Summary: The device the Mayor left to Faith fails epically and instead of the Slayers switching bodies or anything silly like that, they instead turn into five-year-olds who can't speak English and who end up in a place, where everything is turned upside-down. A place where Faith might just be one of the good guys, Fitch might be the Mayor and Buffy... well Buffy might be making out with Faith in graveyards. Confused, the two Slayers can't even ask anyone about what the heck is going on, because really, when has anything been that easy for either of them?

Come on – you know you want to find out what kind of a ridiculous plot is THAT? ^^

PS! Tiny midget people speak in a weird way. To indicate that, their speech will be in ITALIC.

Main pairing: Buffy & Faith (This also counts as a possible slash warning. Be aware!)
Secondary pairings: Willow & Tara, Xander & Anya

Chapter 1

As soon as their hands touched, they both felt a strong pull. One that seemed to take hold of their navel and twist it nice and hard, before it started to spin them around like rag dolls just for the kicks of it.

Gasping, Buffy Summers did her best to free her hand, but no matter how hard she pulled, nothing seemed to change. The metal thingy Faith had thrust in her hand seemed to be attached to her completely. So there wasn't anything she could really do but wait.

A few moments passed. Neither of them could breathe anymore. All that registered was spinning. And there was spinning. Lots of it.

One of them was going to be sick any moment now.

But as suddenly as it all had begun, it also ended. The sensation stopped and everything disappeared. Faith Lehane could now see nothing. It was eerily silent around her.

Then a flash of light blinded her.

In the hallway, only few metres away, stood Joyce Summers. Her eyes were wide and the sight she had just seen had not even registered yet. It took her a moment, a couple of shaky breaths and then a quiet 'Oh my god' before she could function properly again.

Using her newly gained ability to actually move herself, she hastily picked up the phone and dialled a number that had become rather familiar over the time. She frowned, waiting for the man to pick up, but as always, he did so rather quickly.

"Mr. Giles?" She swallowed nervously. "I think we might have a big problem."


The girl blinked back the stars a few times. She was lying on something hard and cold. Right above her was a blue sky with just a few scattered clouds in it. She frowned and hesitantly tried to move herself, glad when she could.

So she was alive. Bonus cookie points for that. She clenched her hand and then paused. Realizing, where it actually was, she jerked it away from the warm hold and jumped onto her feet.

What. The. FUCK?

Next to her another girl stirred, this one blonde. She too stared up for a moment, before a look of realization crossed her face. She flipped up quickly and brought her hands in front of her in an offensive pose – ready to kick someone's ass.

However, then she too realized something did not quite add up here.

"What the hell?" Buffy's hands fell automatically on to her sides so she could stop her pants from falling off. Shocked, she glanced down at them and noticed how abnormally close the ground was to her now.

A moment later, she brought her eyes to the tiny brunette she had noticed earlier.

Instead of the tough looking eighteen-year-old she had faced earlier, there stood a small girl with curly brown hair and incredibly wide chocolate eyes. The girl fidgeted under her gaze, before pulling closer the big leather jacket, which now seemed to completely swallow her.

Then the brunette tilted her head.


The blonde blinked and then, almost as if an on-button had been pushed in her brain, her face clouded over and her eyebrows furrowed. With a loud hiss, she spoke,

"What did you do?"

Faith rolled her eyes. Cause obviously this is what she would plan.

"I did not do this!" she replied, an edge in her voice. When Buffy's retort was merely a disbelieving snort, she had to add, "Of course, since you're all about being miss goody-two-shoes, you can't even fandom the idea, that it might've been you, can ya?"

Buffy stepped just a little bit closer to her.

"Well, call me stupid, but you 're the one with the weird device. You're also crazy and all around unstable. Plus you keep trying to kill me!" Buffy's tone of voice was rather loud by now. "So really, what does that give us?"

Her rant would've probably been more effective had she had any pants on. In her disbelief she had forgotten to hold on to the edge of her jeans and thus they had pooled around her small legs.

Faith however didn't seem to even notice. The tip of her tongue slid over her front teeth as she took things to consideration.

"Yeah," she finally drawled. "Point taken. But it still wasn't me, who did this. Maybe this thing…" she glanced around the ground around them. "The thing that should fuckin' be here…" She growled. "Where's the thing?"

