the contest stopped them.

'Wait! Where do you think you're going?'

'Well, I didn't see anywhere that the contest was forbidden to gay couples.'

'Are you even a-'

'D'you think all of them are? That woman has a wedding ring – the guy has none. And he wouldn't hold her like that if they were married. Those two? Friends having fun. Perhaps fuck buddies, but nothing more. Want me to go on like this, or file a complaint against you for blatant homophobia?'

'Wait, Gibbs, we really don't hafta- OW!'

Gibbs hadn't even glanced at him as he whacked him. The balding man in front of them fidgeted under Gibbs' scrutiny as Tony was looking thoroughly chastised.

'Okay. You can try. Do not expect a preferential treatment because you belong to a minority.'

'Don't worry. We won't need any.'

Gibbs pulled Tony's into his arms sharply, had him face him, cupped his face with one hand while the other settled on the small of his back to pull him close, and pressed his lips to Tony's half opened ones. The young man had been in the process of uttering some words of protest, but Gibbs had taken the opportunity to his advantage and shoved his tongue into Tony's mouth. No time for preliminaries, anyway, as they did not count for the contest.

What was an innocent kiss when he did not mean anything, anyway?

The young man was not long to completely melt into the kiss and into Gibbs' arms, and it was only the firm grip that his boss had on his hips that kept him from going down on his knees. Never had Tony been kissed so thoroughly, and truth to be told, since he'd never been on the receiving end of a kiss and was doing most of the kissing most of the time anyway, he had no idea at all how good it could feel.

He reciprocated as well as he could, groping clumsily at Gibbs' arse without even noticing he was doing it, half grinding his hips into his boss' and mussing his hair and groaning so loud it was all Gibbs could do not to ravage him on the spot.

At long last, seeing that Tony's plague impaired lungs couldn't hold out, Gibbs broke the kiss, Tony stretching his neck comically to prolong it, moaning at the loss, his moan cut short when his half-lidded eyes registered by whom exactly he had been so heavenly kissed. He blinked, flushed even more and froze.

To Gibbs (who was licking his lips partly to further embarrass his agent, and partly out of sheer relish, to taste him a bit longer, a smug look on his face), those kiss-swollen lips, still dazed eyes and mussed hair suited Tony very well. Perhaps he should start kissing him senseless in the elevator on a daily basis just to be able to tell him he shouldn't look as if he had just got laid at work.

A glance at the silent crowd had him realize that they were all gaping at them, and Gibbs let Tony go, interrupting the circles he had been rubbing in Tony's back, before they turned towards the organizers.

They had lasted a good seven minutes and a half longer than any of the couples.

Ten minutes later, in the car, a still flushed Tony asked Gibbs whether he wanted him to keep the gaudy trophy, as he was already keeping all of Gibbs' medals.

'Nope. I think I deserved that one. And it'll look good on my mantelpiece.'

And that night, when Gibbs invited the whole team over, he did not have to glance into Tony's direction to feel the flush spreading over his agent's face when to Abby's remark that he must be 'one hell of a kisser', he had answered: 'Well my partner was not half bad either. I'd sure like to have a repeat of that kiss – minus the crowd…'