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"Are you absolutely sure you want to do this?" Lan was worried that Megaman wouldn't be able to handle the task assigned to him. "I know that this gives me extra credit towards my next math test, but will you be able to tolerate them?"

"I've been through much worse. I can deal with young navis. I think it'll be fun. Plus, you really need extra credit."

Lan grumbled something about not being too stupid, but Megaman brushed it off.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine."

Megaman logged out of his PET and appeared before a room. It sounded like a freakin' zoo. He was almost sure that he heard desks being thrown and screams of pain following. He began to doubt himself.

"If I die, please let Lan get at least a seventy on the test."

He braced himself and opened the door…only to be hit in the face with a textbook. He hit the ground, grabbing his face.

"What the hell was that!? Are you trying to kill me!?"

The navis laughed at his pain. Already this seemed like hell. Megaman stood up and walked to the front of the room. He had to think happy thoughts. Things have been worse.

"Who are you? You seem a little old for this class."

"I'm your new teacher for this week. You can just call me Megaman."

"Why are you here?"

"To teach you. What else do teachers do these days?"

One kid stood up and pointed cynically at Megaman.

"I bet you couldn't net battle in your life!"

"You're betting me? I could take down an entire army of viruses before you finished picking your nose."

The kid was obviously insulted. He picked up a book on viruses and threw it at Megaman. Without thinking, he fired the buster and destroyed the air-born object. A chorus of 'ohhhs' and 'ahhs' were heard from the class. The young navi took a seat after making himself look like an idiot.

"I wouldn't do that again if I were you. Now, not to rush things, but lets get started. I assume you all have textbooks on net battling. Take them out and turn to page ten.

"I don't have a textbook." This was from the kid who sacrificed his. Megaman walked up to him making the navi feel inferior.

"Whose fault would that be? I wonder…" Megaman presented him with another book. "Let's not do that again. I not a bad guy, but if you tick me off, I won't hesitate on punishing you. Just try to stay on my good side. Now will someone please read what is on page ten? How about you."

A young girl began to read what was the table of contents.

"Page 11- Viruses, page 14- Net battling… There's a chapter in here about deletion! Megaman, what's deletion like?"

"Uh…" Random images of yaoi and shounen-ai began flooding his head. 'Lan…'


"What? Oh yeah, never mind. It's really not that bad. 'Gods, I'm perverted.'

"What do we do now?"

"Start on page 11 and read to the end of the chapter until the lunch bell. We can relax and then, since it's my first day, we can start a topic of your interest."

The navis spent five minutes reading before they heard the bell. They logged out to see their net ops. Megaman spent his lunch break cleaning the massacre the kids had left behind.

'How'd finger paint get on the ceiling?'

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