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Chapter XI: Recovery


"You can't win boy," Vlad taunted as I tried to dodge him but I was too injured to fight. "You can't save them boy, the mighty Danny Phantom has finally lost," he snarled as he pushed me onto the ground and pressed his boot to my chest.

"I've faced worse Plasmius," I told him as I tried to throw off me, but I was too weak.

"Face it Daniel, it's over," he hissed as he slammed his foot in my chest.

I winced as I felt my ribs stab my lungs, if I didn't do something I would die. I then saw Freakshow's staff if I could get him to break it, everyone would be freed.

"What are you last words Daniel?" Plasmius whispered as he looked to over smiling.

"This, Hey Freakshow, I can't believe you're letting this Fruit Loop take all the credit for my death," I shouted as the ringmaster looked over to me.

"What are you talking about?" he asked annoyed, his ghost envy getting the best of him.

"Think about it's Vlad who's going to do me in, he's the one who will be known as Danny Phantom's murderer not you," I tell as he glares at him.

"Don't listen to him Frederic," Vlad sneered.

"You going to take that from some single, lonely, desperate, cheesehead in his forties," I taunted him as Vlad picked me up and threw me against the wall.

"SHUT UP BOY!" he hissed, "Frederic, who are you going to listen to him, the boy who humiliated you or me who has helped you?" he asks the ring master.

"You going to take that from a ghost?" I managed to wheeze out as Freakshow growled.

"I WILL NOT BE UPSTAGED BY A GHOST!" Freakshow screamed as he fired his staff at Vlad. "I AM THE RINGMASTER HERE IF ANYONE IS TO KILL DANNY IT WILL BE ME!" he yelled upset as he went to punch Vlad in the face!

"You idiot, you really think you can beat me?" Vlad asked as he blasted the staff from his hand.

"My staff," Freakshow shouted as it hit the ground and shattered and Danielle and Cassidy were freed.

"I'm going Ghost!" I shouted as I transformed into Phantom, now it was a fair fight.


The tide had turned; Danny was once again Phantom and was soundly defeating Freakshow and Plasmius.

"You really thought you would defeat me, Fruit Loop," he asked Plasmius as he gave the blasted the older ghost sending him flying.

"You are so naïve my boy," Vlad laughed as they continued to fight.

While they were distracted I went over to the cage get the girls. Cassidy was frightened but was okay, it was Danielle who wasn't doing so well.

"Danielle can you hear me?" I asked her as I placed my fingers on her neck and found a sluggish pulse. "Hang in there sweetie, I'm going to get you out of here," I tell her as I pick her up and carry her out with Cassidy following behind me.

While we leaving we ran into Nash, "is everything okay, bubba?" he asks seeing Danielle in my arms.

"She needs medical attention Nash," I tell him as he points the way out and I take her to the hospital.


"You'll pay for ruining my plans, boy," I warned Daniel as we fought, my beautiful plan was ruined but I was still going to win this battle.

"That's what you think," he said as he blasted me with a ghost ray.

"You are a fool Daniel, you think you won Danielle will die and it will be your fault," I taunted as he growled.

"Leave Danielle alone…VLAD!" he screamed as he let out a ghostly wail that sent me flying across the room. "You and Freakshow will pay," he said his eyes glowing bright green before collapsing on the ground.

I was about to say something when that detective came back with the interfering Guys in White, "Vlad Plasmius, you're under arrest!" he said as I smiled at him.

"Another time," I said as I disappeared laughing, Daniel may have won the battle but the war is mine!

Nash Bridges

"It looks like World War Three," I said as we saw the carnage whatever happened it was cataclysmic.

While I was looking around, I saw Freakshow sneak up on an unconscious Danny, "At last," he said as I snuck up on him and aimed my gun at him.

"Don't even think about it, bubba," I told him as he turned around only to be shocked some GIW device.

"Come along Freak, your cell is waiting," one of them said as they restrained him ALA Hannibal Lector and carted him out of here.

Once he was gone I went over to Danny, "He's alive," I said as I picked him and carried him out of here to the hospital, it was over the case was closed.


