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Chapter one

The way it had to be

As Gohan descended down onto the Lookout, he landed silently behind Videl placing a hand on her shoulder. Bluma tapped ChiChi on the arm and nodded in Gohan's direction. A sharp inhale then,

"Gohan," slipped from her mouth.

"Wha, Go-han," Videl said as she turned around. Tears immediately filled her eyes. "Grrr I was worried sick about you, you idiot." Videl started to sob.

"Oh gosh Videl, please don't cry, I'm here now," Gohan said as he wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. Videl didn't resist, only cried. She was so happy that the man she thought she might never see again was holding her tight.

"Ahh," Gohan gasped.

"What is it Gohan?" Videl asked.

"It's Goku he's losing power," came Piccolo's gruff voice.

"You felt it too," Gohan asked.

"Yes. The Spirit Bomb is becoming too much for him to control, something's not right, it's draining his power rapidly."

"No, I won't let dad fail. I'm going to help him," Gohan said as he released Videl and started walking towards his mom.

"Then I'm coming too," Gohan looked behind him and saw that Videl was holdiong onto his arm, not letting him go. Gohan knew he could break her grasp, but he did not. This girl had control over him in a way different then brute strength and Gohan finally figured out what it was.

"Videl you can't come with. If the Spirit Bomb is draining my dad like this, it would most likely kill you, and I'd never forgive myself if that happened."

"But…Gohan," there was no point in hiding it anymore, "I lo-." The rest of Videls sentence was cut off, when Gohans lips came crashing down on hers. Neither of them cared who was watching, or that Trunks and Goten, who had just returned as well and were in their respective mothers arms, were making 'ewww' noises, she just wrapped her arms around him and didn't let go. Gohan broke the kiss, and stared at Videl who bean to open her eyes.

"I love you Videl. I realized it when Spokovitch was torturing you in the ring. If he hadn't kicked you out of the ring I don't know what I would have done. I would have rather died than see you in pain."

"Go-han," tears welled up in her eyes, and he pulled her into his arms again. "Promise you'll come back to me Gohan."

"Nothing could stop me from coming back to you," Gohan said. He kissed her forehead and walk to his little brother and Trunks.

"Goten, Trunks, you ready to go?" Gohan asked.

"Huh," Goten uttered.


"I'm going to go help dad Goten, and I could use your help, and you too Trunks," Gohan said looking at the two confused faces.

"I'm in," Trunks said enthusiastically.

"Me too, me too," chimed Goten.

"Wait a minute, don't we get a say in this," Bulma said loudly, her face getting red.

"Yea we just get our boys back and now you want to take them to risk their lives again? I don't think so Gohan," ChiChi yelled. "You may not be my little boy anymore, but you are not taking Goten with you."

"Mom, please, without our help Dad may not make it out of there alive," Gohan pleaded.

"And I want to help too mom," Trunks butt in.

"Let them go," Piccolo spoke up to voice his support for Gohan.

"How dare you tell us what to do Piccolo," ChiChi and Bulma said in unison.

"Look," Piccolo started," Goku no longer has the strength to continue, he's fading fast, and if I'm not mistaken, Gohan has a plan, and given he's probably about as smart as you Bulma you might want to listen to him."

Both mothers looked at their young sons then to Gohan. "You're right," Bulma spoke first.

"Gohan, you bring them back to us," ChiChi sad with tears in her eyes."

"Don't worry mom, they will be back here before you know it. Ok, you two ready?" Both boys looked up at Gohan.

"Uh huh."

"Yea, let's go save dad."

"Gohan," Gohan looked around to spot the origin of the voice. It was Corrin, stick in one hand, a bag in the other. "Gohan, catch." Corrin threw the small brown bag which Gohan caught with ease. Gohan looked inside and saw a Sensu Bean.

"Just the one?" Gohan asked.

"Give it to Vegeta, he can help then, spoke the furry white cat."


"But why my dad," asked Trunks, "why not Goku."

Goku will be fine once you get there, but you will need Vegeta's help." With that Corrin left.

