SPOILERS AHEAD! This list is correct through the latest chapter of narrative text.

MATRYOSHKA - Personalities


Elizabeth Anne 'Buffy' Summers
American female, blonde hair/blue-hazel eyes, height 5' 1" (1.55m), weight 107lb (49kg), age 18; stereotypical 'Valley Girl'.
Slayer and nominal leader of the Scooby Gang. Brave, resourceful, and determined, but prone to be sanctimonious and self-pitying; needs to mature.
Weapon(s) of preference: crossbow; stake.
Status: Active.

Rupert Keith Giles
English male, brown/hazel, 6' 2" (1.88m), 185lb (84kg), 44; distinguished bearing.
Recently dismissed Watcher. Intelligent, reserved and dignified under normal circumstances, yet fierce when roused and devoted to his charge.
Weapon(s) of preference: research library; crossbow; hand-axe.
Status: Wounded morning of 21-08-99; active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

Willow Eileen Rosenberg
American female, auburn/green, 5' 4" (1.63m), 112lb (51kg), 18; 'perky-cute'.
Resident computer expert, Wiccan novice, and all-around genius. Exceedingly bright, imaginative, 'delightfully kooky'; can be a little flaky, but (like many redheads) truly fearsome when pushed beyond her tolerance.
Weapon(s) of preference: laptop computer; tranquilizer rifle; stake.
Status: Active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

Daniel James 'Oz' Osbourne
American male, blond/brown, 5' 6" (1.68m), 170lb (77kg), 19; unflappable.
Werewolf and erstwhile musician. Displays an almost Zen-like calm and cool under even the worst circumstances; formerly Willow's lover, but has opted to leave Sunnydale and the Scooby Gang to pursue a life less bizarre.
Weapon(s) of preference: wolf-form or stake.
Status: Injured night of 20/21-08-99, but active.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


Andrew 'Andrushka' Hazelton - AKA Drew O'Ryan, Orion, Anvil
English-born male New Zealander, grey/brown, 5' 8" (1.73m), 205lb (94kg), 64; weather-beaten complexion.
Former Warrant Officer in the NZSAS, with more than forty years' experience and training in all aspects of special-operations warfare, including hand-to-hand combat, guerilla tactics, and demolitions. Team sniper; colourful and uncompromising, but fair by his lights. Resident teacher/father-figure to both his niece Taz and her husband, and has been training them for the better part of eleven years. Personal motto: 'train hard, fight easy'.
Weapon(s) of preference: HK G-3(SG-1) 7.62mm battle-rifle, Glock-31 .357SIG pistol; kali sticks or stake/Ka-Bar fighting knife combo.
Status: Active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

Tatyana Alekseyevna 'Taz' Zyrianova - AKA Natalya 'Shooter' Kerensky, MacGyver, Hammer One
Russian-born female New Zealander, dark-auburn/grey-green, 5' 9" (1.75m), 142lb (65kg), 20.
Former Slayer, now an 'enhanced' human. Taz has no time for fools, no tolerance for bullshit, few reservations about speaking her mind - and nothing to prove to anybody. Personal motto: 'action beats inaction every time, so when in doubt: improvise'.
Weapon(s) of preference: HK G-36 5.56mm assault rifle, Glock-31 .357SIG pistol; stake/Cold Steel OSS fighting-knife combo.
Status: Active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

Michael 'Misha' Bleddyn - AKA Phelan 'Nemo' Travis, Fenris, Hammer Two
Welsh-born male New Zealander, ginger-blond/yellow-brown, 5' 9" (1.75m), 180lb (82kg), 20; scar (cut) down left forehead and cheek, burn scars on right forearm.
Born Peter Michael McKellar. Former albino, now an 'enhanced' human. Misha has a gift for linguistics, a keen mind, and few illusions about his fellow man; wryly steady of temperament, often sardonic of humour, and not infrequently a little strange. Personal motto: 'proper prior preparation prevents piss-poor performance'.
Weapon(s) of preference: Steyr StG-77 5.56mm assault rifle, HK Mark-23 .45ACP pistol; stake/Cold Steel Recon tanto combo.
Status: Active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

'Colt' - AKA Hammer Three
Forge's fifth-columnist inside the Shrike-Teams.
Status: Active; in contact with Nga Kehua, but not Scooby Gang.

