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I was running through the woods in Forks, my black baggy pants all covered in mud from yesterdays run through the rain. I had absolutely nothing on my mine, except for his face running through my head. Oh how I used to love him. I think I still do even though he's the reason I'm like this, I vampire. Though that so-called car crash was thought to be the reason for my death even though it obviously wasn't. I'm here right? Still alive... in a way.

He could of been there to protect me, and just that. He could af brought whoever it was he met with him and not love me but the other girl. But he had to leave me and not let me gaze at his beautiful face.

I think he had other reasons for leaving me. Actually I'm pretty sure there was another reason. But until I find out I'm going to live my lonely life by myself.

The wind was blowing in my face as I ran faster than any other human in world could. It was great not having to worry about falling every single waking second of my life. But still, occasionally I would trip on the air and fall on my face so hard it would cause death to anyone in my way. That was one of the pros in being a vampire, along with being forever young and beautiful.

I was running towards Charlies house, knowing that he had died 30 years ago (AN I'm figuring that he was about 40 when Bella moved back in, just for anyone wondering Bella is a vamp. and has been one for 79 years.). I figured that the they already left because it's been forever and someone should've found out that they were vampires already, not including me.

It hurts to think about them.

I opened the door and ran around the house for about an hour then just collasped on the bottom of the stairs, crying tearlessly. There were so many memories here. Like that door, where Edward would come in through during the day time, or that window were he would climb through to see me sleep at night. Thinking his name just made me cry harder.

I decided to live here, I mean it's the only place I got so matter as well. I had some money so I could buy myseld a new car and some more clothes so I could start going to school. I was immune to the sent of blood so I didn't have to worry about the humans.

I just sat there waiting for twilight.

When twilight did come I took a two hour long shower, not having any strawberry shampoo just made things feel weirder than what they already were. When I was done I washed my clothes (I walked around in a towel. Just incase) and sat on my bed.

Everything was where I left it the day I 'died', so I knew where my Wuthering Heights book was. I gradded off my desk and read it, in human speed, throughout the night.