"Gohan, just one question," Krillin started, "How are you going to get to the Kais planet?"

"A little trick dad taught me."

"Hmph. So he did teach you instant transmission after all," Piccolo stated only mildly surprised.

"Yeah, during that year we spent in the Room of Spirit and Time."

"You never cease to amaze me kid. Now go on and save or butts for the second time.

"Hm. Alright, grab my hand you two." Gohan brought his hand to his index and middle finger to his forhead, gave a quick wink to Videl and disappeared.

ChiChi approached Videl both of whom were still tearing up.

"You really love him, don't you?" ChiChi asked, surprising Videl.

"Gohan is like no man I've ever met, he won't give up," Videl said blinking tears from her eyes.

"He got that from his father," ChiChi paused at this. "But there is something you should know, Gohan isn't entirely human."

"I think, I think I always knew."


"Damn!" Vegeta exclaimed.

"Wha….What's wrong," asked Mr. Satan.

"Kakarott can't control it anymore, its draining his energy at an astounding rate. Buu has put his own energy into the Spirit Bomb to try and fight back, and… it's working. I don't have any power left to give him, and I don't think he can hold out much longer.


Buu was enjoying this, he was feeding his power into this massive energy ball making it backfire on its creator, the savior, Goku. Goku's time was limited and Buu knew he wouldn't last much longer.


"No, I can't lose," the Spirit Bomb pushed him back again. "NOOOOO, I've got to fight it. AHHHHHH," Goku poured more energy into the Spirit Bomb, and it stopped pushing him back at least. Now to make it go forward, but he wasn't sure that was going to happen.


Gohan, Trunks, and Goten appeared right in front of Vegeta and Mr. Satan.

"What…damn, so Kakarott did teach you that instant transmission technique," Vegeta spat. He was somewhat less than pleased.

"Yeah, he did," was all Gohan could say as he scratched the back of his head.

"Dad, dad," Vegeta looked down to see his son staring up at him. For a split second Gohan thought he saw a tear in the proud warriors eye, but dismissed the thought.


"Ha ha," Trunks just looked into his dads face and smiled. "Here dad, take this." Trunks handed his dad the bag with the Sensu Bean in it. Vegeta ate the tiny bean and felt his power start to return to him.

"Alright lets go save dad," Goten was jumping as he said this.

Okay, grab a hold sport, and you too Trunks," instructed Gohan.

"Dad come on," Trunks hollered at his dad.

"No, I'll not," Vegeta was talking as Trunks looked to Gohan who nodded, "Ride shotgun on some damned transportation," Trunks grabbed his dads leg, "Teqhnique, I'll-"


All four reappeared by Goku.

"Fly ov…What, grrr." Trunks looked at his dad and laughed.

"Oh man, Gohan it's good to see you."

"Same to you dad. Now what do you say we finish this."

"Hm, Okay, everyone put your energy into pushing this back at Buu." As Goku said this Vegeta, Goten, Trunks, and Gohan powered up to their Super Saiyan forms.

"Gohan, how is this possible?" Goku asked suprised. "I thought Elder Kai unlocked all your power?"

"He did dad, but after the beating I took from Buu and the absorption, My power level increased."

"You forget or greatest ability Kakarott, your son is smarter than he looks," Vegeta said with a grin.

"Gohan, your power is greater than when Vegeta and I fused."

"I know that's why this is going to end now dad, we can beat him," Gohan said staring his dad in the eyes.

Suddenly the ball started to lurch back toward Buu. It was working they were going to win. The Spirit Bomb was pushing Buu back again, then it stopped. Buu laughed as he started to push the Spirit bomb back at them, even 5 of them were not going to be able to push his own energy back at him. Gohan was certain this would work.

"No this isn't possible," Vegeata exclaimed.

"Grrr, dad, this isn't working, we've got to…wait, I have an idea. Buy me some time, when the time is right grab them and teleport out of the way."

"What are you planning Gohan."

"Dad there is something wrong, there is something wrong with the Spirit Bomb, he shouldn't be able to control it this easily."

