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"Em! Em! Guess what?!" the pretty brunette said, running down the hall of her high school.

Emily Davis turned and looked, watching as her best friend, Casey McDonald, came running up to her. Or, sliding might be more appropriate, considering that Casey had once again slipped on air and almost tripped herself up. She was greeted with rounds of "Klutzilla strikes again!", the loudest yeller being her stepbrother, Derek Venturi, who was standing right behind her. Casey shook her head in disgust and instead focused on Emily. Her blue eyes were shining, a sign that, in every normal girl, would mean that she had just found the hottest sale at Charlotte Russe. But not Casey. She was far from any normal girl.

"What?" Emily asked, retrieving her chemistry binder from her locker.

"We just got our English reading assignments! And guess what book we get to read!" Casey cried, elated.

"I hope it's not The Great Gatsby or Great Expectations," Emily grumbled.

"No, it's even better. We get to read Pride and Prejudice!" squealed Casey.

"But haven't you read that book, like, a million times?"

"So? It gets better every time you read it. It's the classic, best example of a romance. Girl meets guy, girl is disgusted by guy, girl argues with guy, girl falls for another guy, more arguing between the girl and the first guy, first guy asks girl to marry him, which results in more arguing, girl discovers that the second guy isn't what she thought he was—the same goes for the first guy—falls in love with first guy, and then finally marries him after waiting for him for what seems an excruciating long amount of time. Oh! It's such the best!" Casey sighed, clutching the well-worn copy of Pride and Prejudice to her chest.

Emily rolled her eyes, realizing what Casey did not: that this whole Pride and Prejudice plot sounded a lot like her relationship with a certain stepbrother of hers. Casey didn't know it, but Emily was pretty sure that Derek felt for Casey what Mr. Darcy felt for Elizabeth Bennet: a deep, abiding love, fueled by passionate arguments and yet covered up with those same arguments, but at the same time, an unwanted, almost feared love, because of the connections between them. Of course, Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth had had the fact that they weren't stepsiblings on their side. Emily wished that they would just throw away the pretenses and admit their feelings for each other.

For Emily thought that Casey liked Derek, too.

When Casey opened the door to enter her house, she was skipping. She was that excited about slipping away into Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth's world, a world where men were gentleman-like and sweet, not a skirt-chasing pig and a miniature wannabe salesman, which was what she had in her two stepbrothers. She was just glad she had Lizzie and Marti to combat the boys, even though Marti loved her Smerek.

Her point about miniature pig salesmen brothers was proved when she discovered Derek laying on the couch, asleep, his mouth wide open and a bag of Fritos in his lap. Casey sighed and turned to go up to her room, but amusement got the better of her, and she sneakily grabbed a handful of Fritos from the bag and started pitching them at Derek's open mouth. She was halfway through her second handful when Derek suddenly sat up, mumbling something like, "Hey, hot stuff, what's going on? Do you think you could make me a sandwich?" Casey sighed again. Even while sleeping, Derek was focused on the two of the three most important things in his life: girls and food. The third most important thing? His sister, Marti.

Casey ran up the stairs, not wanting to see Derek's reaction when he fully awoke to find himself covered in Fritos. (Casey's aim wasn't as good as she'd hope. One Frito had landed in Derek's shirt pocket, another in his ear, and another on the bridge of his nose.) Casey's judgment was gratified when she heard a "Hey!" and then crunching sounds, followed by, "Mmm, that's good." She went into her room and closed the door, wanting more than ever to escape into the perfect world that the marvelous Jane Austen had created.

Little did she know that her favorite book would soon morph into reality.

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