"What thing?" Buffy held onto her t-shirt, more than a little annoyed. Of course this would happen to her. Should've seen this coming. After all, it's completely normal to just stand on the street, talking with her five-year-old archenemy.

It's sad that for her, it's not even so unbelievable.

"That metal thing," The brunette moved around, carefully lifting one foot in front of the other, while she held onto her jacket and tried especially hard to not fall on her face. She huffed, seemingly in thought and then shrugged her jacket off, leaving herself in a tank top – more like a tank dress now – and jeans, which she held up with her tiny hands. Only now did she speak,

"It's not even here!"

Buffy couldn't help the amused snort

"You whine like a little child."

Faith turned around, scowling at the girl. For a second her gaze darted to the ground. When she met Buffy's eyes again, she was smirking.

"And you, holier-than-thou Buffy, are looking like a real adult with your panties on the ground."

The blonde looked down quickly and blushed, realizing her jeans hadn't been the only thing to fall off.

"Turn us back!" She demanded, moving over and smacking the other girl. She was rather happy to notice she still had her Slayer powers.

"I told you," Faith growled, stopping the next hit headed her way. "I DID NOT DO THIS!"

"Don't yell at me. You have no right to yell at me," Buffy's voice wavered, anger evident in her tone. "You, you held a knife to my mother's throat!"

"Well you held a knife in my gut, so shut up." Faith grabbed a small fistful of the girl's shirt, looking as if she was about to hit the blonde. However, the sight registered in her brain – the tininess of the girl in front of her affecting her somewhat – and she released her. "Just... Do you see the friggin' metal thingy?"

Buffy averted her eyes from the brunette, possibly coming to the same realization the brunette had seconds ago. Hitting kids was not okay in her book either, even if she happened to be one at that time.

"No. Though it could be buried under the clothes." She moved them a bit, before speaking quietly, "It's not here."

"No shit, Sherlock," Faith spoke, rubbing her temples. "This doesn't make any sense. It wasn't supposed to do this. I mean we're kids. Fucking kids!"

"No shit, Sherlock," Buffy mocked the brunette, looking around. "Also, where are we?"

"Oh, look, B, this is me pulling a map out of my pocket. Except, I don't have pockets nor a map!" Faith snapped, her gaze moving around. Making no connection, she sighed. "Screw this, I'm just going to go – that way."

She held up her pants and started to leave, taking baby steps. Buffy, who had no pants whatsoever, caught up with her quickly.

"What? You can't just leave. You have to change us... you have to tell me how to change back."

"I'm not a fucking encyclopaedia, B. I'm telling ya, I don't know!" Faith snapped, stumbling over her jeans slightly. "So just leave me alone!"

"I can't," Buffy spoke dejectedly. "I'm a kid. Butt-naked kid might I add. I have no idea where I am and the only person I do know is leaving. Trust me, if I had other options, I'd take them."

"Seriously," Faith growled, continuing to paddle away like a teeny tiny penguin, not looking back at the blonde. "I'll push you onto the friggin' road if you don't back off."

Buffy seemed to get the point as she froze. However, merely a second later, she scurried after the brunette again.

"Faith? FAITH! Faith, would you stop?"

"Why would I WANT to stop?" The brunette wheeled around, losing all balance. She would've fallen onto the concrete, head first, hadn't a small hand on her shoulder balanced her immediately.

"Look," The blonde pointed onto the distance with her other hand, "Willow."

"What?" The brunette turned again, this time slower. And really, there stood the redheaded witch, eyeing the two of them carefully.

"What do we do?" Buffy asked. Faith bit back the sarcastic remark she was about to give and retort with a simple,

"I don't know."

Her only plan would've been to run as fast as she could. But all things considered, her 'as fast as possible' was way slower than Willow's regular walking.

"Here goes nothing," Buffy, unaware of the brunette's failing escape plans, started to wave her hands around crazily, "Willow! WILLOW!"

The redheaded witch looked around. Seeing nobody but herself, she approached the two of them cautiously.

"Willow!" The blonde lunged at the witch, hugging her legs. "I don't know what happened. But it's me, Buffy! We had a fight and now I'm all small and I don't have any clothes or anything. And Faith got..."

A soft tug on the back of her t-shirt made the Slayer turn to look at her tiny enemy.


"I don't think she understand you, B," Faith responded, shaking her head. "Look."

"Yo Willow, it's me, Faith. So I'm just going to strip and run around the city now, killing all sorts of nice people, while eating cabbage yoghurt while I'm at it!"