Alexander Lavelle 'Xander' Harris - AKA Snoopy, 'Corporal Harrison Sanders', Hammer Four
American male, brown/brown, 5' 11" (1.78m), 195lb (89kg), 18.
A Badged member of the Royal Marine Commandos, with the rank of Corporal. Loyal unto death, courageous (some might say foolhardy), and the resident 'class clown', Xander has matured greatly since leaving Sunnydale an apparent six weeks ago, owing to his experiences in training and operations with the RM and his Forge comrades. Has put many of his ghosts to rest, but picked up some new ones on the way. Personal motto: 'if you couldn't take a joke, you shouldn't've signed up'.
Weapon(s) of preference: Steyr StG-77 5.56mm assault rifle, custom-variant M-1911A1 .45ACP pistol; stake/Cold Steel OSS fighting knife combo.
Status: Active, but not in contact with Scooby Gang.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


Detective-Sergeant Robert 'Little Bob' Patterson
American male, brown/blue, 6' 4" (1.93m), 265lb (120kg), 45; hard-bodied and competent.
Gunnery Sergeant, USMC/Force Recon (ret.). Authoritative, no-nonsense and thorough-going, Little Bob recognises the limitations of police operations in Sunnydale... which doesn't necessarily mean he *likes* them.
Weapon(s) of preference: Colt M-4A1 (CAR-15) 5.56mm carbine, HK MP-5A3 9mm sub-machine-gun, custom-variant M-1911A1 .45ACP pistol; nightstick/stake combo.
Status: Active.

Detective-Three Janelle LaFollet
African-American female, black/green, 5' 7" (1.70m), 127lb (58kg), 25.
The SPD's first female detective, much less *black* detective, LaFollet is driven to prove herself and doesn't much care who knows it. Inexperienced and something of a liberal bigot, but harsh encounters with reality are starting to hone her skills and blunt her ideology.
Weapon(s) of preference: HK USP9 9mm pistol; stake.
Status: Wounded night of 22/23-08-99; on mandatory post-shootout leave, but active.

Detective-Two Francis Nathan 'Frank N' Stein
American male, brown (balding)/blue, 5' 10" (1.78m), 200lb (91kg), 38.
Once City Hall's pet 'investigator' (read: attack-dog), the chauvinistic, racist, élitist, and quite possibly corrupt Stein personifies the worst aspects of the police sub-culture, both under Sunnydale conditions and in general terms.
Weapon(s) of preference: Beretta M-92FS 9mm pistol; stake.
Status: Active.

Detective-Three Rafael Nuñez
Cuban-American male, black/brown, 5' 9" (1.75m), 185lb (84kg), 27.
Stein's partner, Nuñez wants to do his job and help his colleagues do theirs, but the unspoken strictures of the police 'Boy's Club' make him reluctant to speak out lest it cost him dearly.
Weapon(s) of preference: SIG-Sauer P-229S .357SIG pistol; stake.
Status: Active.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


Cerian Rhiannon McKellar
Welsh female, strawberry-blond/grey, 5' 4" (1.63m), 134lb (61kg), 51; silver-rimmed glasses.
Former Watcher, now a mercenary demon-hunter; working with the remnants of the Scooby Gang for the time being. Intelligent, knowledgeable, linguistically gifted, steady under fire and a little droll, Cerian hated her own Slayer like poison... and there's a wide gulf between what she knows and what she's saying.
Weapon(s) of preference: P-9 Gyurza 9x21mm pistol; stake/kukri combo.
Status: Active. (Was wounded morning of 21-08-99, but has since magically healed her wounds.)

Dark-skinned, black hair, yellow eyes (red slit pupils), 6' 6" (1.98m) and massive of build.
Magical being of obscure origin, unknown agenda, and indescribable power.
Weapon(s) of preference: magic.
Status: Unknown.

