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Kagome walked into her dorm room and threw her book bag onto the floor as she told Rin, "Hey." With an exasperated sigh she threw herself onto her bed and screamed into the comforter.

"I take it that you and Inuyasha had another fight," Rin observed without even looking up from her book. Her voice was emotionless since she was used to this type of behavior from her roommate. "Either you are going to have to make him yours, or you'll just have to give him up to Kikyo."

"I'm never giving him up to Kikyo!" Kagome said defiantly as she sat up and on her knees. "She's only hitting on him to keep him from being with me. She's always competing with me for whatever it is that I want."

"And I've told you before that you should try to take something of hers," Rin observed flatly.

"But I don't want anything of hers," Kagome whined as she face planted into the bed again.

Rin sighed out of exhaustion. She dearly cared about her friend, but this was getting to be an every day conversation. "If you won't, then I'll find someone who will."

Kagome straightened up again and put her fists on her hips. "Like who?"

"I don't know yet," Rin admitted to her. "At least I'm not suggesting that you fight Sango for Miroku. What does she see in him anyway?" It was quite funny that Sango, who seemed the most no-nonsense person in their band of friends was the one who was madly in love with the guy who continually flirted with every woman he came across except for her.

"I guess he can be suave sometimes," Kagome suggested. She had her index pressed against her chin as she appeared deep in thought.

Rin burst out into an uncontrollable laughter and managed to somehow say "To everyone else but her" between breaths. Kagome soon joined her in a more lighthearted laugh.

As they were calming down there was a knock on their door. Kagome jumped up from her bed since she was closer to the door and opened it up to find Sango on the other side. Once again Rin erupted in laughter, to which Kagome followed laughing harder than before. Sango just stood in the doorway with her arms crossed over her chest and an unamused look on her face. When Rin's laughter finally died down a couple of minutes later Sango said, "I know are laughing at me, and I don't want to know what about. I can only guess it has something to do with Miroku." She took a seat on Kagome's computer chair and crossed her arms again to show she was not amused.

"Oh, come on," Kagome said giggling. "You have to admit that it's kind of odd that you like him."

"Maybe," Sango observed. She didn't exactly enjoy it when people made fun of her about it though. "Well, what are we doing tonight?" she asked them trying to change the subject. "It's Friday night, and the last thing I want to do is sit in the dorms tonight."

"How about we sit around at Inuyasha's house," Rin suggested winking at Kagome, who then threw her pillow at Rin. "Oh, come on. He's the only one not living in the dorms, and yet we always hang out here."

Kagome informed her in a rather somber voice, "Because Sesshomaru hangs out there over the weekend. He's got no life." They were all well aware of Sesshomaru's dislike of humans. As the Lord of the Western Lands, his life had pretty much been the center of the media's attention since his birth. And although he looked a lot like his father, the Emperor of the Western Lands, he was nothing at all like his father. Inuyasha tended to behave more like his carefree father, but Inuyasha's temper was something else to be desired. Perhaps, though, their similar personalities explained why Inuyasha too had two women fighting over him like his father did.

"Well, Inuyasha is always talking about how he isn't afraid of Sesshomaru," she contended as she put an evil smile on her face. "It is supposed to snow tonight. Maybe even have blizzard conditions. If he came over here he would have to stay in the dorms tonight. He could always share Kagome's bed."

Kagome picked up one of her books and chucked it at Rin's head as hard as she could but Rin moved out of the way in time. "That's not funny!" she yelled aloud. "Besides, that would mean that you have to stay the night somewhere else."

Rin put on a cheery smile and said, "I could sleep in Sango's bed since she'll be sharing Miroku's bed."

Sango sat up straight in her chair and asked Kagome for an object to throw at Rin in protest. Just as Rin opened the door to escape the flying pens and books Miroku appeared in their doorway. The other two girls stopped their actions mid-throw, so Rin ran out the door and to the bathroom. "Did I interrupt something?" he asked with a hint in his voice. He took Kagome's hand in his own and said to her, "If you ever need someone to protect you, please feel free to ask me." Sango's face turned red as she took the book in her hand and connected it with the top of Miroku's head causing a knot to form. What she didn't know was that he flirted openly in front of her to make her jealous. "Geez, you didn't need to hit me that hard," he complained as he rubbed the top of his head.

"What do you want, Miroku?" Sango crossly with her arms crossed over her chest.