"Wha…," I moaned as I slowly opened my eyes, I was expected to be in Heaven but instead I was in a hospital bed. "What happened?" I asked hoarsely.

"I was going ask you that question cuz," I heard Danny said as he wheeled in the room with balloons and a bouquet of flowers. "How you feeling, Danni," he asks smiling as he kisses my forehead.

"Like a truck hit me," I tell him as he laughs.

"Well, the doctor said you have some muscular atrophy, you're going to need a few months of therapy to get your muscles back to normal," he tells me as I moan. "Don't worry, you'll do fine," he said as he ruffled my hair and placed the flowers and balloons by my bed. "You up for some company," he asked me as I nod.

Soon three people come in, one tall man with dark blonde hair and blue eyes; a short Hispanic man with black hair and brown eyes; and a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes.

"Danni, these are Inspectors Nash Bridges, Joe Dominguez, and Cassidy Bridges; they helped rescue you," Danny explains to me as he adjusts the oxygen tubes in his nose.

"Thank you," I tell them shyly.

"It was our pleasure, but I think I see something in your ear," Inspector Bridges says coming up to me and pulling a Sacajawea dollar from my ear and hand it to me.

"I love these things, thank you," I tell him, even though I'm a bit too old for magic, right now I don't mind being treated like a kid.

"Anytime", he said as Mr. Dominguez looked at him, "What is it bubba?" he asks his friend.

"It's Inger, it's time," he said as they raced out of the room in a hurry and three more visitors came in.

"Hey honey," I heard the voice of my sweetheart Miles say as he, Edgar, and Ellen came in.

"Hey Miles, hey Edgar and Ellen," I said as Miles gave me more flowers.

"How you feeling, your friend Clockwork told us what happened and sent us here," Ellen told me as they handed me cards.

"Hanging in there, right now I'm just glad to be alive," I told them thankful that the nightmare was over.


"Do you have the tickets Nash?" I ask him as we drive to get in a taxi and head to the airport.

"Relax, bubba, everything…" he said as the cab came to a stop, "What the heck?" he asked as he looked up, "Hang on a sec," he told the driver as he got up and came back a few minutes later, "sorry about that," he apologized as he shut the door.

"What happened?" I asked him looking at the traffic.

"The usual," he said as we started to move again and I breathed a sigh of relief.


Months have passed since the ordeal, I decided after enduring everything to finally tell my parents about my secret and the truth about Danielle. They accepted me for who I am and apologized for attacking me all those time. '

Even better is that they adopted Danielle, she and Miles are living here until Danielle is done with therapy and feels strong enough to return to Nod's Limbs.

She's getting better every day and can even walk on her own for a short distance but still needs a wheelchair to get around long distances, but her spirits are still high and she's determined to get better.

I am sitting in the living room recovering from a twisted ankle for my latest battle from Technus, when I hear a knock on the door.

"Don't worry Danny, I'll get it," Danni says as she wheels over to the door in her black and white wheelchair with the Danny Phantom logo on it and opens the door. "That's weird," she said as she took her ghost claw that dad made for her to pick up objects and grabbed a letter.

"What is it?" I ask her as I adjusted the ice pack on my ankle as she rolls over to me.

"A letter," she says opening and showing it to me:

Dear Danni,

I hope this letter finds you well; my boss has been looking out for you and will make sure you will walk again and be back to fighting ghosts. I hope you're treating Miles nicely and not bossing him too much and don't let Stephanie get to you, my boss knows what you truly are: A wonderful, beautiful girl with a loving family. I have to go now; I am very busy and have a lot of work to do.



"Who could have sent me this," she asks looking at the letter as I laugh. "Is this a prank, Daniel Alexander Fenton, I may be in a wheelchair but I can still ecto-blast you not mention run over your feet," she said playfully.

I smiled at her, "I would never prank you, especially when you're on the mend," I tell her looking at the sky through the living room window wondering about the messenger who sent it to her. Yep, things in Amity Park are never simple!

The End.