The witch merely kept peering down at them, her face a picture of confusion. Buffy's brows furrowed. She tilted her head and stared back at the redhead, softly asking,

"Willow, can you understand us?"

Instead of verbally replying or maybe even nodding, Willow crouched down to get a better look at them.

"What language are you speaking? Do you speak English? English?" The redhead bit her lip. "Where are your parents? Mom and Dad? Mommy and Daddy? Mama and Papa?"

Buffy slapped her own forehead.

"Buffy?" She spoke again, experimentally . "Buffy?"

"Goghr?" Willow slid a hand through her hair. "I..."

"Goghr?" Disbelief coloured Faith's voice. "She didn't say goghr! She said BUFFY! BUFFY!"

"Goghr?" Willow repeated, "What does that mean? Food? Yum-yum?" She mimicked eating. "Mommy, daddy?" Hugging motions were being made.

Faith rolled her eyes and stepped back, letting Buffy try once more to make herself be understood.

"Me," the blonde pointed at herself, "Bu-ffy. Buffy."

Willow, completely clueless about what the girl was saying, looked around, not able to see anything other than a pile of clothes. Maybe a bunch of vampires had attacked them, killed their parents and then were dusted by the sunlight? Wait, vampires didn't leave clothes behind, did they?

"Hold on," she softly spoke to the two most adorable girls she had ever met, as she pulled out her phone.

"Giles? I need help."

Buffy stopped pulling her hair as she heard a familiar name. She glanced at the phone.

"Faith, she's calling Giles. Giles will know what to do!"

"Whoopedy doo," the other girl replied, without much enthusiasm. Being caught by the redhead was one thing, something she could evade when it came to it. A roomful of Scoobies she was not so sure about.

The group, even though most of its members were as tough as bunnies, had a way to come out of all sorts of crappy situations as winners. Which this time would probably make her the loser.

She really needed a way out of this bullshit of a position. Away from the other Slayer and the superfriends, she could regroup. Except, that would be hard to do, what with being all dwarf-sized right now.

She tugged up her wide jeans and came to a decision. She'll stick with them until she's back to normal and then she'll just get the fuck out of there. Quality plan, that one.

Willow finished her call with Giles, surprised when a small blur hit her. She glanced down at her legs, which were hugged by the tiny blonde and smiled softly.

Still bewildered, she picked the girl up; furrowing her eyes at the weird attire she was in. She flexed even the tiniest muscles in her brain, trying to come up with a reason why any kids should wear such clothing.

Coming up with nothing, she just shook her head, grabbed the hand of the tiny brunette and started to walk.

She halted a second later, keeping her hand around the small girl's on the ground, even though the tiny brunette seemed to hold it like it was about to give her some disease, and softly tugged, urging the girl to move at least a little.

With a small murmur of contempt, Faith finally began to walk.

Now, another problem presented itself. Obviously, it was hard for a small kid to keep up with her, especially if the pants she wore were twice as long as her. So, Willow switched and picked up the struggling brunette, placing the blonde onto the ground instead.

Whereas the blonde had been calm and held onto her shoulders, the brunette seemed to be trying to push her away at start. Willow, like a good trooper she was, kept going, until a small cry interrupted her. Quickly she glanced at the ground and sighed.

A genius she was not right now.

The blonde was barefoot. And gravel just wasn't a nice thing to stroll on without any shoes.

Shifting the bags in her hand and the brunette to one side with difficulty, Willow bent down and swept the blonde into her arms. She envied the strength of the Slayers before starting to slowly waddle towards the next street.

"This is the most ridiculous thing ever!" Faith groaned, still holding up her pants. "I'll seriously never be able to look at Red again." The brunette wrinkled her nose and tried to put distance between herself and Willow's breast, which she was held against. "Never!"

"Would you just shut up," Buffy snapped, also in a not so comfortable place, "At least you have pants!"

Faith couldn't help it but snigger. Archenemy or not, the five-year-old blonde looked plainly hilarious with the flush she was getting, as she kept trying to stop her T-shirt from flapping around.

"Don't say a thing," Buffy warned, staring ahead stoically.


So, carrying two kids, a backpack and a small plastic bag, Willow Rosenberg entered Giles' house, panting when she was finally able to place the kids onto the ground.

The three people already there, namely Giles, Anya and Xander, merely stared at her in shock.