He smiled at her and announced, "Inuyasha has invited all four of us over for the weekend. He said that Sesshomaru will be at home all weekend. He also said that since there will be a blizzard coming, just bring a couple of days worth of clothes, your pillows, and anything else you might need." Sango stood there waiting for Miroku to make some perverted comment, but he wouldn't since he knew she was expecting it.

"Are you serious?" Rin asked from behind Miroku.

He turned to look at her and said, "He said he'll pick us all up around five."

"That's only a half an hour away," Kagome said frantically as she started pulling out her over night bag and packing things away furiously. Sango left the room to go pack and Miroku followed behind her. They didn't get far down the hallway before Kagome and Rin heard Sango slap him across the cheek.

At five o'clock Inuyasha pulled up to the front of their dorm and honked the horn a couple of times out of impatience. Kagome was the first to come running out of the dorm and into the steady snowfall. Inuyasha didn't even get out of the car but popped open his trunk so they could throw their bags and pillows in. They all packed into the car with their Styrofoam containers carrying their dinners from the dorm's cafeteria. Inuyasha sped out of the drive and down the road. Since he was the Prince of the Western Lands, cops didn't pull him over for speeding or reckless driving so he normally could care less if anyone else in his car complained about his driving.

Once they got there he helped Kagome with her bag, which then lead to Miroku having to carry Sango's bag. Rin held her own and carried everything she had brought in her two hands. They spent the night watching some of the newest movies out on DVD and making fun of each other. The snow started piling up outside so they all stayed overnight. There was only one guest room with a double bed, so he offered it to Sango and Kagome. Rin took the couch, and Miroku slept on Inuyasha's floor.

At three in the morning Sesshomaru had grown tired of working on some of his father's paperwork. He had advisers for this who were sleeping. The snow had come down quite heavily, which made him glad he had flown over instead of driving. While most demons these days never used their demon abilities, he still felt the need to occasionally use them. "Father, I'm going back to school. I have things to work on there."

"I didn't force you to come and help out," his father reminded him. "Feel free to leave whenever you want." InuTashio was too busy looking over his own paperwork he didn't even have time to really pay attention to what Sesshomaru was doing.

Once outside Sesshomaru transformed himself into a ball of energy and flew through the skies at twice the speed of a car allowing him to get back to his home at college in only half the time. Once he got inside he noticed the smell of humans in his house. From what he could tell, there were four of them. One was his best friend, Miroku, who often dared to step into his house. The other were quite familiar smells to him since he often hung out with the remaining three. As he flipped on the light to the living room he heard a groan coming from the couch. "Kagome, stop turning on the light when you get up to go to the bathroom," a sleepy, female voice said. When he didn't respond Rin opened her eyes and noticed this was not her dorm room. Slowly she looked up to see a very angry dog demon standing over her. "Uh, hi," she said trying to defuse the situation. She was now wide awake. "Inuyasha said you would be gone this weekend, and we couldn't get back to the dorm in all of this snow."

Sesshomaru just growled and then walked to his brother's room. To get to his brother's bed he had to step over Miroku, but at this point he didn't care enough to step over him and instead stepped on Miroku waking him up. Once at his brother's bedside he reached out a hand and grabbed Inuyasha by the throat. Inuyasha's eyes flew open as he gasped for breath. "I told you that I didn't want you bring people over to my house." His eyes were growing red in his anger.

Inuyasha struggled to get out of his brother's grip but failed since his brother always did have more brute strength. Sesshomaru could hear behind him the woman from the living room running into the room. "I'm sorry," she apologized to him. "We'll leave if you want. Just don't take it out on him."

Sesshomaru looked at her face briefly to see that she was indeed terrified for Inuyasha's life. "You're girlfriend has saved your hide for now, but I better never see any of them over here again. They are to leave in the morning." He released Inuyasha, who fell back onto his bed.

"She's not my girlfriend," Inuyasha informed Sesshomaru. "And she has a name."

Sesshomaru ignored Inuyasha and stormed out the door and down the hallway to his room slamming the door behind him. "I'm sorry," Rin apologized to Inuyasha.

"What in the hell do you have to be sorry about?" he asked her gruffly. "Except that you interrupted my fight with him. Next time leave me alone." He only said those words out of a bruised ego, but Rin didn't know that. She hung her head and head back to the living room to gather her clothes. She changed into a fresh pair of jeans and a heavy sweatshirt in the bathroom before putting on her coat and shoes and heading out into the blizzard.

