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(In Wave Country)

Team 7 was in a battle with Zabuza Momochi and Haku on the Wave Country Bridge. Kakashi was battling Zabuza and protecting Tazuna and Sakura. He was fairing well against Zabuza, both of them dead even. He was also keeping Zabuza away from killing Tazuna.

Unfortunately for him, his two Genin fighting Zabuza's apprentice weren't doing as well as him. The two Genin were locked inside a dome of ice mirrors made by Zabuza's apprentice. Try as they might, they couldn't destroy the ice mirrors. On each ice mirror, Haku was reflected on each one. Sitting in the middle, pondering their next move, were the two Genin.

The two Genin inside the dome looked very much alike, but they weren't related. One of the Genin was named Sasuke Uchiha. He was wearing white armbands with a blue shirt. He had on white shorts and had tape around mid-shin going down to his ankle and ninja sandals. He also had his black hair shaped in a weird way that looked sort of like a duck's ass and had a kunai holster on his right leg. He also had coal black eyes.

The other Genin was named Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto an orange jumpsuit and a kunai holster on his right leg. He had his Konoha headband on his forehead.

The similarities between the two Genin were mainly the hair and eyes. Sasuke's hair and eyes were coal black, just like Naruto's. Naruto's hair was oddly shaped(think normal form Gohan during the Cell Games) also.

Naruto and Sasuke were dodging Haku's senbon but barely. For Sasuke it was starting to get easier and easier since the senbon look like they are slowing down. They weren't slowing down, but they looked like they were to Sasuke. At that moment, Sasuke activated the Sharingan, the signature bloodline ability of the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke's eyes turned red and one tomoe appeared in his left eye and two tomoes appeared in his right eye.

While Sasuke was thinking of a plan to beat Haku and get him out of the mirrors, Haku was taking aim at Naruto. Sasuke took a break in planning to look around and see how Naruto was doing. While he was doing that, he saw what haku was about to do. He also saw that there was nowhere for Naruto to go. Naruto balled down into a ball, fearing for his life. Haku then threw 5 senbon on a direct course to Naruto. Somehow, Sasuke acted on reflex and sent a burst of chakra to his feet to propel him toward Naruto and take the hit for him. Haku was only looking to incapacitate Naruto, but the way that Sasuke threw himself in front of Naruto meant that all the kunai were going for fatal places. Two kunai went inbetween his ribs and hit each lung. Another hit his liver. Another one went for his heart. It went through Sasuke's sternum and pierced part of his heart, causing internal bleeding. The last one hit Sasuke in his stomach.

Naruto's back was turned to Haku, balled up in the fetal position. Naruto was fearing for his life, not realizing that Sasuke had just taken the hit for him. He realized what happened when he didn't feel any pain and heard the sound of the senbon entering a body. He looked up to see that Sasuke was in front of him. Sasuke fell backwards, right into Naruto's hands. Naruto had a look of horror on his face, realizing that his friend might die on him. Even though he and Sasuke hated each other, it was more of a brotherly hate. Even though neither would admit it, they depended on the other. They pushed each other to their limits, making each other faster, stronger, and better.

Naruto's face turned into a look of shock and terror when he saw Sasuke fall. He said "Sasuke, why did you do that?"

Sasuke coughed, each breath getting harder to take in. He said in a hoarse voice "I don't know. My body moved on its own."

Naruto starts to speak, saying "Sasuke-"

Sasuke put his hand up and interrupts Naruto. He said in a hoarse voice "Hold up Naruto. These might be by last words, and I need to say them. My dream was to kill my brother Itachi. When I was 8 he killed my whole family and I vowed vengeance against him. After being on your team Naruto, I see things differently. I guess your happy-go-lucky attitude rubbed off on me a little. My brother told me to hate him, despise him, and give up my life to kill him. I now realized he only wanted me to do that for his own sick entertainment. And I fell for it easily. Now, I see that I don't have to do that. I don't need to give my life up for Itachi. I'm the last of my clan, and the right thing to do would be to revive it." Suddenly his voice started becoming softer and more strained.

"Naruto, one of us has to finish our dream. You would end up giving your life to protect others while I would probably sacrifice everything I held special to me to kill Itachi. Live Naruto and finish your goal for the both of us. Our rivalry pushed me to be better. It pushed me to train harder, to get faster, to make myself a better fighter. In a way, you helped me become the person I am today. You've done more for me than my own blood brother."

Suddenly, Sasuke's eyes started becoming more dazed. It was obvious that he was fighting with all his heart to hold on. He said "That's why I… can honestly say that you… are my …brother… more than… Itachi …ever was." With that Sasuke Uchiha closed his eyes, the last bit of life leaving him. The tears that were threatening to fall from Naruto's eyes fell.