"Your right, he has put too much of his evil into the Spirit Bomb."

"Just buy me that time dad."

"You're as stubborn as your mom and have a heart as big as mine, I love you Gohan." With that Gohan teleported away.

Vegeta looked over to see his former nemesis with a tear trickling down his cheek. "What the hell is the matter with you Kakarott, you'll see him again it's not like he is going to die." Goku just look at Vegeata as he said this, and Vegeta realized what that meant. Gohan knew it would take every ounce of energy to remove this beast from existence and in the process would probably destroy his own body from the power that it would take to destroy such a creature.

"Ugh, No," Piccolo had realized what his former student was about to do, "Don't do it Gohan," Piccolo voiced through his mind to Gohan.

"I have to Piccolo, Buu must be stopped."

"Gohan…Gohan, you were the first person I called friend. I will miss you and you will not be forgotten."

"Thanks Piccolo, and I need a favor."

"Name it."

"Tell Videl…Tell her I'm sorry"

"I will"


Gohan finished with Piccolo and shed a tear for the one he may never see again. "All right Buu, your reign of terror ends here." Gohan focused himself and started to raise his Ki. Buu sensed this and looked in Gohans direction and sneared then returned his attention to the others. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA," Gohans spiky hair became more refined as he entered his coveted Super Saiyan two form. His muscle mass increased, and he could feel the energy coursing through his veins. This was more power than he could have imagined. Saiyan blood and and old kai made for a powerful combination. He would not lose. He would do this to keep her safe, even if that meant he couldn't be with her. The thought hurt, but if he couldn't be with the one he loved, the next best thing was keeping her safe. "Any last words Buu?"

Buu looked at him now with a little worry in his expression.

"Because I have one for you, KAAAAAAAAAAAA."

"Huh." Buu was starting to look stunned. He had beaten this cretin before, where did he get all that power. He noted the blue energy building in his cupped hands.


No, not like this he,Majin Buu, was the strongest being in the Universe.


The fear started to rise and it was evident in his face, Gohan relished the look.


Buu couldn't move.

"Father now." All four saiyans released their grip on the Spirit Bomb which headed into the sky and dissolved into nothing.


The massive blue beam tore up the ground creating a canyon as it headed straight for Buu.

Buu put up his hands, he thought this was the end, but then he caught it, he couldn't believe it he caught it. Buu grinned. "Is that all you've got."

"Not even close…AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH." Buu never stood a chance he had lost too much of his energy to the Spirit Bomb to withstand an attack of this magnitude.

Gohan had a last brief mental image of Videl and thought, "I do this for her."

"Huh, no, Gohan," Videl exclaimed. She didn't know how she knew, but she knew he was gone.

"What is it," ChiChi asked.

"It's Gohan…he's gone," Videl said in a whisper. Videl felt as though she would vomit. It felt like someone had ripped her heart out and showed it to her.

"No…that's not possible…he can't be, not my son." Bulma grabbed ChiChi as she started to fall.

"No she's right," Piccolo's gruff voice broke through the crying. "The Spirit Bomb…Goku couldn't sustain it, and with the other four it made no difference. Gohan hoped it would but Buu had put too much of his evil into it. So Gohan decided to use an attack that could not be reversed in alignment less it was hit by another attack. Buu had no time to react.

"So Buu is dead," Bulma asked.

"Yes." Bulma looked to see where the voice had come from and saw that it was Vegeata.

"Vegeata you're alive," she said as she raced over to them, "and Goku, Trunks, Goten." Goku and Goten were racing over to a broken ChiChi.

Piccolo continued. "He put all his energy in it, but it was so much and his body was not used to the increase that his Super Saiyan forms brought to his already elevated Ki from the Elder Kai. All that power coming out at once would most likely have destroyed his body."

Videl ran up to Piccolo, "No, don't say that, he promised he'd come back, he promised." Videl fell into Piccolo and cried. Then Piccolo did something no one expected. He wrapped his arms around her. "He told me to tell you that he is sorry for breaking that promise." Videl just cried harder. The man she loved was gone.

