(This happens in the human world, somehow. Please don't ask me how.)

"Protoman, are you ready for revenge?"

Megaman had been standing outside the school for about two hours now waiting for the red raider. He must have looked ominous to passer-bys because of the numerous weapons he had on him. He had swords, blasters, diversion chips in stock, and the megabuster. Protoman came forward with swords. He never was too creative. Megaman spotted something different about him.

"Protoman, are you alright? You look sick."

"Damn you, Chaud." He was mumbling to himself.

Megaman saw the pink bow in his hair and started laughing hysterically.

"What the hell happened to you? You told me you hated the bow and had enough pride to overcome Chaud's will."

"Yeah, well, Chaud promised me a special viewing of Winter Cicada the movie if I wore the bow."

"You like yaoi!?"

Protoman blushed. "Yeah, but besides that, where's the author?"

"She's coming. I sent a phony e-mail saying a yaoi convention was here. She's an avid yaoi fangirl. That's why we can't lose. If we lose here, she'll lock us in a closet and make us perform acts of yaoi."

"With each other?"

"What the hell do you care? It's yaoi! I can't lose my world-saving reputation here!"

Protoman shut Megaman up and pointed towards the horizon. The author had arrived and was ready for yaoi. She had a camera and a list of her favorite pairings. What they didn't know was that the paper was their greatest enemy.

"Where's the convention?"

"Well, she arrived. Shall we?"

"Author, we've had enough of you crap! It's time to die, or just break you hand!"

She stopped about ten feet from the navis and whipped out a piece of clean paper and a pencil.

"Do you want war? Fine, you've got!"

She scribbled a few words and suddenly anvils dropped from the sky.

"Are humans supposed to have powers like this!?" Cried Protoman as they dodged the onslaught.

"Just go with the plot! I'm sure while writing previous chapters, she wrote something that would let us win."

When the navis were backed against a wall, she began writing more things. Sharp kunai came from nowhere and nearly pinned the navis to the wall. The only damage done were a few cuts to the suits. Protoman charged forward and withdrew his sword aiming for her throat. With a few flicks of the wrists, a small grey cat appeared in Protoman's path.

"It's so cute!" Protoman bent down to pet it when it suddenly transformed into a saber tooth tiger and bit him. "Holy crap!"

Megaman was about to back him up when a ghost attacked and scared the shit out of him. He curled up on the ground and moaned in fear. "I thought you said she had a weakness!"

"She does whatever it is. Wait, does she like Monty Python?"


"Let me try this. Ni!"

She laughed.

"You dumbass!"

Protoman growled and cut the cat in half. He ran at her but missed as he tripped. Luckily, he hit her in the face with the bow.

"Pink…pink…pink! I hate pink!"

The two navis looked at each other in confusion. It took them a while to understand. Protoman stood up and hit her with the bow again. She fell and cried out.

"Get that away from me, it burns like acid!"

Protoman hit her a few more times until without warning the author's body disappeared. They stood shocked and very confused until a voice rang out from the sky.

"You thought I would actually fall for your little stunt? I know Lan's e-mail address! It wasn't going to work right from when you hit send. Oh, and if you were wondering what happened to my body, that was my kage bushin! Jutsu rocks! We'll meet again, soon!"

The voice faded and the two were horrified.

"Megaman, she controls us! What'll happen?"

"Lan will probably fail a few more tests and we'll face more darkloids. We can't do anything until we actually meet her. We'll just wait."

Protoman and Megaman looked to the sky as the screen began to fade and the credits rolled. It was a bad ending, but what will become of our heroes?

"Find out on the next episode of Megaman NT Warrior!"

The end! It's all done and I'm very tired now. I won't make a sequel even though the ending makes it look that way. I hope you all enjoyed it and thanks to those who read and reviewed. Authors like it when they get compliments, right?

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