Lestat walked across the marble tile floor and collapsed on the silk woven covers of the bed. The memories of the past hours flowed over him like that of the stench of rotten garbage. He tried to resist them, but eventually couldn't hold them back anymore. He thought of the poor people that had been sacrificed for no reason, of the putrid smell of burning bodies that had overwhelmed him. He felt he would lose control of himself. He didn't even sense Akasha as she walked in.

"Lestat don't worry all is well."

"How can all be well when we have slain so many innocent lives?" Lestat questioned, stress upon his face.

"That is how we get rid of the bad my dear." she replied in a soothing voice.

"I do not think that is the right way." thought Lestat.

Akasha laughed, "Of course you do not my prince, because you are hard headed and do not understand the good that we are doing the world!" she said the last part almost fiercely.

Lestat still did not agree, but didn't argue back, he felt there was no point and he would never make her understand his ways.

"You are right," she spoke out, "I don't think I will ever understand you completely."

Lestat lost sense of everything around him and dived into his thoughts. He thought about Gabriel and Armand and the other vampires that they were probably meeting with, and sighed heavily. He missed them and was sorry of his involvment with the queen. Although she was beautiful, she was trouble, and not the good sort.

"Yes, my prince, I am trouble only to those who do not understand the greater cause for which I am fighting!" she said defiantly, her eyes flashing.

She continued, "Do not worry about your friends, I will spare them because you love them, but for that and that reason only." she seemed to have dismissed the subject. Lestat sat up and looked around feeling dehydrated of the blood he so craved. He looked at the queen, her beautiful neck as smoothe as marble, oh how he wanted it, her blood!

"Come my prince." she said in the most luring voice ever possibly imagined.

Lestat leaned eagerly toward Akasha. As soon as his teeth pearced her skin he felt quenched. It was like entering a dream world when he fed from her. He felt his energy level rise ten-fold as he finished up.

"That's enough, my love." she said suddenly.

Lestat looked into her beautiful face, which had a far away look on it. He wondered where her mind had gone. He had little time to wonder as she dissolved back into the real world. "We must move on to the next town." she said suddenly.

"What's happening?" asked Lestat.

"Things have just complicated in the next town and we must go there now." she said fiercly to the contradiction. "Come!" she said.

She pulled Lestat's hand and helped him off the bed. Then she led him over to the open glass doors and stepped outside. The stench of rotten bodies, but was still recognizable. She seemed not to notice as she stepped up onto the ledge.

"Come my love." she said softly.

She pulled Lestat up onto the ledge, then she stepped off, taking Lestat with her.