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Tony glanced up; as yet again Gibbs hit him across the head. Despite the grief his boss occasionally gave him, he couldn't help a smile that spread to his face. Gibbs noticed the small smile that appeared on Tony's face, 'what are you laughing about, DiNozzo?' he said calmly as he headed up the stairs leaving the bullpen.

He turned to face away from his team, afraid that his though process would spread across his face, and reveal his inner thoughts. He pretended to be reading a report that he held in his hands as he headed to his office. Un-aware that Abby was about to cross his path, and see his true feelings.

'Hey up Boss!' she cried as she saw Gibbs, 'just been with Ducky, the COD was asphyxiation, and the report will be on your desk ASAP! Hey you look happy, someone on your mind?' She smiled as she snuck him a sneaky all knowing wink. Gibbs faltered back a step, a split second of worry crossed over his face, as he feared that someone might know how he felt. 'Don't worry Bossman, your secret is safe with me' she said while practically hugging him as he stood frozen to the spot.

As Abby descended into the Bullpen, Gibbs took a second to breathe before heading to his office, where he could hide and escape reality; however he couldn't escape his feelings. He would have to face up to them sooner or later, but in the meantime he and the team had a case to solve.