- * - * - * - * - * - * - * -


Keystone - AKA Thomas Carlton Winston
English male, grey/brown, 5' 8" (1.72m), 220lb (100kg), 54; pudgy and dissipated, but cold-eyed.
Sub-Coordinator (Security/Operations) of the Watcher's Council of Britain - which makes him its de facto master.

SHRIKE-One and overall mission commander. Described by subordinates as a merciless academic with little idea of how to lead people and needlessly sadistic.
Status: Unknown.

English male, brown/brown, 6' (1.83m), 190lb (87kg), 25; well-bred, silver-rimmed glasses.
SHRIKE-1-Deputy and field Watcher. Intelligent, pragmatic, ruthless, and whimsical of humour. An academic who obtained his position partly through family connections, yet holds it through cold-blooded efficiency in purging suspect colleagues.
Weapon(s) of preference: L1A1 (FN-FAL) 7.62mm battle-rifle, Delta Elite 10mm pistol; stake/Ka-Bar fighting knife combo.
Status: Active.

Topaz - AKA Colleen Mulvaney
Irish female, brown/blue, 5' 6" (1.68m), 130lb (59kg), 32.
SHRIKE-1-Cyber-Ops, formerly a member of the IRA. A little techno-nerdy and occasionally smart-mouthed, but retains a healthy skepticism about the Shrikes' recent lack of luck.
Weapon(s) of preference: Silicon Graphics laptop; Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by 'Shooter', night of 23/24-08-99.

Emerald - AKA Lisa Hemphill
Canadian female, auburn/grey, 5' 7" (1.70m), 125lb (67kg), 30.
SHRIKE-1-Communications. Sought in connection with two bombings and related propaganda broadcasts in the name of 'Native American rights' in her native British Columbia. A little too sure of herself, even in the face of the Shrikes' recent reverses.
Weapon(s) of preference: radio scanners and jammers; Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by Xander Harris, night of 23/24-08-99.

Diamond - AKA David Fletcher.
American male, blond/brown, 5' 9" (1.75m), 180lb (82kg), 29; Metallica fanatic.
Team-1-Medic; once a corpsman with the US Navy, dishonourably discharged for pilfering medical supplies for use in the manufacture of controlled substances. His military record includes numerous complaints of sexual misconduct and three charges of drug-assisted rape (all dropped for lack of evidence or on technicalities).
Weapon(s) of preference: Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by Xander Harris, night of 23/24-08-99.

Sapphire - AKA Erika Sondergaard
Norwegian female, blonde/blue, 5' 8" (1.73m), 130lb (59kg), 33.
Team-1-Burglar; one-time member of the Scandinavian apocalypse-terrorist cult Winternight.
Weapon(s) of preference: HK G-3A3 7.62mm battle-rifle, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by 'Orion', night of 23/24-08-99.

Ruby - AKA Henry Morrissey
American male, brown/blue, 5' 11" (1.80m), 195lb (88kg), 36, obvious weightlifter.
SHRIKE-2; former staff-sergeant with 75th Ranger Regiment US Army, cashiered for excessively harsh treatment of trainees. Trigger-happy and over-aggressive, like most Rangers.
Weapon(s) of preference: HK G-36E 5.56mm assault rifle, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: Executed by Onyx, morning of 21-08-99.

Jade - AKA Tomas Navarra
Peruvian male, brown/brown, 5' 10" (1.78m), 190lb (86kg), 39; 'tanned and toned'.
SHRIKE-2-Deputy; one-time cell-leader with leftist-terrorist organisation Sendero Luminoso. Borderline psychotic, but far from stupid.
Weapon(s) of preference: Colt M-4A1 (CAR-15) 5.56mm carbine, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: Active.

Beryl - AKA Florian Kastner
German male, red/brown, 6' 2" (1.88m), 225lb (102kg), 44.
SHRIKE-2-Cyber-Ops; once member of East German Intelligence service technical branch, educated in 'free' Europe.
Weapon(s) of preference: Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: Active.

Amber - AKA Toshiharu Kurotani
Japanese male, black/brown, 5' 6" (1.68m), 170lb (77kg), 41.
SHRIKE-2-Communications; Japanese Air Self-Defence Force radio technician turned Winternight apocalypse-terrorist.
Weapon(s) of preference: SIG-Sauer P220 .45ACP pistol.
Status: Active.