Haku then says "He died the true death of a shinobi. You should feel glad. Every shinobi will die in the heat of battle. He at least got to die in his friends arms, not alone on a battlefield. But we still have a battle to complete, Naruto. And I can't allow you to harm Zabuza."

Naruto looked to haku and yelled "SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Naruto spoke through the sadness and despair he was feeling. He was able to say "You….You… You… Monster!!! You killed my best friend. I…Won't…Let you…Get… away…With this."

Suddenly Naruto started shaking. He was emitting a power energy signal. It was weird. It wasn't chakra, but at the same time it was. Pebbles on the ground started lifting off of it and floated in mid-air. Suddenly thunder started hitting around the bridge. All on the bridge and all in the elemental nation's people started feeling a strange source of power.


(Zabuza and Kakashi)

'What is this power? It feels like chakra, but I can tell it's not. The feeling of it. It's like Killing Intent. Where is this stuff coming from? Is it Kakashi? …No, it can't be. He's as shocked as I am. But if it's not me or Kakashi, then who is it? Thought Zabuza

Kakashi was thinking 'What in the world is this feeling? This power is enormous. It's not coming from Zabuza. …Sakura and Tazuna are as shocked as me and Zabuza. Sasuke can't put out that much so that leaves the demon. Is the seal breaking? Heh heh heh, now ill have an excuse to kill that murderer for what he did to Minato-sensei. I'll have to finish this quickly then kill the demon.'


(Inside Naruto's head)

On the outside Naruto looked like a wreck, but on the inside, he was on a mission. Naruto was first outside in Haku's mirrors with Sasuke. Now he's suddenly in a sewer. It had candles with flames burning on them lighting the way. Naruto was still wondering where this power was coming from. So he followed his instinct and came upon a door. He pushed the door open and came to look at a cage. It went up to the ceiling and had a piece of paper that said Seal on it. What he saw there was a 90 foot tall fox with blazing orange-red fur and red slitted eyes with 9 tails swishing behind it. The fox spoke up.

"So, my wimpy container finally gets the balls to come and see me again, eh?"

Naruto said "Shut up you big hairy furball. I'm not in the mood for your smart remarks right now. I came to demand some chakra."

"Oh, so after 5 years of not seeing each other, you come in here and demand some chakra. Not even a friendly "hello" or "how's it going"? You're a terrible host you know that?"

Naruto snapped and yelled "I'm not in the mood for your stupid jokes, Kyuubi. I vowed I would never do this because it would destroy my body from the inside out, but right now I don't care. Haku deserves to die for what he did. Now stop being a waste of valuable space and give me your fucking chakra now!!!"

"I see. You got balls kit. More than my underlings that's for sure. You know what, I'll do you one better. I'll unlock your bloodline that the Yondaime Hokage AKA Minato Namikaze AKA your father locked away with the seal to keep me here."

"Alright I can deal with the Yondaime being my dad, but what about my bloodline and why did my dad lock it away."

"Basically kid, here's the mega-short version, you're part alien. The rest you'll hear later for now I'll unlock your powers and you kick ass. Come back here soon so I can go more into detail about it."

"Hold up, hold up, hold up. Why are you helping me? You were so hell bent on destroying my village before."

"I'm about to die, I want to at least do something exciting before I die. Also, my attacking the village was an accident. Me and the Biju lived here long before you humans came and we let you live in our lands. We protected you from demons because it was our territory and they were stepping in it. I got wind of a group of people trying to capture the Biju. I was going there to Amegakure to stop it when some dumbass ninja of this village attacked me. I retaliated and it landed me in this predicament. Now go hurry up and kill that bitch."

With that Kyuubi forced Naruto out of his mindscape.


(Naruto and Haku)

Naruto was still twitching and growing in power and the freak thunderstorm didn't show signs of slowing down. The water under the bridge started getting rougher and swaying more. Big parts of the bridge started breaking off and broke apart into small pebbles. Naruto then started to stand up (all this time he has been sitting on his knees looking at Sasuke) while still looking down. He started randomly jerking his head up to the sky and back down, twitching insanely. When he jerked his head up his hair turned yellow, changed shape (think Goku's hair when he is super saiyan) and his eyes turned into a greenish blue. While looking down his eye colors turned all white for a moment before Naruto lifted his head up while screaming. The transformation of his eyes and hair stayed this time and a yellow aura surrounded him. He looked towards Haku with a glare that promised pain and death to whoever was on the receiving side of it. Naruto dashed to the ice mirrors in front of him, jumped to the second row and punched where Haku's face would be. Haku saw him coming and jumped out in the nick of time. He looked forward to where he was going and saw Naruto already there. Naruto cocked his left arm back and hook punched Haku into another mirror. Haku went toward the mirror and didn't stop at it. He landed on the bridge and skidded away from the shattering ice dome.

