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Chapter V

Ohh, Ziva. It has been a long time. I can't wait to talk to you again. The man thought while Ziva got up from bed to change into her running clothes for an early morning run. Ohh, this will be fun.

At Mossad Headquarters…

*"We have proof she killed an operative, Deputy Director. This has nothing to do with you or the fact that she is your daughter," said the actual Director of Mossad in sharp Hebrew.

"I agree completely…if you have the evidence. I would like to remind you that Ziva is one of our best interrogators and found 3 Hamas cells in one interrogation… it took her 10 minutes," her father said trying to protect the only family he had left.

"I know her record very well and if she holds up in her own interrogation she will live to see another day…in America, working for the man who supposedly killed Ari," he said ending the conversation.

"Thank you, sir."*

At the park…

Faster. Push. Stop slacking. You are Mossad. Run! What if your father was here to see this? He would be disgusted. Run, Ziva! Ziva had run through the park three times and had not stopped. She was somehow still going remarkably fast, but not as fast as usual.

Suddenly a black van screeched around the corner and stopped down the block from Ziva. Ziva stopped running and turned her head, breathing hard. A man got out of the running van. Wow, what an entrance. If Tony were here he would probably make a comment about how cliché this is. A Black van, with a guy…oh my god…is that Mior?!

Having walked down the street, Ziva was sure that the man standing in front of her was Mior.

*"Hello Ziva."

"Mior?" Ziva said disbelievingly.

"Haven't seen you since Tehran."

"You bastard," she said right before she slapped him.

"Okay, I probably deserved th.."

Ziva ran to him and basically tackled him. Still standing upright, he wrapped his hands around her slim waist. Ziva had started to run her hands through his soft hair.

Keeping their foreheads together after a mind-blowing kiss, she said, "What the fuck are you doing here? You are supposed to be dead."

"Came to see you."

"You," she said pulling away slightly, "are full of shit."

"True, but I am here to see you. I'm on a mission."

At this Ziva pulled away completely. She knew what was about to happen. Her father… God damn it.

Deciding to go with innocent child she said, "What mission?"

"Ziva… I got my orders yesterday. You killed Ari."

The words stung, not only because they were true, but because someone finally said it.

"Wha.. What the fuck are you talking about?" she yelled angrily. "I did not kill my fucking brother. You know that. I know you know that. Fuck you," she said walking away from him.

"You know where we're going, don't you."

"I am not doing it. I have a job here. They would worry."

"HA! Ziva. Do you hear yourself? Your job is with Mossad not with NCIS. Who the fuck cares about NCIS??"

"I do."

"No! No, you don't. You just want to run away from everything, everyone."

"Now is not the time to psychoanalyze me, Mior!... I am supposing the Director wants this done quickly and quietly," she said regaining composure.

"Yes. Come with me quietly, or you can be injected with a sedative."

"Inject me with the sedative. I like the aftertaste," she said with such venom that Mior felt he had been slapped.*

Sticking the needle into her arm, she slumped against him, and he carried her into the van. Laying her down with reverence, he yelled for the others to start driving.

The black van rocketed down the street leaving tire treads in its wake, not aware that the video camera from the Dutch embassy caught the whole ordeal on tape.


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