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Buffy woke up in the room she was left in, but there was no door. Buffy got up and threw the covers off of her and got out of the bed, Buffy looked around Buffy started to panic, she felt like she was running out of air. She needed help. She needed Angel to find her soon. Buffy went over to the wall and started banging on it with her fists.

"Nobody's going to hear you, Buff," came a voice from the corner. It was a voice she recognized all to well.

"Angel?" Buffy whispered hopefully. Tears sprang to her eyes, she had given up hope and here he was.

"Guess again, sweetie" Angelus came out of the shadows with his game face on, and slowly walked towards her. Watching her as she stood there, not moving.

"No," Buffy backed away from him, "No…"

"Oh, yea baby, I surely did miss you ," Angelus smirked, walking towards her and trapping her in the corner she had backed herself into.

Angel grabbed her arms to held her in place, "You and I are going to love this," he whispered in her ear before biting into her neck. Buffy's mouth opened wide in shock and pain as she felt the fangs pierce her neck. Her arms dropped in defeat as Angelus took over her body .


Buffy gasped as she woke up. She looked around and found the door still there and felt her neck. There were no puncture marks. She realized it was only a nightmare.

Buffy was pulled out of her trance she was in, remembering what had happened in her nightmare, seeing Angelus in her dream, in a way gave her hope, that he was coming. That she would be saved.

Luther came through the door and quickly shut the door. Buffy breathed in, she didn't know what to expect. Not from him.

Luther walked towards Buffy as she stepped further away from him.

"What do you want now?" Buffy asked. Trying to hide her fear from him.

Luther grinned. "I'm tired of waiting."

Buffy nodded. "You know what? Me too. I mean. I figured Angel would be here by now. You know cause that's what he does."

Luther nodded. "He's afraid. He's afraid of what he knows I'm going to do to you…he took something from me and now I'm going to take something from him."

Buffy shivered. "What did he do to you?"

Luther gave an evil laugh. "You know story time is over sweetheart."

Buffy shook her head. "It doesn't have to be. I like stories."

Luther looked at Buffy for a long moment.

Luther came closer to Buffy and stopped.

"He took the girl I loved out of our bed and dragged her out in the middle of night….I found her hanging in the tree, her neck drained…." Luther told her.

Buffy couldn't imagine it. "He's different now. He's human. He has a soul and a heart…and besides how did he get into the house?"

Luther smiled. "Smart girl you are…I didn't know he was turned. Before he was turned into a vicious bastard..I was very good friends with Liam. I knew he had a thing for Cecilia."

Buffy shook her head. "What does this have to do with me?"

"You're the only thing in the world that means anything to him….to Angel…to Angelus."

Buffy gave a faint laugh. "Angelus and I are really not on good terms."

Buffy froze when Luther pulled out a gun and pointed it at her.

"Well. I'm sure that will all change." Luther replied. Not flinching.

Buffy couldn't look away from the gun. She hated these things. They sucked. She's had bad luck with them before.

Buffy brought her leg up and kicked the gun out of Luther's hand, then reversed her leg and hit across the face, sending him backwards.

Buffy took the time she had and bolted out the door. She had to run. Run for her life. Run for her baby. Run for Angel.

The first rush of speed had come simply from the fear of pursuit. She could hear his footsteps behind her, could almost smell the scent of him. She wanted only to put distance between them, to get far away as possible. She didn't even know where she was.

She was lost. For the first time she wished she had paid attention in Geography when they were talking about Brazil.

Buffy tried to fill her mind with good things. Angel's face, his gentle touch on her body.

She ran as if increasing the distance between them would mean an escape from Luther. She felt if she ran long enough it would somehow free her, and she would wake up in Angel's bed, in his arms and she would cry her fears into his chest, and they would laugh once the tears had dried. Nothing could ever change their love for each other. Not even death.

The rational part of her realized that he was no longer running after her, but she continued to run anyhow. The pain that began to burn in her chest as her. She felt all the bruises and wounds all over her body.

Buffy ran until her legs trembled with the effort, unaware or uncaring of the danger she faced running blind in a mansion that could be a dead-end at any moment or a twist unexpectedly.

Buffy tripped over her own feet, on a rolled up rug in the middle of the floor. Buffy fell onto the floor, she tried to catch her fall but failed.

Buffy tried to get up, but was knocked out cold, when a cold, hard, black boot stomped her head back to the floor.

Angel, Wesley, and Gunn stood at a beach . They were in Morro Branco - Ceará, Brazil. Angel remembered this place very well. He knew very well why Luther took Buffy. There was this guilt Angel could not get rid of.

She was in danger because of him. Again. He hated it. More than he could stand.

The three of them stood around a large pool of blood. Wesley was chanting a locator spell in Romanian.

All of a sudden a large map of Brazil popped up in the pool of blood and appeared a tiny, golden star not far from their location.

Angel let out a long needed breath. She was still alive. But Angel would know if anything happened to her. He would feel it. He would feel it in his heart.

