Bumblebee sat outside the large door of the medbay, his hands twisting restlessly between his knees as he leaned forward and ignored his own pain. When more Autobots landed on earth, they brought the Ark with them and with that, a more advanced medbay for Ratchet. The medic was able to repair Jazz, making his body whole once again and three days later, Jazz was recharging peacefully on a berth in the room, staying off of the duty list until Ratchet deemed him fit.

But that wasn't the focus now. Bumblebee felt horrible, felt responsible for the injury done to his comrade. The Autobots answered the call for help from the local police, even if it was a warehouse fire, but the danger went higher when Ratchet detected human life within the fire. Without thinking Bumblebee rushed in to save them, his youth and bravery making him reckless. He was able to get the humans out of the warehouse but part of the ceiling fell on his legs.

There was no damage, save for the black marks that scorched his paint, but he was effectively pinned down, the fire raging around him and getting closer, the heat threatening to damage his circuits. Just as the building was about collapse around him, movement off to the side caught his optics and then darkness fell around him.

When the Camaro onlined next, Ratchet had immediately forced him out of the medbay, saying that he was repaired enough until he got time later, and shut the door in his face. Bumblebee didn't even see how much damage was done to the frame of the powerful Autobot that saved him

"Don't worry, Bee!" a voice down the hall said and Bumblebee looked up and watched as Sideswipe and Sunstreaker walked down the hall towards him. The red twin sat down beside Bumblebee and placed an arm around his shoulders while Sunstreaker leaned up against the wall. "The Hatchet's done miracles and he'll be all right."

"Even if the medic has a horrible paint job," Sunstreaker said and Bumblebee managed a small smile.

"I know. I just… I just feel horrible if something happened him. It'll be all my fault."

Sideswipe was about to reply but Bumblebee shot to his feet as the door opened and a horrible racket echoed down the halls. Before the scout was able to step forward, though, Ratchet walked up to him, set something carefully in his arms, and said, "He wants you," before going back into the medbay.

The noise immediately quieted down and Bumblebee looked down at the thing in his arms and froze as he stared, speechless. Bright blue optics stared back up at him as soft coos left the small vocalizer that belonged to the red and blue Sparkling frame of…



Author's Note: I love "TFs as Sparkling" stories. I highly recommend the author Karategal for this too. But no matter the amount of stories of this line that I've read, I've never seen one where Optimus is the Sparkling, and decided to fix this. My sleep deprived mind decided that it was a good idea.