"Willow, what the... who...?" Xander sputtered.

"I found them. They were just standing on the street a few blocks from here. They don't speak English and I think it's possible that their parents were killed by some demons."

"We don't speak English?" Faith quietly asked. She then looked up at the Scoobies and growled, "It's not our fault you don't understand English!"

"Yeah!" Buffy added for good measure.

Giles leant closer to the two of them.

"Which language are they speaking?"

Faith's jaw clenched as she plopped onto the ground, pissed off.

"Retards. All of them."

"They are not! We'll get them to understand us," Buffy rolled her eyes at the girl's antics, reached down and pulled her back onto her feet with ease. "Now come on, look more like Faith so... Aaah!"

Buffy squealed looking behind her. Someone had picked her up. Xander. Suddenly realizing something, she squealed again.

"What?" Faith glanced up at her. A second later her eyes hit the ground. "Um, B, you're really close to like flashing people."

"I KNOW!" The blonde snapped, struggling helplessly in the air. Then an idea struck.

The moment the loud wail pierced his ears, Xander jumped, before immediately placing the small kid back down. He made a few shushing sounds, but the fact that he backed away was the thing that really made Buffy quiet down.

"I didn't mean to," the man told to the people around him. Buffy in the meanwhile quickly tugged down her T-shirt more, satisfied when it seemed to cover everything down to her toes. Only then did the small blonde blush profusely.

"Exhibitionist," Faith coughed, looking the other way.

"Shut up," A hand immediately smacked her over the head. Unable to stop herself, the brunette shot a crooked grin the blonde's way, who smiled back for a second, before it faltered.

The grin slid off the brunette's face as well and they went back to staring to opposite directions.

"This is interesting," Giles spoke above them. "I have never heard anything like their speech."

Faith groaned loudly.

"English! It's called ENGLISH!

"Bagertk?" Giles quizzically repeated. Faith sat back onto the ground, shaking her head.

"Giles, she looks a bit," Willow's brows furrowed, "Disappointed?"

Faith gave an ironic thumb up towards the redhead, who seemed to be taken aback by it. The brunette threw a glance at the blonde.

"Making more progress than you by just sittin' here, B." Seeing Buffy frown at her, she smirked. "Just sayin'."

"Real mature," Buffy murmured, sitting down a foot away from the brunette.

"Mature? B, I'm a fucking gnome and nobody understands me. How mature do you think I should be?"

"Well," the blonde swallowed, before peering at her companion. "At least I understand you."

There was a small pause, during which the brunette stared at the carpet. Then, what seemed to be a forever later, Faith met the blonde's gaze and spoke the first sentence that sounded sincere that day.

"No, B. You don't."

Giles rubbed her nose, staring down at the pair of kids

"I don't know what we can do, Willow. For what it's worth they seem like regular kids, only they don't speak English. Maybe we should call social service."

"Faith," Buffy's tone was serious and quiet, as she looked away from her fellow Slayer. "Scream."


"Just scream!"

The idea making sense, the brunette did scream. So did Buffy. As loud as they could until the redhead spoke – or well more like yelled over their screams,

"NO! No social services, okay?"


"That's odd," Giles removed his glasses. "I think they might understand English."

"You think?" Xander asked, crouching down to their level. "Let's try. Stand."

All of them were a little taken aback when the children hopped to their feet almost immediately. The young man in front of them grinned.

"High five?"

In unison, the pair stepped forward and slapped the hands Xander held up.

"This is stupid. This... This is beyond stupid," the brunette muttered, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm supposed to be on my way to Malta by now! Instead I'm stuck patting X-man's hand!"

"Malta?" the blonde's head snapped towards her, as she backed away from Xander. "Faith, what are you planning?"

"B, I'm not like that retarded blue guy you see in that cartoon you guys watch," Faith rolled her eyes. "I'm not going to tell ya what my plans are so you could screw them up as soon as you can."

The blonde had nothing to say to that, so they want back to their uncomfortable silence.

"Do you think they understand each other?" Xander whispered to Giles and Willow, as they survived the two quiet children. "Cause they seem so ... serious for five-year-olds. Or six-year-olds. Or possibly overgrown four-year-olds."

The grown-ups changed glances, none having a clue.

"Faith, so you'd know, I hoped you'd come out of the coma and regret what you did," Buffy spoke a bit later, as they watched the three grownups start bustling around them, opening several translation books.

