Danny Phantom: Dark Alliance

By: Hordak's Pupil

Disclaimer: I do not own Danny Phantom (I wish I did…anytime now Desiree) or Nash Bridges.

Author's Notes: Ghostwriter has sent his evil plot bunnies to attack me and they won't leave me alone until I write this so I hope you like it.

Chapter I: Time is Running Out


"You know you won't win Plasmius, I can stop you with the push of a button," I threatened pointing to my staff. Vlad thought he could blind sight me but he was wrong.

"Oh really time master," Vlad retorted raising an eyebrow at me before blasting my staff from my hand. "I'd love to stay and chat time master but I have a plan to enact," he said as he left leaving me alone. Vlad didn't know what he was unleashing.

Nash Bridges

"Hey Nash, I just wanted to thank you for the house, you sure you don't want it," my partner Joe said as I helped him move into my old home. A few years ago my father Nick had passed away from a stroke and my daughter is in Paris with my ex-wife. I had no use for such a large place and decided to give it to Joe and his wife Inger as anniversary gift.

"Bubba, what am I going to do in a big place all by myself," I tell him smiling, "Besides it's you and Inger need it with a third baby on the way," I tell him as I help him move in.

"Inger is going to love this plus the kitchen is perfect," he says smiling as I raise my eyebrow.

"What do you mean perfect?" I ask him worriedly.

"Well I talked with my family in Mexico and…," he says before I stop him.

"You are not bringing Loco Joe's Family Style Salsa back?" I ask him nervously, remembering the last time he got involved in that scheme.

"This time is different, we settled the dispute and we're actually going to do it," he says excitedly, "Even better they want you in the commercial," he says showing me a contract.

"No way," I tell him as we take the last bit of furniture from the moving truck and place it in the living room. Something tells me this was going to end badly.


"Are you sure you don't want me to go with you," Miles asked me as I got of the limo and we walked to the airport.

"Miles, I am sure, I'm visiting Amity Park. I know how to handle myself there. Besides someone has to keep Stephanie in check," I tell my now boyfriend before kissing him. We couldn't hide it any longer we were in love.

Mayor Knightly of course thinks this is just the 'bee's knees' and declared a Danielle and Miles day to celebrate it. Yep Mayor Blimpy hasn't changed a bit and neither has Stephanie. She still hates me and calls me 'homunculus' and 'mistake' but that is when Cujo calls her clothes 'lunch' (the number of clothes she accidently lost to little guy cracks me up)

"As long as you're sure," he says as I hear my flight over the loudspeaker.

"I'm sure," I said as I kissed and took off before the plane left.


"Danny are you okay," Sam asked as we sat down at the table for lunch. I had been a bit nervous since Vlad hasn't been seen in a few days and usually that's bad news.

"Yeah, just have a lot on my mind," I tell her opening my milk and take a sip. "You know the fruit loop hasn't been seen in awhile and with Danni coming over soon I'm afraid he'll try something," I tell her nervously.

"Danny don't worry, if Vlad tries anything you can handle it, besides if gets too bad you could ask Clockwork to reverse time," Tucker said laughing as Sam glared at him. "What?" he asked as she took his beret from his head and jammed in his mouth.

"Relax, I'm sure everything is going to be okay," she says taking a bit of her turfwich as I sighed worrying about what Plasmius had planned.

Nash Bridges

"No," I told Joe as I opened a can of pop.

"Come one all you have you to say is Loco Joe's es la única salsa que comer!" he tells me showing me a script.

"No, Bubba I don't even speak Spanish," I tell him as I my cell phone goes off, "Excuse me," I said as I left to answer my phone. "Bridges," I spoke.

"Hey dad," my daughter Cassidy replied on the other land.

"Hey Cassidy, how's France?" I ask her happily, I miss her but she's no longer a little kid and I have to respect her discussion.

"Good, I have wonderful news, I'm going to visit you," she said happily as I smile crept on my face.

"That's great news, when are you coming," I ask her curiously.

"Well actually my plane just arrived and was wondering if you could pick me up," she said as I rolled my eyes. I wish my wife would tell me these things.

"I'm kind of busy helping Joe but I'll have Harvey come pick you up okay, " I told her, "see you soon," I say as I hang up and call Harvey Leek, another one of my colleagues.

"Harvey Leek," he answered he answered.

"Harv, this is Nash, Cassidy is coming on another 'surprise visit' I need you to pick her up for me," I tell him as I go to help to Joe unpack.

"Sure Nash, I'll go ASAP," he says as he hangs up and I go back to unpacking.


Curse that miserable ghost boy, not only did he lock me up here he also destroyed my staff and the Reality Gauntlet, but I will escape and when I do Danny Phantom will pay.

While I was thinking, the GIW came to my cell. "Hey Freak you have a visitor," one agent said as a tall man in black with white hair walked in carrying a cane came in and sat down and motioned the GIW to leave.

Once they left, he turned to me, "Mr. Showenhower," he asked a he crossed his legs and smiled.

"Yes," I told him coldly, "Who are you," raising an eyebrow as I adjusted my chains trying to get comfortable.

"My name is Vlad Masters and I have proposition for you," he says coolly. "It appears we have a common enemy and I feel if we work together, we can capture him," he said placing a hand in his pocket.

"Why should I trust you," I ask him skeptically as he chuckles.

"Because I can give you this," he said holding up his cane which was a replica of my staff that was broken only this one was black with three gems inside the crystal ball. "Look familiar," he said smiling.

"My staff, but how it was…," I said before he cut me off.

"Broken?" he asked raising an eyebrow, "only in this timeline. I stole this from another timeline where it was never broken. Notice also that the Reality Gems are inside the crystal ball. Unfortunately the Gauntlet was never forged in the timeline I stole it from, but a friend of yours from that time discovered 

another power source and used it for the gems," he explained. "So, do we have a deal," he asked smiling.

"I suppose," I said as he handed me the staff, "But I still need to escape," I tell Mr. Masters as he stands up.

"Leave that to me, Mr. Showenhower," he said as he transformed into a vampire like ghost with blue skin, black hair, red eyes, and fangs dressed in a white shut with black gloves and boots, "and please call me Plasmius, everyone calls me Plasmius," he said as he phased into the cell.

"Well then, call me Freakshow or better yet master," I said raising the staff but nothing happened. "Why isn't it working?" I asked upset.

"You see I knew you would try to use it against me once I showed you my true self, so I took out an insurance policy," he said removing one of his gloves revealing a glowing ring on his finger. "The power source I mentioned was this- The Ring of Rage- along with the Crown of Fire it gave power to the gems courtesy of Pariah Dark himself. The ring has also the unique side effect of providing me with immunity from the staff, isn't that something," he said putting the glove back on. "Now do we have a deal," he said holding out his hand.

"Deal," I said shaking his hand as he turned us intangible and escaped without triggering a single alarm. Watch out ghost boy, Freakshow is back in town!