Haku looked back at the shattering ice dome and saw Naruto putting his hand on Sasuke's torso. Suddenly Naruto's aura covered Sasuke too. Sasuke's wounds started steaming and the senbon needles started popping out. His wounds started healing also. After awhile Naruto's aura started receding and Naruto stood up and looked at Haku. Then in a split second Naruto disappeared from Sasuke's side and appeared in front of Haku. He threw all his weight onto his right fist and punched. The sheer force behind the punch made the fist go right through Haku's body. Naruto retracted his fist, leaving a huge hole through Haku's body. Haku dropped off of Naruto's fist, dead. Naruto flexed his muscles, forcing his yellowish fiery aura to come back over him. Naruto then yelled, his aura intensifying. Naruto caused a wind to blow through the area, blowing the fog right away. With the sun shining and the fog blown away, he saw where Kakashi and Zabuza were fighting and fazed out to over there.


(Kakashi and Zabuza)

Kakashi just used the Earth Style: Tracking Fang Jutsu to trap Zabuza. His dogs came out of the ground, tracking the scent of Kakashi's blood on Zabuza's sword. The dogs came out and bit Zabuza, immobilizing him.

Kakashi spoke "Now that I have you trapped I can kill you, and then kill the real demon."

Kakashi did some hand seals and grabs his right wrist with his palm facing the ground. His hand is suddenly surrounded in lightening.

He then said "Zabuza for your crimes you will die here and now. RAIKIRI!!!"

Just as Kakashi is about to charge, they heard a scream. They look over there to see a dead Haku with a blonde-haired person standing over him. Next thing the mist started clearing and the blonde man disappeared. He reappears in front of Zabuza and punches him in the dead center of the chest. Zabuza's chest bends out at an irregular angle and a sickening sound was heard, clearly indicating that Zabuza's ribcage was destroyed. Zabuza had a look of shock on his face with his eyes bulged out. When Naruto pulled back Zabuza dropped and the dogs were dispelled. Kakashi, who was witness to this whole thing, thought 'The demon killed Zabuza! Great, now I can use this as an excuse to finally kill him.' Kakashi charged Naruto with this Raikiri. Naruto, who gave in to this new power, sensed Kakashi's malicious intent toward him and dodged the attack, barely. He grabbed Kakashi's wrist and "redirected" (AKA threw) Kakashi towards the railing of the bridge. Kakashi landed against the railing, his Jutsu dispelling.

After Kakashi's reunion with the side railing Gato arrived with his boys and started taunting the dead Zabuza and Haku. Naruto overheard him say he hired them to attack Tazuna. Hearing that made him pissed. He was so pissed his power level rose up again.

Sakura and Tazuna just looked over to see Gato's men and panicked. Naruto now looked like he was about to take someone's head off.

He finally got tired and said "That's it fatass. I'm taking you on a one-way trip to hell right now."

Gato laughed and said "Whoever takes out the short blonde gets paid double."

All the bandits yelled and charged Naruto. Naruto smirked then said "I am soooooo going to enjoy this."

Naruto charged the bandits. What ensued was an all out death match. Naruto got the first guy to make contact with him. The bandit tried to impale him with a pitch fork. Naruto side-stepped out of the way and grabbed the wooden part of it and pulled the man in. He grabbed him by his arm and swung him around knocking out the others coming for him and threw him into the one smart enough to jump back. One got up and tried to hit him overhead with a 2X4. Naruto grabbed the 2X4 and smashed it with his hand. He then head butted the man in his chest. He turned to his right 90 degrees and front kicked the man over there. He then jumped up and back flipped over the guy trying to grab him by his neck. He chopped the guy in his neck, the guy falling down unconscious. He bent down and grabbed a big piece of the bridge and threw it at the bandits. They scattered, leaving a clear road to Gato.

Naruto, who really wanted to kill the guy, took the opportunity and fazed out (moved too fast for the human eye to see) and punched through Gato forcing the unknown energy behind it.

He didn't stay behind to see the results. While fighting the hundreds of weak bandits he thought 'I need to stop playing around. That bastard Kakashi might be waking up soon and if he sees this he'll have reason to plead to the council to kill me. I should kill him now but that'll make me look worse. This sucks. Better get a move on.'

Naruto started to suddenly faze out and didn't reappear. Next the chest of one of the bandits busted open. Then one had blood coming out of their necks. Another dropped clutching his throat. Similar things were happening all over to the other bandits. They all dropped until one was left. Suddenly a hole appeared in his body and he dropped. Naruto reappeared behind the man, blood mainly on his arms and legs. Naruto looked back to see a shocked Kakashi, a scared Sakura, and a grateful Tazuna.

Just then the rest of the villagers arrived with Inari. They saw that the bandits were gone but were mostly surprised to see Gato's head among them. The villagers were confused since none of them had seen the guy before. There was a chance this guy just killed Gato because he wanted to take over Wave Country. Tazuna ran up to Naruto and asked the question on everyone's minds "We are very grateful of you for killing that tyrant Gato, but we must know. Who are you?"

Naruto replied "My name is Naruto Uzumaki, remember it. Gato is dead now and no one will suffer from the hands of maniacs like him while I still draw breath. The people of Wave Country are safe from people like Gato."

After hearing this, the villagers became mad with joy. They were finally free from Gato and now can finally live in peace. While the others were partying Naruto walked to Sakura. Instead of asking is Naruto was alright she immediately says "Naruto where's Sasuke-kun?" She didn't even pay attention to his changes.

Naruto then looks down and says "I'm sorry Sakura. I couldn't get there in enough time to-"

SMACK!!! Sakura just backslapped Naruto out of nowhere. "You monster. You let my Sasuke-kun die. You're nothing. Nothing but a demon. Just like my mom and everyone else warned me. I wish you had died instead of my Sasuke-kun!!"

After that they hear some coughing and look over to where it's coming from to see Sasuke sitting up.

Sakura runs to him while screaming "Sasuke-kun!!!!!"

Sasuke ignored Sakura's constant questions and walked over to Naruto. He saw the changes to Naruto and said "What happened while I was asleep?"

Naruto then says "That is something you will have to ask me again when I regain consciousness." With that Naruto drops dead sleep.


(In Naruto's mind)

Naruto just passed out and was inside the sewers again. He walked up to the fox and asked him "Okay, tell me the rest of the story. How do I fit into all of this?"

The Kyuubi sighed. This was gonna be a looooooooooooooong story. He said "Your ancestors were a race called the Saiyans. They were elite fighters. Fighting was in there genes and they loved every minute of it. When they won a fight or were fatally wounded and recovered, their maximum energy level rose. Their bodies were specifically made for fighting.

"This deuchbag with a fetish for purple named Frieza enslaved your entire race and forced them to go to other planets and kill all life forms there. The planet then would be sold off to the highest bidder. Your ancestor named Bardock was a third-class saiyan warrior with the power of an elite saiyan warrior. Others underestimated him because of his rank and that's what caused their downfall. His squad took out a race that Friezas' elites would have trouble with. Eventually, Bardock and his team were ordered to go and destroy a race that had the ability to see into the future-"

Naruto interrupted, saying "Hold up. With that power wouldn't they see their own demise weeks before it happened?"

The Kyuubi said "They did. They knew the names, appearance, and battle strategies of Bardock's squad before it happened. They knew whatever happened they wouldn't be able to stand up against the Saiyans. If they defeated Bardock and his gang, more would come. Before the leader died though, he forcefully gave that ability to Bardock.

"The race Bardock defeated that day was one of the races that Frieza's elite had trouble defeating. When Frieza got wind of Bardock's triumph, he started getting scared that the Saiyans were about to rebel. I mean think about it. His elites would have trouble with that planet yet some third-class saiyan squad killed them easily. Frieza ordered all of Bardock's squad to be killed. Bardock had to oversee the birth of his son so he wasn't at the slaughter. He got a transmission from his squad and heard his best friend get blasted."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said "Hold up. Frieza had their entire race enslaved and was still scared of them."

"Yeah. There was a legend of a saiyan who didn't have black hair like the rest. His power grew to where his hair became gold and his eyes became a bluish-green, like yours did. They called him a Super Saiyan. I know it sounds cliché but the power that came with it was incredible. Frieza never told anyone but he actually believed in the super saiyan. He was scared that one of them would make the transformation and kick his little midget ass to hell where he belonged. Now back to the story.

"Bardock went to inform the other Saiyans of a vision that the future sight power gave him. In that vision, Frieza destroyed their planet. The others were drunk celebrating a holiday or something. Bardock flew, yes, flew, into space and confronted Frieza when he was about to invade their home planet. He killed some of Frieza's forces and fought Frieza but lost easily. Frieza then destroyed the planet. The Saiyans who survived were Prince Vegeta. His two bodyguards Nappa, and Raditz who was Bardock's son. Bardock's infant son Goku was sent to another planet hours before the blast. Also, two other Saiyans named Paragus and Broly survived."

Naruto said "Whoa, hold your horses. How could Bardock fly, how could Frieza get a bomb big enough to destroy a planet to appear out of nowhere, and how do I fit into all this?"

"I'm getting there hold up. Basically when Goku was a kid he landed on a planet named Earth-"

"Why did you say a planet named Earth? This planet is named ea-"

"I'm getting there. There are many planets inhabited by humans. For some reason you have no knowledge of this and all of you named your planets the same thing. Must be an evolutionary defect or something. Anyway, Goku got adopted by this guy named Gohan. Goku was a stuck up evil baby until he fell off a cliff and hit his head. Then, all the memories of Goku being a Saiyan were erased from his mind. Goku grew up to make friends and live peacefully. Grew up to be a fighter to protect his planet. That's basically the rundown kid.

"But you haven't answered my question how do I fit into this."

"Your dad was a Saiyan. He was actually Goku's great great grandson and came to this planet for reasons I don't even know. The only reason I even know about your race was because I cornered your dad when he touched down and got the story out of him."

"How did they use all those special abilities? It sounds like chakra, but different. What was that?"

"It's called ki and I will tutor you in its uses."

"Man, now what to do?"

"Well kid, I got an idea. The energy put a big strain on your body so you're gonna be out of it for like 3 days. I could teach you a fighting style while we're here and a few uses of ki. In here 1 week equals one day in the real world. You can get a lot of training in.

"Cool, let's get started."

"Alright, I'll be teaching you a style of fighting called Tae-Kwon-Do. It's an ancient fighting style that was erased from history when Rokudou Sennin created modern-day Ninjutsu. It's partly a defense style. They concentrate on leg strength since that is a martial artist's longest and strongest weapon. Also, you need to be really flexible. I will also be giving you chakra weights to make your kicks stronger, your speed faster, and your punching strength better. Now, change the mindscape into something better for us to fight on.

"How do I do that?"

"For Kami's sake, think it up and it will appear."

With that Naruto changed the mindscape to a field. Then where the Kyuubi's cage stood there was a man with a black cloak on and a white shirt underneath. He had brown boots and 9 tails behind him with 2 big fox ears pointing out of his head. The tips of the tails and ears were white and the fur was a blood red. He had red eyes. Also he had on a black necklace, black armbands, and black ankle bands too.

The figure then said "Well boy lets get started. Now, first I'm gonna teach you the basics of ki, its manipulation, how to throw ki blasts, and flying."

During those three days Naruto learned how to throw ki waves, how to manipulate ki, and also learned the basics of Tae-Kwon-Do, which Kyuubi happened to be a master in. He hadn't really got the basics of flying yet. It's a helluva lot harder than Kyuubi explained it. In his human form, he had it down, but he couldn't do it in his huge fox form. Also Kyuubi taught Naruto the Grand Fireball Jutsu, Burning Ash Accumulation Jutsu, Great Breakthrough Jutsu, Water Bullet Jutsu, Revolving Split Earth Palm Jutsu, and False Darkness Jutsu.


3 days later Naruto wakes up on his bed in Tazuna's house. He woke up to see that his team didn't even have the decency to wash his clothes for him. Instead of brooding over it, he got up, put the clothes on, and walked to the kitchen to see his team and Tazuna's family sitting at the table eating lunch. When they saw him Tazuna and his family cheered and ushered him to the table and offered him some food. Sasuke had a smile on his face, but since he was still trying to keep up his cool image, went back to eating. Sakura just openly scowled at him while Kakashi was indifferent on the outside. On the inside though, he was thinking of ways to get Naruto either killed or taken out of the ninja program.

After eating Naruto left for some special training. Sasuke waited for 10 minutes and went out saying he needed to train. He found Naruto standing in a crowd of what he guessed would be 200 clones. They all had out kunai and he was facing them alone. Sasuke hid in the trees while Naruto stood in the middle of the crowd of clones. With a wordless command, all the clones charged at once.

Naruto stood there and when a clone took a swipe at him, he just turned the top side of his body to the right and used the momentum to let out a kick with his right foot. The clone went up in a plume of smoke. Another clone came and charged him and he ducked the swipe, only to be kicked by another one on his left that charged him. He shook it off and got up on his knees. He looked where he felt the kick come from to see the clone shuffling over to him like it was gonna sidekick him, but the aim was off a bit. He looked right to see the same thing. Naruto waited until they were close to him, and then ducked. The attacks went past and the clones kicked each other out of existence.

He then looked around to see a clone holding his hand back then moving his hand open-palmed at him. He looked to see a ball of yellow came out and was flying at him. Naruto ducked it barely and then got a look of anger on his face and said "If that's how you want it, fine then. Let's take it up a notch" Naruto held both of his hands behind his back where a yellow ball of light grew. He then smirked and pushed them out to the side where they went out in a beamlike form. They hit one of the clones each and went back to take 20 more.

He crouched down on the ground and then jumped up with all his might. It seemed like a good idea, because not a second later the ground he was on was blasted. The blasts turned upward on Naruto. But surprisingly, all the blasts sailed past him. He looked up to see all the blasts were losing speed and knew they were about to be brought down by gravity. They sailed down at an alarming rate. Naruto kept going up but blasted any that were in his way. The blasts fell back down to the clones, with some of Naruto's own blasts. In the end, 30 clones were left. At this rate, Naruto was starting to fall to the ground. He cupped his hands on his left, charged a whole mess of energy into it, and fired it off. It only looked a little bigger than other ki blasts but had a lot more power. When it hit the ground, it blew up in a big explosion taking the clones out. Naruto landed and surveyed the damage. There was a small crater where the blast landed and all the grass was gone. But no damage to other places. Naruto sat down trying to take a breather. He then heard clapping and looked to his right to see Sasuke standing there with a smile on his face.

When got up to Naruto he said "Well, that wasn't what I was suspecting. You went up against what looked like 200 clones and still won. What was up with that energy anyway? I looked at it with my Sharingan and saw it wasn't chakra."

"Well, Sasuke, it all started like this…" Naruto then told Sasuke the entire story. Afterwards Sasuke then said "God Damn. First you get a crazy demon fox sealed in you, then you find out you're part alien."

Naruto said "You do realize that I just told you an S-class secret and if you tell anyone else you'll be killed, right?"

Sasuke smiled a little and said "You don't have anything to worry about. The Uchiha Clan has our own dirty little secrets that we wouldn't want to get out. Your secret is safe with me. But, I want you to teach me how to use ki. That sounds badass."

"It is. But you have to promise me something Sasuke. You have to promise me that once I teach you, you won't go running off to kill your brother. Sasuke, there's no dishonor in waiting until you can beat him. Your clan won't be ashamed of you if you don't go after Itachi. If you try to kill him now, he will just end up killing you. And that will be the end of the Uchiha Clan."

Sasuke closed his eyes, reminiscing about how foolish he was before. He said "I realize that Naruto. After thinking about it for these few days, I realize that all Itachi wanted me for is his sick amusement or probably some plot to make himself stronger. I'm still going to kill Itachi, but I might as well enjoy my life and what I have now."

Naruto smiled and said "That's all I ask for."

With that heart-warming speech, Naruto decided to teach Sasuke about ki the rest of the day. Sasuke proved to be as fast as Naruto in picking up new things. He hadn't got ki manipulation on his first day, but neither did Naruto. ________________________________________________________________

(Later that night in Naruto's Mindscape)

After helping Sasuke, Naruto decided to do some training of his own. He tried and tried but couldn't achieve Super Saiyan again. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't reach it. So, that night, Naruto went into the forest of Wave Country and started to meditate. Eventually, he was able to enter his mind.

His mind was the same as it was when he changed it for his training. Naruto went up to the tree that Kyuubi always slept under and asked him something "Kyuubi, I know the only way I won that battle on the bridge was because of the Super Sayian Transformation. I need your help in reaching it again. If I want to save this planet from the horrors my dad's planet went through I need to be stronger than him."

Kyuubi got up from under the tree and said "Kid, you're nowhere near as strong as you need to be to save this planet. From what your dad told me, his and his best friends' family theorized that the Super Saiyan power was unlocked when the Saiyan reached a certain power level. Your ancestor Goku had a power level of 4 million when he first reached Super Saiyan. They theorized that with every generation, the minimum was halved and the blood ran thin.

Your minimum power level for the Super Sayian transformation was 125 thousand. The only reason you reached that was because of the power-up you received from the rage you felt from seeing your best friend die. The Super Sayian ability increased your strength, speed, stamina, endurance, everything by 50 fold. You would have been at a measly 6,250,000. A fly compared to the power levels of the people on this planet and the other planets.

Even in your Super Sayian transformation you weren't stronger than Kakashi. When Kakashi goes all out, like he was with Zabuza, he has a power level of 10 million. The only way you beat him was because he was drained from fighting Zabuza and he wasn't fully healed from his first fight with the eyebrow-less freak.

You're a fly compared to my own power. In my human form I can only use 1 percent of my real power and I can still kill you with my eyes closed, both hands and one foot tied behind my back."

Naruto after hearing this got fed up and said "I didn't come here for your ridicule. I came for a way to protect my planet."

Kyuubi just sighed and said "Kid there is a way, but it is painful as hell. With my chakra, I could try to manipulate your human DNA strands to copy the Sayian strands, but it could prove fatal. The most I can do is a half-Sayian. I don't know what will happen since I've never met a half-saiyan before. But I can change you to a half-saiyan. Do you want to do it?"

Naruto faced down and after a minute looked up and said "I want to do it. I want the power to save everyone on this planet. My family protected those in need for years, and I will too." said Naruto strongly.

Kyuubi then said "Alright, but you need to manipulate the seal that holds me back. I won't be able to do anything with that in the way. It'll take a lot of energy to do that, and this seal inhibits me too much for me to do it. I think that the seal control is somewhere over there."

Kyuubi pointed to his left, where there was a mountain range there. He said "Go there and you could probably find a console that manipulates how much of my energy goes into you."

"But that's where the monsters are. You said so yourself."

"Yeah, they're there to make sure no mind manipulators make it to the seal console and accidentally(or purposefully) kill you. Also, I think those monsters will be good training for you."

Naruto took a big sigh, and said "For the good of the Earth" and set off for the mountain ranges.


( Naruto's Mindscape)

Naruto ran through the forest and came up to a beach. He looked to his right to see a huge waterfall. He looked forward to see the river was 20 feet across. He bent down and stuck his hand in the river. The current was strong, but the river was shallow. Naruto then put his feet in the water and proceeded to walk.

As soon as he took one step, the water raised up. It started to take shape until it formed 20 duck-human hybrid kinda things. The creatures had webbed feet and webbed hands with claws on them and a tail. The heads split into 4 spikes that went up like a crown. They had bills and a ruby circular jewel in-between their eyes. Their skin was blue and their bills were white with red eyes. (Type in Golduck at Yahoo search)

Naruto looked at them with surprise and then a glare. Then, in an instant he turned the entire top half of his body to the right. He narrowly missed a red beam of energy fired by one of the creatures and narrowed his eyes at them.

He moved in and punched at the creature closest to him. The creature dodged to the left and hit him with its tail. Naruto flew back from the hit, but landed on his feet and shot an energy ball at the creature. It hit and the creature turned into water. He looked at them and thought 'This is gonna be easy.' Naruto then focused energy in his hands and shot a beam of energy out of his hands and all of the monsters turned to water. Smirking, Naruto walked through the water until he was hit from behind. He looked to see the 20 creatures he destroyed before.

Naruto just let out a big sigh and ran. He created 19 shadow clones to fight the creatures. What followed was an all out taijutsu brawl. One of the clones kicked the creatures in the head. The creature flew back and then charged at the clone with a head butt with a blue aura around it. The clone was hit square in the chest and poofed away.


The other clones were battling tooth and nail. One of them was able to destroy a creature but the creature reformed behind the clone. The clone was thinking of something right before he was killed. The creature that killed him extended his claws further and slashed four times to kill him.


With the original Naruto he just punched a creature onto land when the creature shot a red beam of energy at him. Naruto charged up a beam of energy and shot at the creature. Naruto kept the beam going to counter the creatures and eventually overpowered it and the creature vaporized. He saw it didn't come back. When he started wondering he got some info from the clone that was beaten and looked at the waterfall. He charged up a big amount of energy and blasted the middle of the waterfall. The attack exploded, knocking the rocks in the middle of the waterfall down into the lake, showing the lake was deeper than the river. Naruto ran and caught a big rock before it sank to the bottom. With the clones guarding him, Naruto ran to the mouth of the river and set the rock down right there. All the water in the river ran downstream. Since the water was blocked, no more came to feed the river. And since there was no water to feed the river, there was no water for the creatures to stay alive with. The creatures turned to water, but this time, they didn't reform. He saw that the monsters could reform as long as there's water around. After seeing this, Naruto thought 'Yep. Way too easy.'

Naruto then went forward into the forest. Focusing ki into his legs he was able to go four times faster than normal, even though it hurt like a bitch. He reached the mountain and started to climb it. He kept encountering these little rock creatures that growled at him. They threw stones at Naruto, but Naruto just got pissed and threw them off the mountain.

When he got to the top, the saw a console set up there. Naruto was about to move, but when he got within 10 yards of it an orange beam of light hit where he was at. He jumped back, and when he looked at the spot, he saw that there was a foot-deep ridge in the ground where the attack hit. He looked in the sky to see a big green dragon with black and yellow designs and 10 flaps with a red outline (It's supposed to be Rayquaza from Pokemon).

He also saw walking toward him a turquoise dragon with red designs on its neck continuing to its eyebrows. The creature had a white underside with red wings and red designs on it's legs and tail (Salamence from pokemon).

The monster suddenly blasted Naruto with a yellow flame-like attack. Naruto looked at it and it fired at him again. Naruto countered with the Grand Fireball Jutsu. 'It's not enough' thought Naruto when the flame attacks got closer. Naruto put more chakra into the attack, just to see the creature doing the same thing. Naruto got pissed and added 20 percent of his chakra into the attack. It rebounded on the creature and burned it.

Naruto jumped and charged up an energy beam. He was about to let it fly, but he was hit in the back by the green creature. He went flying to the turquoise one, when it let loose a red jet of fire that toasted him. Naruto got up, completely enraged, and the creatures started charging at him, coming in for the kill.

Now if you looked into Naruto's eyes you would see that instead of the coal black they are in this fic, they were turning a bluish-green and that his black hair had small streaks of gold in it. Naruto stopped the turquoise creature with his right foot, and stopped the green dragon with his left hand. He then flared his power so it would make an invisible force field around him. The creatures were pushed away by the force field. Naruto held out his hands at both of the creatures and let loose energy beams at them. The green creature was able to dodge but was hit in his tail and two of the flaps there fell off. The blue one was hit square in the head and was down for the count.

Naruto turned to the green creature, completely running on his sayian instincts. He saw the creature trying to circle around him and flew up to the creature and punched it right in-between the eyes. The creature reared back in shock and started to charge Naruto. Naruto flew over the creatures head and blasted at the creatures' midsection taking off another flap. Naruto saw the creature charge up a transparent blue ball in it's mouth. Naruto flew all around all crazy-like knowing he was about to be blasted. When it came Naruto dodged it and looked the creature square in the eyes. He saw a malicious glint in it's eyes and turned around. He saw the thing coming back at him. He thought 'Oh Shit' and got blasted. Naruto fell down and hit the mountaintop.

When he fell down he found himself not looking at the mountaintop. He was looking at a man with blue and green armor with an x-shaped scar on his left cheek. He had on a red headband, red wrist and ankle bands with blue and green shoes on. He was charging at a big group of people. He was piled up on by 100 people, but flared his energy and blew them away. He kept flying at a disk-shaped ship. He flew up there and charged up an attack in his right hand. He then threw it at something at the ship. Naruto couldn't tell who or what the guy threw it at (his view was from behind Bardock so he couldn't see Frieza).

The vision then cut to a guy who looked like the other one, but had on an orange karate gi with blue wristbands and undershirts , no scar, and black boots (If you don't know who this is you shouldn't even be reading this story). He started charging up an attack with both hands cupped behind his back. He was also saying a chant. "Kaaaaa-Meeeeee-Haaaaaaa-Meeeeeee-Haa!" When he finished the chant, he moved his hands to in front of him. When he did, a big blue beam of energy erupted from his hands. It traveled and hit a huge green person with antennas on his head (Demon King Piccolo).

The vision then ended abruptly. Naruto was back on the mountain. The creature was still there and looked like it was about to charge. Naruto had to think fast and then thought back to the vision. 'Those attacks, they just might work.' Thought Naruto.

He started charging up a lot of energy in his right hand to the point that it was visible. He then shaped it into a ball. He made the ball bigger and bigger, until he couldn't see his hand in it anymore. The green creature chose this time to attack. As Naruto was about to unleash the attack, he got the sudden feeling of calling something out. He went with his instincts and shouted "Riot Javelin!" and let the attack go. It collided with the beast and made a big smokescreen.

Naruto used this time to think of how to kill it. 'If the attack hurt the creature, then it probably won't take another hit in the head like that. I gotta distract it somehow.' Naruto then did the Shadow Clone Jutsu. "All of you. Hit that thing with attacks as much as you can. Stall him." All the Naruto's flew up and surrounded the creature, except the real one that flew above it. He started charging up his attack, knowing it would take a couple of tries to get it right.

Under him the Naruto's were doing and excellent job holding the creature. They beat it closer and closer to the ground where one was waiting and that one used the Underground Projection fish to drag the dragon into the ground. The others saw this and half of them went under to help while the others punched him in the head until he went down. They said "It's all yours, boss." and vanished. Naruto then charged the attack in his hand and chanted "Kaa-Mee-Haa-Mee-Ha!" and the attack fired. It continued and hit the creature in the head. The creature let out a scream of pain and slipped into unconsciousness. Naruto touched down and looked around. He then ran for the console before those creatures wake up. Although they did look familiar to Naruto. He brushed it off and went to the console. He saw that it was set so he could tamper with it. He set it up so more of the Kyuubi's chakra could be used. With that done he flew back to where the Kyuubi was, avoiding the weird and fierce looking animals in the sky.



When he found the Kyuubi, he saw he was covered in what looked like shavings of wood and he was whittling it into a fox. He walked up to Kyuubi and said "What the hell are you doing?"

"Whittling, why?" came the smart remark from the Kyuubi.

Naruto went through a lot of shit today so he just said "Why didn't you tell me the monsters were that strong?"

"I never made it that far. The seal keeps me from going 100 feet away from here. And it's your fault, you're the one that imagined them to be the guardians of something that large."

"What are you saying?"

"Those creatures are from your imagination. Remember before the villagers destroyed your TV. You used to watch a show called Pokemon all the time. Those were some of the creatures you thought were the strongest. In this place all 493 of them live here. The strongest guard the seal console." said Kyuubi calmly.

"Alright, so can we get this started already before I lose my patience." said Naruto impatiently.

"Alright kid, be ready to scream." said Kyuubi. Then a red aura surrounded Naruto, followed by a pain-induced scream.