During the moment of silence that followed she kept her gaze at her friends. A smile crossed her lips at the sight of Willow and Xander reuniting their forces to drag Anya off the couch and towards the translation books Giles was carrying out in stacks. However, as the response from the brunette finally came the soft smile disappeared.

"Seriously. Just save it, B. I don't need any more preaching about how things could've been," Faith replied. Another moment of silence passed, both of them uncomfortable again, until the younger of the two added, "How do you know I don't?"

Buffy stopped fidgeting with the hem of her t-shirt, surprised.

"What? What do you mean?"

Faith however didn't reply, having already been picked up by Xander, who placed her on the now free couch nearby.

"Can you say... food?"

Faith exhaled, annoyed.


"Lyrw?" Xander repeated. "You got that?"

Willow and Giles nodded opening the dictionaries they had in their laps. Anya tried to peer over them to see the reruns of Simpsons. However, when Willow, noticing the demon slacking, switched the TV off, the blonde grudgingly joined them in their favourite pastime. Research.




"B, just forget it. I'm me. Shit happened and there's no way we'd know what could have been. So... drop it."


"It's not Latin, Greek, Chinese, Demonicinese, Japanese, Arabic, mermanish, Estonian... Basically, it's no language I can think of," Giles sighed after at least an hour had passed.

"Maybe it's a less known demonic language or...?" Xander suddenly glanced at his clock. "By the way, where's Buffy?"

The blonde, currently residing in Willow's arms, perked up.

"Of course! Now they have to start looking and when they can't find me, they'll get worried and call mom or..."

"She's probably off with her arm candy," Anya sighed. "Bet those two are doing something way more fun than research."

"...Or not?" Faith was lying on the couch, staring at the ceiling. "Bet ya don't love your meatpack so much now."

"Xander, want to have sex now?"

Faith's head turned to look at the research table, while Buffy groaned as two enormous hands were clapped over her ears.

"Not in front of the children, Anya!" the man hissed. The ex-demon rolled her eyes.

"Yes or no?"

Xander glanced at Giles, who waved his hand impatiently. "Oh, just... go."

Xander placed the girl onto the couch, said goodbye to Giles and Willow and made a quick exit.

"So, now what? It's getting a bit late," Willow spoke. "And the girls are probably hungry and sleepy."

"Sleepy? No. Feeling miniature? Hell yes!" Faith's voice carried over from the couch.

"Why bother? They don't understand," Buffy rubbed her head. "Unless we write it onto their foreheads..." she stopped. Faith's head popped up and her gaze met the blonde's over the distance between them.

"We are fucking morons," Faith finally concluded and Buffy was inclined to agree. Softly, she tugged on Willow's sleeve, who looked at her.

Buffy mimicked writing in the air. Willow's brow furrowed. More miming.

Faith whistled. Immediately, Willow turned to look at her instead. Standing by the table now, the brunette was holding up an old newspaper and pretending to write on it.

"You want to draw?" The brunette nodded, satisfied.

Willow handed her a pen a moment later. Faith grinned and started to write, handing it to Willow merely a moment later. The witch accepted it. Then she frowned.

"Hwrt ho? Gr'er newj yek ladrew f hfisl. Hg'e Gogher hsa Thrsz!"

"Let me see that," Giles cleaned his glasses. "This makes no sense."

Buffy turned to look at the brunette on the ground.

"What?" the brunette exclaimed. "I as sure as hell did write something like THAT onto the paper!"

The small blonde managed to get hold of the paper. "What the hell? This says – "Help us. We've been put under a spell. It's Buffy and Faith... How can they not see this?"

Faith had started to hit her head against the small table nearby repeatedly.

"We're going to be stuck like this. Forever."

"No," Buffy groaned. "Stop saying stuff like that. We'll be normal in no time."

"So we could try to kill each other again?"

"Yeah. Wait – no! What? Do you still want to kill me?" the blonde looked at the brunette, who just shrugged in response.

"Really assuring, Faith," Buffy yawned suddenly.

"See, Giles, they're tired," Willow spoke. "Where will they be staying? I can't take them to the dorms with me." She glanced meaningfully at the ex-librarian, who quickly shook his head.

"No, no, they cannot stay here," he denied, "I simply do not have enough room for two kids. I don't know what they eat or how they do their bodily functions..."

Both of the kids frowned up at him, so did Willow a second later.

