Title: Just A Lifetime Together

Author: Daedalus / Tak / Whatever, as long as the clock keeps ticking

Fandom: NCIS

Category: Slash

Pairing: Gibbs/DiNozzo

Rating: R

Genre: Silliness – a bit OOC – Ficlet – One shot

Summary: Another contest – Sequel to "Just A Dance"

Spoilers: None

Disclaimer: Don't own, don't sue.

Thanks to Joey, who does an amazing job, for betaing this fic.

Six months later, as Gibbs was coming back from the kitchen with a coffee cup in one hand and a strawberry milkshake in the other, he found Abby staring at his mantelpiece – or rather at the two trophies that adorned it. She came by sometimes to have dinner at his place. It was some sort of a monthly routine. She was so lost in her contemplation, frowning as if it would help her think harder, that she didn't hear him coming, although this time, he had made no effort whatsoever to creep on her silently.

'Something the matter, Abs?' he asked casually, and she started.

'Gibbs!' she cried out, laying a hand on her chest. 'You scared me!'

'Well, you're scaring me too. What's the matter with my mantelpiece? Did you notice a crack in it? D'ya think the house's gonna collapse or something?'

Abby rolled her eyes.

'Don't do that. It's not becoming.'

'So? What's the matter?'

'Don't know… But I swear I saw the exact same trophy last time I went at Tony's.'

He just shrugged.


'Well it's weird! You get that trophy for a kissing contest, and then Tony gets that one from a dance contest, and…'

Gibbs grinned, his eyes sparkling.

'He could've stolen it.'

Abby sighed in exasperation and stamped her feet once, her upper body leaning towards Gibbs, fists clenched at her hips, pouting.

'C'me on! I'm sure there's something hinky going on… I mean, it can't be a coincidence that-'

'HONEY! I BROUGHT PIZZA FOR TONIGHT!' said a voice in the kitchen.

Now, Abby was grinning, giving Gibbs a bewildered look.

'Honey??' she mouthed, cracking up.

Gibbs sighed and rolled his eyes, and called to his lover.

'Nice one, Tony, you've just outed us to the whole of NCIS…'

'What are talking about…' said Tony's voice, coming from the kitchen. When he saw Abby, he stopped dead, his eyebrows rocketing upwards. 'Oh. Holy shit…'

'God, Tony, Gibbs! I'm so happy for you! No! Strike that… I'm angry. Very angry. Why on earth didn't you tell me?'

'I like to keep private matters private…' Gibbs said.

'Hell, yeah. But we're family! So that's why you've been ogling Tony whenever he had his back to you. I thought I was imagining things – you know, wishful thinking… But you were!'

'Well, that was kind of the point. I was ogling his ass…'

Tony gave a sound that came out like a hybrid of indignation and amusement.

'You've been ogling me?'

Gibbs just shrugged.

'Well, I'd call that leering, but you do have a nice ass.'

'Thanks', Tony grinned, while Abby was squealing delightedly at their antics.

'So? Since when have you been together? You've moved, Tony? Whose idea was it, the kissing contest?'

'Mine', Tony answered lamely. 'But it was just a joke.'

'But I kissed him.'

'Of course you did, Bossman', Abby smiled at him. 'And the dance? Who was leading?'

'I was', they both answered the same time.

'No, I was', Tony contested. 'You just dipped me in the end.'

'And living together? Since when?'

Tony shrugged.

'Well. My flat kept having those things needing to be fixed…'

Gibbs gave him a look.

'So you kept saying.'

'Anyway. I kept staying over more and more nights. So… We figured…'

'Mmh that and when you're in my arms I can keep an eye on you so you can't go and flirt with the young twinks in some bar…'

Tony gave Gibbs a boyish grin as Gibbs smirked at him, tracing his face with his finger, and Abby clapped in delight.

'You're so ke-yuuuuute!'

That stopped Gibbs, who turned.

'I don't do cute.'

'Believe it or not, you are. I bet you two are hot in bed as well…'


'Wait till I tell Ducky. No, wait till I tell Tim!'

'You'll do nothing of the sort…'

'You're no fun, Gibbs. They're bound to find out one way or another. B'sides, if you keep ogling like that…'

The boss' face fell.

'Am I that obvious?'

'Well… Not if you don't have a devious mind in the first place… You could be staring at Tony 'cause you're thinking of the way you'll burry his body with nobody noticing…'

'Gee, thanks, Abs', Tony said.

'But now I think of it, that one time you wiped at the drool at the corner of your mouth kinda gave you away.'

Tony was laughing so hard he thought he was suffocating. The blush spreading on Gibbs' mortified face was something neither Tony nor Abs had dared to hope to see one day.

'I knew there had to be a way to make you blush, Boss…' he said, wiping at a tear in the corner of his eye.

'Oh, 'cause you never blush.'

'Well, ya know, all the blood does not come down to my cock when you whisper sinful things to me…' he murmured in Gibbs' ear, loud enough however that Abby heard everything perfectly.

'You call him 'Boss' in bed?' she chuckled.

Gibbs was absent-mindedly rubbing circles in Tony's lower back, and Tony had wrapped his arms around him, leaning his forehead on Gibbs's shoulder. Gibbs shrugged, disturbing Tony's head for a second.

'Well. When I have him tied to the bed…'

'Hey! Don't discuss our sex life like that!'

'But I thought you both were straight… More or less…' Abby interjected.

Gibbs grinned.

'I'm also Tonysexual.'

'Gee, honey, that was very profound.'

Abby giggled.

'And you're gonna tell me you're Gibbssexual?'

'Mmh no. I might be bisexual. I've ever only wanted Gibbs, but, I mean, there was that guy I used to horse-ride with…'

'You sure it was horse-riding?'

Tony looked horrified.

'Abs! I was eleven!'

'Oh… hum. Didn't know. Sorry about that.'

'Anyway… I had kind of a crush on him at the time…'

'Oh? And when you got older, did you…'

'A year later, my father disowned me and sent me to a military school. The haystacks had their appeal, though', Tony wondered out loud, giving Gibbs an assessing look, clearly picturing both of them naked in the wild…

'Don't try that', Gibbs said.

'Why not?'

''Cause hay prickles and itches, and when you wake up after your passionate lovemaking covered in bugs and spiders…'

'Eww…' Abby shuddered.

Tony's eyebrows shot up.

'Which one was it?'

'Wife number 2. Does it matter?'


'Hey guys… So tell me… How does it feel?' Abby asked.

Gibbs smiled at Tony, his eyes studying his face appreciatively.

'He makes me feel happy.'

'He does! That's so-'

'Cute. I know. And it's not.'

Abby huffed.

'And you Tony?'

'Makes me feel good.'

Gibbs looked a bit disappointed, despite the young man's goofy smile, and his own smile faltered.

'Good? That's all?'

'As in 'heavenly'. I feel ecstatic. As in: I never felt that good before. Like I'm whole, ya know…'

'Better', Gibbs said, smiling again, and whacking him over the head.

Abby smiled, a little bit calmer.

'So it all began with a kissing contest… Tony, you're so lucky that bastard took it seriously…'

'Hey!' Gibbs protested.

'My beloved bastard…' Tony confirmed, looking at his boss with so fond an expression that Abby wondered how they managed at work to keep their hand off one another.

They were silent for a moment, Abby feeling a little bit like an intruder as she watched Tony watch Gibbs, and Gibbs watching back, lovingly, something far deeper that one would imagine when two people got together after two stupid contests…

She grinned, suddenly, and with an evil smile, she asked in her angelic voice:

'Hey guys, ever won a fucking contest?'