Amethyst - AKA Margaret deVries
South African female, blonde/blue, 5' 8" (1.73m), 145lb (66kg), 39, 'haughtily attractive'; powder-burn on left cheek.
SHRIKE-2-Medic (later SHRIKE-1 tactical commander). Watcher archivist and member of violent, ultra-hardcore white-supremacist movement known as Afrikaner Weerstandbeweging (AWB). Thrust into leadership of a SHRIKE team before she feels ready.
Weapon(s) of preference: R-4 (Galil) 5.56mm assault rifle, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol; throwing knives.
Status: KIA by 'Nemo', night of 23/24-08-99.

Garnet - AKA Ilya Vassilievich Borodulin
Russian male, blond/grey, 5' 5" (1.65m), 170lb (77kg), 43.
SHRIKE-2-Burglar; former 'black bag man' (burglar) with KGB Second Chief Directorate (Counter-Intelligence).
Weapon(s) of preference: SIG-Sauer P230 .380 pistol.
Status: Killed in 'gas explosion' during burglary of Travis/Kerensky town residence, night of 23/24-08-99.

Agate - AKA Leonid Nikolai'ch Khokhriakov
Russian male, brown/blue, 6' 2" (1.88m), 215lb (97kg), 37.
SHRIKE-3; former Spetsnaz trooper made redundant at the end of the Cold War. Awarded the Order of the Red Banner (equiv. Navy Cross) for courage under fire, but has the temperament and finesse of a battering ram.
Weapon(s) of preference: RPG-18 rocket launcher, AK-74 5.45mm assault rifle, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: Incapacitated by Xander night of 20/21-08-99; assassinated by Peridot later that night.

Turquoise - AKA Nathan Jessop
American male, brown/blue, 5' 9" (1.75m), 200lb (91kg), 42; burly and rough-looking.
SHRIKE-3-Deputy (later SHRIKE-1 tactical deputy). One-time CIA field-agent made redundant at the end of the Cold War. A professional at what he does who doesn't care who he does it for as long as they pay him for it.
Weapon(s) of preference: Colt M-4A1 (CAR-15) 5.56mm carbine, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by 'Orion', night of 23/24-08-99.

Coral - AKA Aleja Sampedro
Spanish female, black/brown, 5' 9" (1.75m), 145lb (66kg), 38.
SHRIKE-3-Cyber-Ops; former member of Basque terrorist group ETA, credited with three stabbing assassinations of an especially grisly nature.
Weapon(s) of preference: Walther PPK .380 pistol; Applegate-Fairbairn fighting knife.
Status: KIA by Cerian McKellar, night of 20/21-08-99.

Spinel - AKA Pierre Benoit
Quebeçois male, brown/brown, 5' 11" (1.80m), 180lb (82kg), 31.
SHRIKE-3-Communications; former Canadian Army paratrooper suspected of involvement with Quebec-independence movement.
Weapon(s) of preference: C-7 (M-16A1) 5.56mm assault rifle, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by Xander Harris, night of 20/21-08-99.

Peridot - AKA Rashid Hamshari
Iranian male, black/brown, 5' 10" (1.78m), 175lb (80kg), 28.
SHRIKE-3-Medic; graduate of North-Western University, Watcher and sleeper member of radical Iranian anti-American terrorist group.
Weapon(s) of preference: medical knowledge; SIG-Sauer P230 .380 pistol.
Status: Intercepted and assassinated by 'Colt', night of 23/24-08-99.

Jacinth - AKA Viktor Borissovich Chernykh
Russian male, red/brown, 5' 8" (1.73m), 180lb (82kg), 36.
SHRIKE-3-Burglar; former OMON - Russian Interior Ministry SWAT-team - trooper and 'black-bag man' discharged following allegations of gross corruption.
Weapon(s) of preference: AK-74 5.45mm assault rifle, Bizon-2-01 9mm sub-machine-gun, Walther P-99 .40SW pistol.
Status: KIA by Cerian McKellar, night of 20/21-08-99.