The next morning Kagome woke up and raced into the bathroom before Inuyasha woke up to make herself beautiful. Afterwards she went out to living hoping she could hang out there since Rin always woke up before her, but she didn't find Rin nor any of Rin's things. One couldn't even tell by the looks of the room that Rin had even been there. Kagome barged into Inuyasha's room and woke up both guys by shouting, "Rin's not here!"

Both guys woke with a start. They were not having any luck getting any sleep this weekend already. Miroku thought over last night and remembered that he had heard the front door of the house open last night. "I did hear someone leave last night, but I thought it was Sesshomaru leaving again."

"What? Sesshomaru's here?" she asked in a panic.

"Yeah, didn't you hear him last night?" Inuyasha asked rubbing his neck. Kagome's face revealed the she had obviously slept through the whole ordeal. "How could you sleep through that?" he asked irritated.

"Sango slept through it also."

Miroku thought it best to now cut off a fight and get to business. "Sesshomaru came home last night and came in here threatening Inuyasha. Rin begged Sesshomaru to leave Inuyasha alone, so he did stating that we had to be out of here in the morning. Then Inuyasha yelled at Rin. I told Inuyasha he should go apologize, but obviously he didn't. I'm guessing that she left for the dorms. Inuyasha, you should probably go look for her since you can get through the snow better."

"And why is that?" Inuyasha asked snidely. "Because I'm a dog?"

"No, because you are a half-demon and can run so fast that you don't sink in." Inuyasha looked at the determined faces of Kagome and Miroku and figured that it was best for him not to complain and just go look for her. He quickly dressed in a pair of sweats and sneakers and ran outside. He was halfway back to the dorm when he found her frozen body. By the looks of her it wasn't the cold that had lead to her demise but some hungry wolves.

Feeling guilty he carried her corpse back to the house and laid it down in his bathtub. Kagome stood over him yelling at him about how careless his words were between sobs. Sango at this point was also awake and trying not to cry. Just then Inuyasha remembered that his father had given Sesshomaru a sword that brought humans back to life with just one stroke. The only problem was, he gave it to Sesshomaru, who was the only person who could wield it. This would take some negotiating to get him to help them out.

Sesshomaru had heard the moaning from the woman. He had been awake for an hour and was frankly tired of the unwanted guests. And now there was a dead woman lying in their house. Shortly after his door opened to reveal a very pissed off Inuyasha. "This is all your fault," he tried to blame Sesshomaru while pointing a finger at him. "She wouldn't have left if you hadn't scared her off."

"I think you are mistaken," Sesshomaru said in his dead tone. "You were the one who yelled at her for helping you out." He turned his back on his brother as he looked at his computer again.

Inuyasha knew he wasn't going to win this way since his brother was probably right. "Okay, but I know that you can save her with the Tenseiga."

"I won't save a human with that sword."

"You will if I call Dad," Inuyasha said using his last card. "He'll make you."

"And what if I don't?" Sesshomaru was growing very impatient with him.

"He'll just name me heir."

Sesshomaru mentally rolled his eyes before saying, "He is already holding another threat over my head in that regard."

"Fine, then I will call Dad and we'll see what else he can do."

He picked up the cordless phone sitting in Sesshomaru's room and started to dial the speed dial when Sesshomaru finally gave in. "Fine, but you will owe me for this."

"Yeah, whatever," he said as he rolled his eyes. He watched as his half-brother stood up and approached the sword that was mounted on the wall. To this point Sesshomaru had been unable to use the sword since it was quite useless except for resurrecting humans, and to this date he hadn't found a human worthy of using it on.

Tenseiga pulsed in his hand as soon as he unsheathed it. The sword knew its exact purpose at this moment. As Sesshomaru walked into Inuyasha's bathroom the two girls he hadn't seen and Miroku parted for him to get in. The young woman's body lay in the bathtub horribly torn up. He was thankful that the blood was frozen inside of her or it would have bleed over the carpets as Inuyasha carried it in. Above the woman on the edge of the tub he could see little demons working steadily on something. He assumed these to be the workers from the underworld, so he sliced through them watching as they dissolved into the air.

