Round one of the contest is upon us! I know I'm insane for joining again this season, but really. I think I enjoy the pain. D:

Round One: PuppyShipping (I hate you Compy.)

Seto Kaiba was going to kill Mokuba. Maybe not right now, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. The brat had it coming. It was his idea to have a party, and his idea to play Truth or Dare and it was Mokuba who had convinced Seto to stop avoiding them by hiding in the study and play along.

It was Mokuba's fault he was locked in a closet, doing a handstand, with Joey Wheeler of all people. (Never mind that they were secretly together, he had to keep up appearances for his company's sake.)

He didn't even want to contemplate why Mokuba had chosen the closet as the place where Seto would be forced to do his handstand for fifteen minutes. He hated Truth or Dare.

"If you even think of laughing, Mutt, I'll rip ypur face off," he growled between deep breaths and puffs of air intended to blow his shirt back up again. The damn thing kept falling down onto his face. Damn gravity. He was somewhat glad he'd had the sense to take off his trench coat before doing this.

Handstands were hard to do for even a short time, and harder still to do for fifteen straight minutes, especially when you knew it had to be for 15 minutes.

Joey sat in the corner grinning like a maniac and holding up a stopwatch.

"Cheer up Kaiba. It's been 13 minutes already. You're almost done."

"Shut up Mutt. I'm trying to concentrate."

"Well excuse me for trying to keep you from throttling me." He shifted and leaned against the wall.

Kaiba shifted slightly, feeling the ache in his wrists from holding his wait an felt his legs wobble slightly. "Shit, shit shit."

"Somethin' wrong Kaiba?"

"I'm falling you idiot!" he snapped, trying to keep his balance. Joey blinked at him, and reached forward, using two fingers to slowly push him back into balance.


"...Thank you," he muttered darkly, not giving him a second glance. "Is time up yet?"

Joey glanced down at the watch. "'Yeah."

Kaiba sighed in relief and allowed himself to slump against the wall and slide down. "I'm going to kill Mokuba."

Jeoy snickered as his lover stood up and shook his wrists lightly. "I'll hold him down for you."

"You do that." He opened the closet door and stepped out. "Who's turn is it now?" he asked Mokuba.



And Mokuba ran.

It doesn't make much sense, does it? D: