When morning came around, Shikamaru was monitoring Sasuke. Sasuke had been sleeping through the entire night, giving off the impression that everything was alright. Shikamaru didn't buy it though. On their first day here, their team fought Orochimaru of the Densetsu no Sannin.

Orochimaru was known as one of the most dangerous men in the Elemental Nations. He always had ulterior motives for everything he does. He attacked their team for a reason, and Shikamaru didn't think that some scroll was the reason.

Orochimaru was known for conducting experiments to figure out the secret to immortality. Naruto seemed like the ideal target of Orochimaru's attack. Naruto has an advanced healing factor that borders on regeneration. If Orochimaru could somehow replicate it, he could experiment with it and it could help him find out what he spent his entire life searching for.

Due to the information he heard last night though, Shikamaru had to throw that theory out of the window. Naruto told him that a lot of the older generation knew about the Kyuubi no Kitsune being imprisoned inside him. That would include Orochimaru.

The Kyuubi's chakra was rumored to be poisonous. Even though something like that has never been tested, Orochimaru didn't seem like the type of person to just disregard something like that. Due to the fact that the Kyuubi's chakra could be poisonous, it seemed like too much of a risk for Orochimaru to take.

Sakura had no abilities to speak of, so that would leave Sasuke. Sasuke must've been the target of Orochimaru's attack, but for some unknown reason. The only thing that Sasuke possessed that Orochimaru could possibly want was the Sharingan, but that wouldn't help him in his goal for immortality.

Sadly, Shikamaru's speculation had to end there. He had no other clues to help him put together this mystery. The only thing that Shikamaru could do was keep his ears open and hope that someone slips up and says something they shouldn't.

Shikamaru just went back to watching the forest, looking for any trouble. After looking for 10 minutes, the only thing Shikamaru saw were squirrels or other animals. Luckily, the animals didn't trigger any of his traps. While looking around, Shikamaru saw a bush that looked like it was missing a few leaves. Probably from the fight that Naruto and Lee had with those aliens the night before.

Shikamaru looked through the bushes a little harder and saw what looked like a black color. But that isn't right. That bush was right in front of a row of trees, if anything, Shikamaru should be seeing the brown tree bark. Also, Shikamaru could swear that he saw it moving a little bit. Whatever was in the bushes set off warning bells in Shikamaru's head. Something was about to happen.

All of a sudden, out of that same bush, came a squirrel. The squirrel was going over a place where Shikamaru laid a trap. Shikamaru quickly took out a kunai and threw it at the squirrel, stopping it just short of his trap. Shikamaru thought 'Good. It didn't spring the trap. If my guess is right, someone is in that bush. They sent the squirrel out to see what I would do when it got close to my trap.'

After waiting for a few minutes, Shikamaru saw three people appear out of the bushes. They were the team from the Hidden Sound Village. One of the three, the one with spiky black hair, a black spotted grey scarf, and a yellow shirt with the Kanji for 'death' on it, said "Look what we have here. Some Leaf Ninja all on his own. So, where's your other friends?"

Shikamaru said "What's it to you?"

The other male of the group, who had gauze wrapped around all his head except his left eye, the same scarf as his other friend, a strange, tan, furry poncho, and an amplifier on his left arm, said "Well, we're looking for a friend of yours named Sasuke Uchiha. We were sent by a friend of his to have a conversation with him."

Shikamaru narrowed his eyes and said "This 'friend' wouldn't happen to be Orochimaru, would it?"

The male with the yellow shirt narrowed his eyes and said "So you know him? Then you should know that when Orochimaru sends someone to do something, he doesn't like failure."

Shikamaru said "What do you three want anyway?"

The girl of the group, who wore a tan vest, black pants, and had the same scarf as the other two said "We were sent by Lord Orochimaru to kill the Uchiha. Now move aside so we can complete our mission."

Shikamaru said "Well I'm sorry, I can't let you do that. As troublesome as it is, he's a friend of mine, so I have to protect him."

The one with the yellow shirt said "Well then, you can die with him!"

The Sound nin ran forward at Shikamaru. Shikamaru just stood there, knowing they would fall for his trap soon. The Sound nin jumped over the place where Shikamaru laid his trap, only to fall in a different one. Shikamaru placed a trip wire 4 feet above the obvious trap to throw them off. The trap set a boulder to come crashing through the clearing directly at the Sound Nin. The one with the yellow shirt landed and turned to the boulder. He stuck his hands out and yelled "Decapitating Air Wave!"

Out of the guys palms' came a huge blast of pressurized air. The air sailed forward like sharpened blades and hit the boulder. It didn't destroy it, but it put a few deep slashes in it and stopped it in its' tracks. The problem was that Zaku's attack cut another trip wire that Shikamaru had, which released a net of logs to come falling down into the clearing. The Sound nin were barely able to dodge the logs.

The girl said "Was that your trap? That was pathetic! A wet-behind-the-ears Genin could've came up with something better."

Shikamaru smirked and said "The plan wasn't to hurt you. It was to wake them up!"

Out of the trees, Naruto came walking out, rubbing his eyes, and said "What the hell is all that racket? Don't you see people trying to sleep?"

Shikamaru said "Naruto, look forward."

Naruto looked up to see the three Sound Nin, and immediately got into a battle stance. Out of the trees, Ino, Sakura, and Choji all came, seeing the trouble. Ino and Choji both got ready for a battle, Sakura just fell to her knees screaming "SAVE US SASUKE-KUN!"

Ino muttered "And she was my rival back then? How pathetic was I?"

Naruto said "We'll deal with the babbling banshee later, right now we got trouble."

The mummified genin said "Too bad for you three, we aren't like any regular Genin. You picked the wrong choice getting between us and our target."

Naruto turned to Shikamaru and quietly said "What's their target exactly?"

Shikamaru didn't take his eyes off of the enemy and said "Sasuke."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and resumed his battle stance. Both sides were standing there, waiting for the other to make a move. After a few seconds, the guy with the yellow shirt yelled "I'm tired of waiting! Decapitating Air Wave!"

Again, the attack sailed forward, aimed at Naruto and his friends. The others quickly scattered to the sides. Naruto was about to leave, but remembered that Sasuke was in the tree. If he didn't get out there, he would die. Thinking quickly, Naruto focused his ki outward, creating a shield around him and the tree base. The attack hit the shield, and ricocheted away into the forest.

Seeing that the attack was over, Naruto rushed to get Sasuke and ran over to where his friends were. When he arrived there, he dropped Sasuke to the ground and rushed forward. The others were right behind him. Ino broke from the group, deciding to take the girl of the group.

The woman, named Kin, pulled out two Senbon and fought Ino. Kin said "Look at you. You're probably one of those bottle-blonde bimbos that are all around here. You probably spend all your free time trying on make up or puking up your diet. You Konoha whores aren't real kunoichi. You're just bitches who showed some body for a hitai-ate."

Ino narrowed her eyes at Kin and said "You didn't just say that."

Kin smirked and said "Oh yes I did, you bottle blonde bimbo."

Ino ran forward and pulled her hand back for a punch. Kin said "Taijutsu, fail."

When Ino was close enough, Kin stabbed her with a kunai, only for the attack to go through an Afterimage. Ino ducked under the attack, then flipped into a handstand and wrapped her legs around Kin's neck. Ino then pushed off her hands and flipped upward. She punched Kin in the face three times, then flipped back down, using the momentum of the fall to flip Kin around and make her land on the ground, head first.

Ino quickly got back up, Kin only half a second behind her. Ino rushed forward and lead with a kick, which Kin ducked under. Kin then tried to stab Ino again, but Ino grabbed her arm before the senbon reached her. Ino then lifted Kin in the air and slammed her to the ground. Kin rolled on the ground and reached her feet again.

Kin said "It seems like I was wrong. Maybe Konoha kunoichi aren't the whores I've been hearing about."

Ino said "Sadly, you're right. I'm just different from all these other hoes."

Ino then rushed forward again, creating three regular Clones. The Clones rushed forward and made as if to punch Kin. The clones were moving too fast for Kin to distinguish between the original and the clones, so she dodged each hit. Unfortunately for her, the three clones attacks got her in a position where she couldn't defend herself. The original Ino kicked her in the chest, which knocked her into a tree.

Kin pushed off of the tree and attacked Ino again, but Ino was quicker. Ino left an Afterimage behind her and rolled behind Kin. When Kin's senbon passed through an Afterimage, she used her other hand to stab downward, thinking Ino would be down there again. Ino jumped into the air and landed on the back of Kin's head. With all of Ino's weight on her back, Kin fell forward and hit the ground face first.

Ino got up and dusted her clothes off. She turned to Kin and said "And my hair color's natural, bitch!"

Ino accentuated the 'bitch' by kicking Kin in the head.

Naruto went after Zaku, the boy with the yellow shirt. Zaku said "This is as far as you go! Decapitating Air Wave!"

The air attack came at Naruto again. Naruto just used an Afterimage to take the hit. When the attack was ended, Zaku was shocked to see that his attack went through Naruto. The Naruto there was smirking and pointing to Zaku's left. Zaku turned that way and saw Naruto charging him. He blasted again, but it only went through another Afterimage. Zaku said "Damnit, I'm tired of these damn clones!"

Naruto's voice came from behind him. "Y'know, you're a strong guy. You're just cocky as hell and can't aim worth shit."

Zaku screamed and said "Dodge this! Super Decapitating Air Wave!"

What seemed like Zaku's regular attack on steroids rushed through the air towards Naruto. Naruto quickly left an Afterimage and a Shadow Clone. The Shadow Clone went to Zaku's right while Naruto went to Zaku's left. They both got a fair distance from Zaku and said at the same time "Now you're taking my attacks. Copycat."

Zaku said "Stand still!"

He then let loose a blast to each side. The Naruto's smirked and started charging up energy. One attack took a bluish glow while the other took a purple glow. They shot off their attacks, yelling "Spirit Ball/ Power Blitz!"

The balls of ki met Zaku's Decapitating Air Waves and cancelled them out.

While Zaku was fighting Naruto, Dosu was taking Shikamaru and Choji on at the same time. Choji ran towards Dosu trying Taijutsu. Dosu smirked and blocked one of Choji's punches with his left arm, the same arm he had his amplifier on. When Choji hit the arm, it caused Dosu's arm to move.

When something moves, it emit's a sound wave. Something like a desk being moved can be easily heard, but others, say an arm moving, can't. But they do emit a small sound wave, a wave that is loud enough for Dosu's amplifier to pick up and manipulate.

Dosu's amplifier sent out a sound wave on a certain frequency. That frequency messed with Choji's inner ear, which started making him more uncoordinated. As Choji kept fighting, his moves started becoming weaker and messier, making it almost child's play to dodge. Dosu used his amplifier to keep sending the frequency out to mess with Choji more. Eventually, Choji's body couldn't take it anymore and he dropped to the ground, out like a light.

Shikamaru didn't know Dosu's plan, but he knew that the amplifier had something to do with it. Shikamaru did the handseals and yelled out "Shadow Possession Jutsu!"

Shikamaru's shadow reached forward, but Dosu was too quick. Dosu jumped backwards, thinking he had the upper hand. But as usual, Shikamaru was a step ahead of everyone. He sent his shadow into the trees, which provided a bunch of shadow. Shikamaru used the shadows of the trees to move his further. Eventually, he made his shadow come out of the forest and connect to Dosu's, which was only 2 feet away from the treeline, just like Shikamaru planned it.

Dosu said "It seems that we're at a standstill."

Shikamaru said "Not quite. I can still move."

Dosu said "But if you move backwards any more, you'll disconnect our shadows, which will enable me to move. But unlike you, I still have another trick up my sleeve."

All of a sudden, a purple aura started coming out of Dosu. Dosu started resisting the Shadow Possession, causing Shikamaru worry. To forcefully throw off the effects of the Shadow Possession Jutsu required a strong chakra and an even stronger will. He needed help, quickly.

Shikamaru said "But unlike you, I have a powerful ally. Naruto!"

Naruto, who was just toying with Zaku, created a couple more Shadow Clones and said "What's up Shikamaru?"

Shikamaru said "I need your help. Choji's down, I can't move, and this guy is breaking the Shadow Possession Jutsu."

Naruto said "No problem."

Naruto rushed over to Dosu, getting ready to knock him out. At that moment, Dosu broke out of his bind and activated his amplifier. The sound came out of the amplifier and entered Naruto's ears, causing Naruto to fall to his knees. Unfortunately for Naruto, since he became half-saiyan, he also got better hearing. His better hearing made Dosu's attack a lot worse to him.

Naruto couldn't handle the intensity of the sound. It hurt the more he tried to ignore it. Seeing this, Ino tried to run over to him, but she was backhanded and hit the ground. When she got up, she saw Kin there. But Kin had these weird lines all over her skin.

Kin said "This is Round 2, and the last for you."

The same markings as Kin had appeared on Zaku. Zaku faced Naruto and smirked. He said "I am gonna enjoy this. Super Decapitating Air Wave!"

The attack hit Naruto, who was still on his knees writhing in pain. Naruto went sailing, and when he hit the ground, he was knocked out. Shikamaru could only pull out a kunai and started thinking up plans to save him and his friends.

Ino and Kin were fighting each other, which was about even. But before Ino knew what was happening, she was being attacked by Zaku also. Zaku punched her in the face while Kin held her, then he kicked her in the chin and knocked her back.

Ino stood back up and started doing handseals. She yelled out "Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

Her fireball surged forward, but it met up with Zaku's Decapitating Air Wave. Ino's attack was quickly snuffed out, and she was sent rolling on the ground. Zaku rushed forward, intending on finishing her, then Sasuke, but his hand was caught.

Looking to his right, he saw what he thought was Satan given human form. The person had huge claws that looked to be dripping with some sickly green liquid. He had completely black skin with red lines tattooed on his body that were pulsating. The red lines looked like they were arteries. He had jet black hair that came down to his shoulder.

Out of his back, two bat-like wings emerged. But that wasn't the scariest thing about him, it was his eyes. They were Sharingan, but had more malice than anything that Zaku had ever seen. He threw Zaku backwards and turned to Ino. He said "Ino, who did this to you?"

Ino said "Sasuke-kun?"

Sasuke said "We'll talk later, but who did this to you?"

Zaku dusted himself off and said "I did it. Got a problem with it?"

Sasuke narrowed his Sharingan eyes and said "Yes, I do."

All of a sudden, Sasuke disappeared. His voice came from everywhere. He said "You touched my girlfriend. You HURT my girlfriend. What do you think?"

Sasuke appeared behind Zaku and kicked him toward Kin. Kin ducked under Zaku and started throwing Senbon at Sasuke. Sasuke focused his dark energy into his claws, causing them to be practically bathed in the vile acid. He then swiped his hand down, causing five crescents of energy to expel from his hands and sail forward, destroying the senbon. He said "Got anymore tricks?"

Zaku said "Try this! Super Decapitating Air Wave!"

Zaku's attack sailed forward. Sasuke said "You're copying Naruto now? Pathetic."

He held out his left hand and said "Susan'oo no Tate!"

Sasuke's left arm folded in on itself and created a shield with a mirror on the front. Zaku's attack impacted against the shield, knocking Sasuke back a bit, but Sasuke focused chakra into the ground to stay motionless. When the attack was over, Zaku was shocked to see that Sasuke was still alive. Sasuke said "Now, it's my turn."

Sasuke ran to Zaku's side, and pushed his shield as close to Zaku as possible. Sensing danger, Zaku dived out of the way, barely missing Sasuke's attack. Out of the mirror on Sasuke's shield, Zaku's attack shot out of it. Zaku turned back to see the damage and saw that it did more than his attack would've done. He said "Just what the hell did you do?"

Sasuke smiled, showing all his elongated canine teeth. He said "Like it? It's part of the Cursed Seal that Orochimaru gave me."

Zaku's eyes widened and he said "Orochimaru gave you what?"

Sasuke said "It seems you don't know. That bastard gave me a Cursed Seal. It gave me all this power, and turned me into this. I guess I have something to thank him for now. He gave me a brand new toy to play with."

Zaku got back up to his feet and said "Well, it doesn't matter. All three of us have them too. And in case you didn't notice, you're outnumbered. This will be a piece of cake."

Sasuke said "Yeah, for me."

Zaku blasted Sasuke with the Super Decapitating Air Wave. Sasuke moved his shield in the way and absorbed the attack again. He said "This, is the Susan'oo no Tate. The Shield of Susan'oo. This absorbs certain attacks, then sends them out whenever I want it to. So you blasting your air wave off is doing nothing but giving me more ammo to defeat you with."

Zaku narrowed his eyes and rushed Sasuke. Kin and Dosu both started to follow in his path. Sasuke stared wide-eyed at what the three Sound Genin were doing. He said "Are you guys really doing this? In case you forgot, I'm an Uchiha. Taijutsu expertise is practically genetic for us."

Sasuke slipped into his family style, and waited for them to rush him. Zaku went for a right hook across Sasuke's face, but Sasuke could easily see it with the Sharingan. He ducked under the attack and punched Zaku in the chest.

Dosu and Kin were next. Dosu went for a sweep to kick Sasuke's legs out from under him, while Kin went for Sasuke's head. Sasuke jumped back, avoiding their attack, then jumped forward, spinning in mid-air to give his kick to Kin's side more power. Zaku came from his side and punched him in the face. Sasuke used the momentum of the punch to twist around and kick Zaku in the face. Sasuke ducked under Dosu's strike, but felt a weird ringing in his ear. He put his hand up to it to see that it was bleeding. Sasuke saw Dosu strike him again, but this time he jumped back. The ringing in his ear increased.

Sasuke jumped in the air, flapping the wings on his back to stay afloat. He could've used his regular abilities to fly, but he wanted to freak out the Sound Genin. Sasuke closed his eyes and started going through his memories of the fight to see if there was a pattern in Dosu's attacks. 'Of course! That amplifier of his. He always swings with it. That amplifier's damaging my ears. It has to go.'

Sasuke opened his eyes to see that he was on the wrong end of a Super Decapitating Air Wave. The attack slammed into him and forced him to fall to the ground. Seeing the ground approaching, Sasuke flapped his wings hard to stop his downward momentum. He quickly righted himself, then took back to the skies to keep his distance from the Sound Genin. Sasuke held his left arm out, and it folded in on itself again. It formed the Susan'oo no Tate. Sasuke then pulled his arm back, moving his arm so the mirror side of the shield was facing up, then threw it.

The shield flew through the air and towards the Sound Genin. Zaku tried to hit it with his Decapitating Air Wave, but it moved out of the way as if it were sentient. If they would've looked at Sasuke, they would see him using the index and middle fingers of his right hand to manipulate the shield's motion.

The attack sailed past Zaku and Kin, and went straight for Dosu. Dosu jumped back and was trying to move out of the shields' way, but couldn't. The shield swerved and hit the amplifier. It then made a beeline for Sasuke. It reattached itself to his arm, making him whole again. 'I see. So the shield can only separate from my body for 20 seconds before it comes back. I'll have to watch that.'

Sasuke turned downward and resumed his fight with the Sound Genin. While fighting, Sasuke said "You three are boring me. It's time I ended this."

Sasuke ducked under Dosu's attack, then coated his claws with a green liquid. He slashed upward, digging deep into Dosu's body. Dosu screamed and fell backward. Sasuke said "That is another ability. This Seal allows me to coat my claws in poison. The poison does whatever I want it to. It can paralyze, like what it did to you. Or it can kill. Be lucky I decided to be merciful today."

Sasuke coated his other claws with the liquid, then charged Zaku and Kin. They were both easily put down and paralyzed, but Zaku didn't go down without a fight. So Sasuke was forced to tear through one of the important muscles in one of Zaku's arms. The tearing of that muscle would make his arm practically useless until it healed. Sasuke said "That paralysis should wear off in a few hours. When those hours are up, my friends and I should be safely in the Tower. But if we're not, I could easily just hand you your asses again."

Sasuke closed his eyes, and the transformation dropped from his body. He was back to his old self. But that transformation put a huge strain on his body also. He felt like every part of his body was aching, so he dropped to one knee and almost blacked out again. 'I guess this is what Naruto felt like turning Super Saiyan for the first time.'

Ino rushed over to Sasuke, but Sakura beat her to it. She tried to hug Sasuke, but Sasuke quickly rolled under her hands and hugged Ino. While he was hugging her, he took off into the skies. He had a feeling that the conversation would involve something he didn't want Sakura to know about. Ino said "Sasuke-kun, I'm so happy you're alive."

Sasuke said "Why wouldn't I be?"

Ino said "You've been in a coma for a day and a half. I've been worried sick. I thought you were gonna die."

Sasuke said "I won't be dieing anytime soon, Ino-chan. I'd miss you too much."

Ino said "But that form you used…"

Sasuke said "What about it?"

Ino looked Sasuke in the eyes and said "Promise me you won't use it again."

Sasuke said "What?"

Ino said "Sasuke, that form is evil. I could feel it while you were fighting. It's like you were yourself, but a different person too."

Sasuke thought 'How did she pick up on that?' He said "I know Ino-chan. While I was fighting, it's like there was some voice in my head telling me what to do. I tried to block it out, but I couldn't. Luckily I had enough control to spare them."

Ino said "What do you mean?"

Sasuke said "That voice was telling me to kill them. And I almost did. The poison I put in there bodies, it was actually lethal. I didn't catch it until it was almost too late. I was able to change the poison from a lethal one to a paralyzing one at the last second."

Ino said "Please Sasuke-kun, promise me you won't use that thing again. I'm scared I might lose you."

Sasuke said "I promise Ino-chan. Now come on, we gotta help everyone else."

Everyone had a few bruises, but not anything life-threatening. They woke the others up and started their trek towards the Tower. They quickly arrived without trouble. After opening the scrolls and receiving their instructions, they rested at the Tower, recuperating a little before the next part of the Exams were to begin.