Rin's body began to heal itself quickly, and as soon as it healed she took in a breath. Her eyes opened to see Sesshomaru standing over the tub. She covered up her body noticing that her clothes had been badly torn. Inside Sesshomaru smirked at the thought that she now needed to cover herself when it was just the parts of her body that were perfectly fine for everyone to see. Humans had such odd behaviors. "What happened?" she asked.

Sesshomaru walked out of the room leaving everyone stunned except for Inuyasha. He pulled Inuyasha into the hallway and said in a low tone so that the humans could not hear, "You owe me."

"What in the hell do you want?"

Sesshomaru knew exactly what he should ask for, but it wasn't going to be easy saying the words. "Father's deal."

Inuyasha gulped knowing full well what this wold mean. He had been responsible for Rin's death, and now he would be responsible for shattering her future dreams. "Fine. I'll talk to her about it." Sesshomaru went back to his room leaving Inuyasha alone in the hallway. Kagome walked out to the hallway and hugged him out of relief. "Kagome, it's not exactly as easy as you think this is."

"But you got Sesshomaru to save her! That was amazing!"

He pushed her to an arm's length away from him. "I had to promise something that I don't think she'll like."

"What?" Kagome asked concerned. The look on Inuyasha's face made her nervous. What kind of deal could he have made?

Sango hit Miroku for making a comment on seeing Rin's skin, which brought Miroku out into the hallway. Kagome grabbed the bag that she had packed for she and Rin and grabbed some of Rin's things out so that Rin could take a shower and then dress in something more appropriate.

By the time she got out of the bathroom from handing Rin her things she found Inuyasha back in his room with Sango and Miroku also sitting in there. She shut the door behind her and sat down on the bed next to him. "What kind of a deal did you make?"

"I didn't know he was going to ask for that!" he exclaimed.

Sango watched as Inuyasha ignored Kagome's looks. "What are you talking about?"

"He made a deal with Sesshomaru," Kagome explained. "In order to get Sesshomaru to save Rin with his sword he agreed to do something."

"Agreed to what?" Miroku now asked.

"He said I would owe him for it, so I agreed because it's better than letting her remain dead. I didn't expect him to want her to marry him."

"What?!" Kagome yelled out loud. Sango and Miroku both looked at Inuyasha mortified.

"Father told him that he had to marry a human woman he loved by the end of the school year in order to inherit the title of Emperor. He hasn't found a human worthy of showing any attention to, but I guess that now he has found someone who will have to agree to a charade in order to help him."

"Why did you agree to that?" Kagome asked as she punched him in the arm.

Inuyasha held her arms together away from him as he barked out, "I told you that I hadn't expected him to ask for that!"

"Ask for what?" Rin asked as she opened the bedroom door. She was now dressed in a new outfit. Her hair was still wet and needed to be combed through. "Who asked for something?"

"Uh," Inuyasha started unsure as to what to say.

Kagome stood up and put her arm around Rin's shoulders. "Inuyasha kind of owes Sesshomaru big time for having Sesshomaru bring you back to life." Kagome glared at Inuyasha before forcing Rin to sit down on the desk chair that Sango had just been occupying.

"What does he want? I owe him a lot for saving me," she explained hopefully to them.

Kagome sighed and said to her, "I guess he's got some condition set up by his father stating that he has to fall in love with a human and marry her before the end of the school year."

"Does he want me to help him find one?" Rin asked her innocently.

"Not exactly."

Kagome glared at Inuyasha again, so this time he finally explained things to Rin. "He wants you to pretend you love him and marry him."

Now it was Rin's time to be shocked as she yelled out "What?! You promised him what?!"

Kagome hugged Rin hoping it would help but fully knowing that nothing could help at this moment. "It's better than being dead."

Rin didn't know if she should attack Kagome first for that comment or Inuyasha first for making the promise. How could they make such a promise? How could she carry off being in love with someone who was the complete opposite of her?

"If you don't agree, he'll probably end your life again and all of ours, I'm sure," Sango commented bluntly. "I wouldn't put it past him."

"So now I have to save everyone else's life?" Rin pushed Kagome away from her and rushed out of the room. She remembered that there was a enclosed back porch in the back of the house, so she sat in there hoping to get some time to think through everything.

This was just too much for her to handle in one day. First she dies, then she is resurrected, and now she's promised in marriage to a demon who completely hated humans!