Just a small reflection of what I think it would be like to be stuck in that swirling time dimension all the time, plus always landing in the middle of a conflict and almost getting killed... If you look hard enough you'll know who it is. Feel free to edit. I always appreciate feedback. Its just a little vignette.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tony, Doug, or anything about Time Tunnel. But I do love them.

A myriad of wild colors assaulted his senses and he felt that familiar sensation of disappearing into thin air. His body was free falling with no resistance beneath him, an endless abyss to which he was seemingly forever confined. There was no escape and he did not fight the tingling sensation any longer. He had learned long ago that it was too much effort to fight for direction, and it only befuddled his mind even more. So, he simply let go.

The growing dizziness that inhabited his mind forced him to close his eyes and block out the swirling madness. He didn't speak, he didn't breathe, he didn't think. It briefly felt like he was suffocating.

As suddenly as it began, it ended. The maze of angry indecision tossed him unceremoniously downward. And the falling sensation sped up, everything sped up. His breathing grew faster and faster, to the point of near hyperventilation. The pit of his stomach forcibly reminded him of the drop he was experiencing, and his eyes rolled wildly beneath his eyelids as he struggled to regain control.

When he regained the ability to process coherent thoughts, he wondered where they would be this time. The idea of landing at home, although appealing, was exactly where they would not land; and he knew it. He had doomed them to never return.

He reflected upon this with sadness as he felt himself hit the ground, no chance of regaining his footing. Rolling over and clawing his way to his feet, he took in their new environment; yesterday's transgression gone from his mind. The land contained rolling hills and tall grass everywhere he looked; finally somewhere peaceful. Finally they had landed somewhere they didn't have to worry about getting killed or captured or changing the future. Finally he could relax and wait for rescue, without those horrid feelings in the pit of his stomach as they ran for their lives. Finally.

As soon as the thought came, he felt a burst of wind go by his temple, and turned around just in time to see another arrow whiz right by him. Gasping, he turned to run, stopping only to help his recently landed companion in the right direction- away from the hoard of hostile Indians heading their way. No more time to think. They just didn't have any damn luck, did they?