Why Do I Live This?

Why must I be forced to live with two aches in my heart
One for my long-time love and one for a new interest
I wish I could choose one but it seems impossible

Ha!I can only laugh at my indecisions
This is so pathetic
But I know I will only feel right by writing this poem

I fear the competiton for my new interest
But I feel the guilt for my long-time love
Why do I live this?

The only thing I can do is just wait
Wait to see what will happen with my new interest
Although I secretly know who they have chosen

Maybe I should just stick to my long-time love
We've been together a long time
And I am the only one who really cares about them

I guess I could wait for time to tell all
I think I even know how everything will work out
But I guess I can still hope ...greeding me...

Kiyone let a sigh out as she read her work.She wiped away what might have been a tear from
eye.She carefully looked at the picture of her long-time love Mihoshi and then a picture at her
new interest Tenchi.She sighed again wondering what the future held for her...