"Bodily functions? Yeah, you're right. They're better off somewhere else..." The witch suddenly brightened up. "I know. Mrs. Summers! She could take them in until tomorrow. We'll find a translation spell or something by then."

"Yes, that'd be the best solution," Giles nodded. "Do you need any help taking them there?"

"That would be nice, thank you," Willow nodded, grabbing her bag and Buffy. Giles carefully picked up Faith and off they went.

The car was started, the girls buckled up in the backseat. That's when Buffy finally spoke.

"They'll figure out something's wrong when we get there. I mean Mom saw us disappear, right?"


"And then we'll be okay again."

Faith made a dull sound of agreement, staring out at the darkened streets of Sunnydale.

Buffy slid her tongue over her front teeth, a tad annoyed.

"You could at least pretend to be hopeful."

"Why?" Faith's gaze was firmly stuck at the passing buildings, tone emotionless. "Why would I want to be turned back into the chick who's either gonna be killed or thrown into a nice padded cell by the Watchers' Council as soon as she shows her face?"

"I... Well... Faith... I..."

"Rhetorical question, B."

Willow kept her gaze on the rear mirror, her face thoughtful. The kids seemed to understand each other alright, but by the sound and picture of it – they seemed to be having issues. She shook herself mentally. Come on, they were what? Four? Five? How serious issues could they have?

And yet, the thought remained in her head.

The rest of the ride was quiet and so, they soon found themselves in front of the house. At first, Buffy grinned at the sight of it. Then something occurred to her - hadn't they broken the window during their fight? She glanced at Faith by her side, but didn't dare to ask.

"Here you go," Willow whispered, picking up both kids and balancing them while Giles made his way to the door. He knocked carefully, while eyeing the girls Willow was holding.

"Do you want me to...?" he offered. Willow shook her head.

"They're fine here."

Faith made evil eyes at the boob that seemed to be by her side way too often today for her liking. As Willow shifted she involuntarily pressed against it more. She shuddered. Oh she was far far away from being FINE here.

Buffy, following the brunette's train of thought thanks to the expression on her face, chuckled softly. However, as soon as Faith's eyes fluttered to her, she stopped and quickly looked around, muttering out a small 'Sorry'.

Faith released a long breath, aware that Giles was knocking again, this time with more force than before.

"Listen, B, the way I see it, we're stuck like this for a while," she waited until the blonde looked at her again. "So we might as well try to not hate each other for the time being. Considering we're just about the only people we have to talk to. We'd go nuts otherwise."

"I think I can deal with that. Not going nuts, but... the not hating part," Buffy stammered, liking the smile that Faith gave her and that made the tiny brunette look oh-so-adorable. However, before she could add something, Faith beat her to it.

"I just have to say this," she spoke seriously. "Red's breasts are uber-perverts and I think she secretly enjoys harassing us with them."

As if by fate, Willow shifted again and Faith bumped against the offending part.


Buffy laughed this time, not caring about the tiny leg that casually tried to kick her from Willow's other side. Maybe this trying to be decent to each other wouldn't be as hard as she thought.

Giles knocked again and when nobody still responded, he sighed.

"Well, I guess Joyce isn't home. Maybe we can figure out an alternative..."

However, footsteps were heard from the inside merely a second later. A voice spoke a second later,

"Whatever you're selling we don't want it. Actually, we're not even at home. This is one of those recorded message thingies."

Willow laughed.

"Come on, stupid, open up, it's us."

A groan was heard from the other side.

"Damn it. I really thought it would work this time." Both kids had by now understood that something was wrong. The voice seemed oddly familiar.

When the door opened, the sight made both of them react in a similar way. They tensed up, their eyes widened and both of them understood that the craziness was far from over.

"So, Red, whatcha..." the woman in the doorway paused, her brown eyes fluttering over the small children. "Babies? Since when do you have babies?"

"She's, she's, she's," Buffy in Willow's arms gasped out. "She's you."

"Yeah, B, I kinda noticed, given that she looks like me and talks like me and dresses like me... She's more me than friggin' me!"

"Hey, baby, what's taking so long," another voice could've been heard from the room.

Mini-Faith and Mini-Buffy went even tenser in Willow's arms, but the witch didn't notice, as a blonde came into the view, not wearing much. She wrapped her arms around the brunette, who leant into her slightly, gesturing to the visitors.

"It's Red and G-man and by the look of it, they brought babies."


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