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--Back to the closet--

"Sara! Why did you stop?"

"Catherine's gone there was no need for me to continue."

"Sara, please don't stop, you can't just leave me in this state!"

"Where's the fun in it for me?"

It was silent for about 5 minutes, both Sara and Grissom lost in their thoughts.

Ask her


Why not


Because nothing...the woman of your dreams just stroked you until you screamed her name...she wants to have some fun...So ask her!

"Let's have sex?" Grissom blurted out.

Hello, earth to Sara, he just asked you if you would have sex with him!


"I said let's have sex"

Did he really ask me that?


I'm dreaming, that's the only explanation, I'll wake up in a minute and be so disappointed.

This isn't a dream

Prove it

Fine i will

You do that

Ok then, ask him if he wants to do it now.



Grissom started to remove her top.

What if he's just using me?

"Grissom stop!"

"What know?"

"I want this and i want you, it's just that i need to know that this isn't a onetime thing. I don't want to wake up tomorrow alone. I want you to be there. I guess i just need to know that you're not using me, to get rid of you're...err...problem."

"Sara, what do you think i am? I will be there for you tomorrow if you want me to be?"

"I want you to be there tomorrow and the next day and the day after that. I just wondered because every other time I've asked you out, you've turned me down, i was just thought that maybe you only wanted to be with me because...of"

"Sara, i wanted you from the moment i laid eyes on you. You are so beautiful. I've been avoiding having a relationship with you all these years because i was afraid that one day i would wake up and you wouldn't be there. I couldn't handle it if you left and I don't want this to be a onetime thing either."

"Good with all that sorted we can have..." Before she had finished her sentence his lips were on hers.