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Story Summary: Buffy finds out Angel and Spike came to Rome and she comes to L.A. to face her feelings that she still for Angel.

Rating: PG-13-R-Just in case.

Angel looked out the window staring at the rain. He had been in that exact position for at least twenty minutes. He stood in his office of Wolfram and Hart. Seeing Buffy with the Immortal hit him like a thousand knives. He couldn't get the thought out of his mind. He loved Buffy. She was his soul-mate. She was everything in his being. Angel closed his eyes at the thought of her. He had so much going on right now the last thing he needed was for her to cloud his mind.

Wesley entered his office. Following him were Spike and Gunn. Angel turned to see them. His mind would be off Buffy for the time that they were there.

" The Capo di Famiglia of the Goran is complete. No worries." Gunn sat as he sat on the couch of Angels office.

"How did it go with Buffy in Rome?" Wesley asked. Angel sighed. The mere thought of her was unbearable to him. "She's fine…Apparently she's letting the Immortal enjoy her cookie dough."

Wesley, Spike, and Gunn, all looked at him bewildered. Spike was the first to speak up. He gave a grunt. "The Immoral. That pounce. I hate him." Spike turned to Angel. "Just as much as I hate you."

Angel put his hands in his pocket and sighed. He wanted to talk about anything else. Anything besides Buffy, and the thought of her moving on. Moving away from him.

Wesley walked over to Angel. "I know seeing her was hard on you. But we have a fight we have to concentrate on.." Angel nodded. "Yeah. You're right." Spike came over. "Why are you so upset? You have a girlfriend remember?"

Angel was getting a little irritated with Spike. He had no idea what love they shared. Nina. The girl in question that Spike spoke of. She was convenient for Angel. A comfort. She wasn't Buffy. Angel would choose Buffy over Nina at any given moment. He didn't love Nina. How could he? How could he love anyone else besides Buffy. She was his girl. Always.

"Nina is not my girlfriend Spike. So for the last time, shut up about before I feed you to her." Spike huffed. "You're going to feed me to Dog-Girl?" Angel gabbed Spike by the back of the jacket. "Okay. Time for you to go…." Angel shoved Spike out opf his office and shut the door behind him. Relieved not to hear his mouth.

Buffy stood in front outside the building of Wolfram and Hart her heart pounding. She was scared to face him. What would she say to him? How would he react seeing her? What would he say? All these questions rushed through Buffy's mind.

Andrew had told her about Angel and Spike coming to see her in Rome. She was extremely pissed off that he went behind her back. Again. Mostly she was mad at Angel and not Spike. She didn't know why, maybe because Angel has done this before and he knew better. She was happy to know that Spike was alive. Yeah. They had something. But it didn't compare to what her and Angel had. What they had was a forever love. Nothing would change that. Not ever.

Buffy didn't know how she was going to explain the Immortal to Angel. She didn't know how to explain to herself. She was sent by Giles to kill the Immortal. She had to play nice first though. She had to get in control. And she did. She earned the Immortals trust ,and eventually his love. Buffy wasn't proud she did what she did. It was her job.

Buffy had planned to see Angel. She had been having flashbacks of their time together. It had been going on for the last month or so. They came suddenly and without warning, and were so real that Buffy felt as if she was reliving each moment that she had spent with Angel. The dreams were the worse. Actually it wasn't so bad. The touches and the kisses felt so real, and sent Buffy into a spiral. Especially the dream she had when Angel turned human. Buffy closed her eyes remembering the dream.

She dreamt it was a kiss on the beach in the sunlight she could clearly remember the way it felt when Angel took her into his arms and kissed her deeply, all the time away from each other finally reaching an end. Buffy did not remember this. They made love on the table until the table broke, . Angel carried her to the bedroom and they made love there again and again, sharing food and kisses. Angel's heart beat as Buffy licked ice cream off his chest. The next part of the dream was Angel telling her it was all over…

Buffy opened her eyes. Getting out if the thoughts that filled her mind. 'Yeah..I'll get answers for that too' she thought as she stepped into the building. The building that held her lover. The building that held her soul-mate. The building that held Angel who held her heart.

Buffy entered the offices and was just astounded at how big and exquisite it was. Buffy made a turn. Her hair half way up. Her long hair almost reached the middle of her back. She had it so her bangs were pulled back in a pin. She knew Angel loved her long hair, especially when it was down. Her jeans fit her perfectly and her black camisole with a lace, made her breathtaking.

Buffy walked by the secretary desk and stopped. Wait? What? Buffy turned and saw. Yes. Yes. It was Harmony. Buffy looked at her, and Harmony finally looked up.

"Oh-Mi God. Buffy!" Buffy saw how Harmony practically ran around the desk to meet her. Harmony embraced Buffy in a tight hug. "You look amazing…." Harmony pulled away. "Yeah." Buffy said still confused by seeing Harmony. By seeing Harmony in Angels office. "I mean with the Immortal I'd be glowing too." Buffy was pissed now. Angel had told her about what he saw or what he assumed?

"Excuse me?" Buffy asked. She could feel her anger rising. Buffy felt Angel close by. She didn't know what she was going to do when she saw him. Kiss him or hit him?

Buffy was about to lose it when Spike walked up. "Buffy?" Buffy turned to Spikes voice and was relieved to hear a friendly voice. "Hi." She got out. Spike couldn't believe she was standing before him. "Came to rub The Immortal to Captain Forehead?" Buffy gave a smirk. "Why Yes. I traveled on a plane for 16 hours to do that." Spike nodded. "Why you here then pet?" Buffy tilted her head, wanting Spike to know the answer.

Buffy grabbed Spike by the collar. Spike looked down at what Buffy was doing. "Hey!" Buffy then walked over to the double doors with Spike. That said" Angel:CEO

Buffy rolled her eyes as she threw Spike through the doors.

Spike landed with a thud. Angel, Wesley, and Gunn all turned to see Spike on the floor agonizing in pain as he held his head. "Spike. What the hell are you doing?" Angel asked sitting up from his desk. Angel's heart would of stopped if he had one, when he saw Buffy step over Spike and come clear to his view.

She was breathtaking to him. He couldn't muster a thought. Nit a word. She stood there smiling giving him what he needed. She wanted to toy with him. The room fell silent, no one knew what to say; given the situation. Buffy looked Angel up and down. "Hey Baby."