I am SO sorry I didn't write yesterday, I had my pregnant women Yoga classes. It's pretty annoying but yeah I have to do it. So, my fellow readers enjoy this chapter. Called Stitches!

Chapter 7: Stitches

When got into the shiny Volvo owner's Volvo and drove of to Carisle's house. The moment we stepped in Esme we heard Esme yelling, "HOW COULD YOU BE SO… CALM WHEN ONE OF YOUR SON'S HAND HAS BEEN CUT OFF!?"

"How'd she know?" I asked Alice.

"Yeah, well, uh… I had a vision."

"So how is Esme here? Wasn't she in like some other country?"

"Well yeah she was in Europe but…. Wait, how do you know who Esme is!?"

"Like I said, I just know things."

"Well, I didn't know, I'm just that way. My bad," Carisle said.

"Okay… let's go in there before they kill each other," Edward said.

"Wait, Alice's having a vision!" I said.

Alice went into her cloudy eyed self, being completely still like how she would always use to be and still did. When she did she was just standing there looking at me. And then she hugged me yelling, "Oh, my God I missed you!"

"What…." Edward said.

"Beats me, she knows something I don't."

"Or do I, Bella!?" Alice said.

"I'm Erin! It's different see E-R-I-N and then there's B-E-L-L-A!"

"Ugh. Let's just get my hand fixed!" Edward yelled.

At that moment Esme ran out side and grabbed Edward's shoulders, "Are you okay!? Your...father... wants to fix your hand!" then she looked at me and started whispering stuff into his ear saying stuff like, "She's human, you can't just be bringing humans!" And other stuff.

"It's okay Esme I'm a vampire, there's nothing you need to hide from me!" I assured her.

"Oh okay then come inside," she glared at Edward mouthing 'You could've told me'

Carisle came and ushered Edward into his seat. He took his seprate hand and said, "Esme can you give me... dun, dun, dun... 'the bag'."

"Oh, yes af course hon." She ran out and then a second later she had 'dun, dun, dun, the bag'. (AN I don't know why I did that I just wanted to emphasize the bag, lol:)

She set it down beside him and he started working on Edward's hand. Let's just say that there was A LOT of screaming. A LOT! Whe we were down I went to my house and went into a total breakdown.

Well, it was short but hey not my fault! So yeah. Hope you liked it!