"He might still be out there, I'm going to go look," Goku said.

"No…He's not Goku, I can tell."

"How?" Goku asked.

"Doh, are you that blind Kakarott, He chose her, he chose her, that's how she knew he had died, that's how she knows he's not there. She has a bond with your idiot son whether she likes it or not," Vegeta callously spoke.

"DON'T CALL HIM AN IDIOT," Videl yelled and gave Vegeta a stare that should have turned him to stone. Vegeta could only ever remember being frightened by a woman one other time, and that was by his wife.

Piccolo looked at Videl crying against him. "I'm sorry Videl." But Videl just cried. The man of her dreams was gone, her Gohan was gone.

"Hey everyone, we can get Gohan back. Porunga still has a wish left," Dende spoke up finally remembering. At this Videl's head shot up.

"We can get him back?"

"Yes we can Miss Satan," Dende spoke politely. "Elder," Dende spoke to the Elder Namekian on the other end of the sphere. The Elder looked at Dende and waited for him to speak. "We request that you use the last wish of Porunga to return Gohan."

"Yes anything for that young man, he has saved the universe twice now." The Elder turned to the Eternal Dragon Porunga and so did the sphere. "Porunga, we request that life be returned to Son Gohan of Earth." The dragons' eyes started to glow then returned to normal.

"That is impossible," spoke the dragon. Videl's heart sunk at those words.

"Why is that impossible," asked the elder.

"The one you call Gohan, I cannot locate, he may be stranded in the realm between worlds, ask another wish." But they had no more wishes and sent the dragon away.

Videls heart was broken again. Those on the lookout all began to shed tears in remembrance of the young man who had twice saved them from annihilation, and it would seem that he would never return. Everyone, and for some reason especially Vegeta, took pity on the young woman who's heart would never again be whole. Goku on the other hand had one last idea to find out if Gohan had reached the Otherworld or not.

"King Kai, can you hear me."

"Yes Goku,"

"King Kai, has Gohan passed through the check-in station."

"No I'm afraid not. As soon as I discovered his plan I went there to wait for him, but he never showed. I'm sorry Goku. But fear not for you may yet again see your son. You can thank that lovely young woman for that."

"What, Videl."

"Yes. Gohan loves her like you love ChiChi. That has bound him strongly to the world of the living. Remember how hard it was to keep you in the afterlife Goku. I suspect wherever Gohan is he is putting up that very same fight. If there is a way back, he will find it.

"Thanks King Kai."

"Where am I, am I dead."

"Not exactly," came a familiar voice.

"I know that voice."

"Of course you do, you met me almost 10 years ago on Namek. I unlocked a mere portion of your hidden power."

"Wha…Guru, but how."

"Your body was strained so much from the attack that, I decided I had to intervene on behalf of the universe that owes you so much.'

'What, you've been watching me from the otherworld."

"Not quite. Gohan you are in the world where Namekian Elders go after their death. I brought you here to heal you so you could return. The only way in and out of here is through the power of a Namekian Elder. This is known as the world between worlds. Unlike the otherworld which requires that you be wish back to return to the world of the living, this world allows you to leave when you are deemed ready by an Elder, and since I am the one who brought you here it is I who must send you back."

"Well then can you send me back, I made a promise to someone that I would return, but I failed her. I didn't think I would have had to resort to what I did."

"Sending you back now is as good as killing you. Your body would not last outside this realm until it has healed properly. It will take 3 years time until you can go back."

"Why didn't you just let me die so the dragon balls could return me?"

"Because Gohan the dragon balls would not have been able to revive you due to the fact that you accepted death so freely. You would have rather died than let Buu end another life. When your father died fighting your uncle he accepted death as well, but he also accepted that he could return. You did not. You were willing to end it all for the greater good even if it cost you the one thing that now makes you the happiest."


"Yes, you will be able to return to her Gohan, but you must be patient, so bare with me while we begin this healing process.

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