"Thank god, she's still alive," Wesley said, relieved that Angel's slayer was still alive. Angel's girl was nearby.

Gunn clapped his hands together. "Alright. Lets go kick some ass.."

Angel stood there in one spot. How would he save her? Angel looked up at Gunn and Wesley, he felt it. Felt it in his soul…in his gut.

"We don't have much time.' Angel finally said leading the way to Luther's mansion. To save Buffy. He wanted to touch her, to protect her.

In what looked like an underground parking garage. An abandoned garage.

Luther stood behind Buffy with his right arm on her shoulder. . Luther aimed the gun at her side with his other hand. Buffy found that her hands were tied in back of her. Luther was dragging her towards another area of the garage.

Buffy could keep up with his walking, her feet stumbled trying to stand up. He was dragging her so forcefully.

Luther looked down at Buffy and smiled. "There are certain things you just can't let slide. A death like Cecilia, it's a personal and an internal issue, doesn't affect anyone else but me, your death will affect Angel…he will finally understand how it feels."

Luther stopped in the corner of the garage, a large, bronzed hook came down from the ceiling. Luther let go of Buffy in front of the hook.

Buffy looked at him. "Well. I feel better knowing I'm dying for a good reason."

Buffy then elbowed Luther in the stomach and watched him stumble back.

Buffy followed it up with a kick to his hand knocking the gun out of Luther's hand and onto the floor.

Luther began to come towards Buffy and tried to grab her hand, but Buffy stopped him and kicked him backwards knocking him to the floor.

Buffy went to run towards the direction where they had came from but Luther got up quickly and grabbed her from behind.

Buffy ducked and swung out of his grip and then kicked him again. Buffy then ran into him like a tackle and knocked him on the cold, hard concrete floor. Buffy then saw how the gun dropped on the floor in front of her, Buffy then squatted down and grabbed it with her hands tied behind her back. Buffy rolled backwards to a standing position and Luther is there behind her.

Luther then grabbed the gun out of Buffy's tiny hands and she looked back and kicked him sideways in the knee. Luther then fell on his knees. Buffy then took her legs and wrapped them around him throwing him flat on the ground.

Luther tried to get up but Buffy kicked him with the lower part of his leg in the face. Luther again tried to get up and grab her leg that is on top of him but she wrapped them around his neck and tightens her legs.

Luther then reached with a free hand and found his gun on the floor, Luther then picked it up, and hit Buffy in the head with it. The force knocks Buffy out cold.

Angel, Wesley, and Gunn were now in the mansion. Angel could smell the scent of Buffy all around the place. He would always know her scent. Even if he was human now. He would know everything about her.

"Where would he take her?" Gunn asked Angel

Angel shook his head. He couldn't muster a thought. "I don't know."

Wesley nodded. "Where would Angelus take her? If he was going to kill her?"

Angel looked up then led the way down the hall with Wesley and Gunn quickly following.

Buffy woke and found herself up in the air. Hanging from the hook. Her hands were tied around the hook. Buffy saw how her legs were tied together behind her and her knees were almost touching the floor. She had a gag in her mouth. No one would hear her scream.

Buffy let out a scream and a cry. Hoping this would not be the end for her. She had so much to live for.

Luther grinned. "You know I like you…Angel was very lucky to have a firecracker like you."

Luther exhaled. "The things I could have done to you…consider yourself lucky. I'm letting Angel down easy. I never expected for Angel to find…..well…..to find an Angel."

Luther then pulled out his gun and had it in Buffy's mouth. Buffy squirmed, and cried. The tears fell down her cheeks freely.

Buffy closed her eyes. She wasn't ready for this. Who would be?

Luther was then pulled back and dropped to the ground. Gunn began to fight Luther with Wesley helping him. Luther still held onto his gun, but it dropped when Gunn drop kicked him.

Buffy opened her eyed and saw Angel right in front of her. Angel removed the gag form her mouth. Buffy let out a cry. "Angel."

Angel had tears in his eyes as he kissed her gently. " I am so sorry baby."

Angel lifted Buffy off of the hook, Angel could feel how terrified she still was.

"Alright.. Shh. I got you. I'm not going to let you go." Angel whispered to Buffy, as he ducked his head under the hook between her arms and lifted her from the hook.

Angel got Buffy off of the hook and fell to the floor. Buffy wrapped her arms around him with her arms still bound, hugging him and holding him close.

"Oh, it's okay. I'm right here. It's all over. Okay. Shh. I'm right here, alright. It's all over. Shh…alright." Angel said stroking her hair.

Angel had Buffy's back turned from the fight that was going on, between Luther, Gunn and Wesley. He thought they could handle it, while he tended to Buffy.

Angel saw how Luther got a free moment from the two, and grabbed the gun and pointed to Buffy. Ready to shoot. Angel did the only thing he could do. To save her. To save their baby.

Angel quickly pushed Buffy to the ground and took the gunshot to his chest. Buffy got up from the ground and scooted towards Angel. She was still bound and couldn't over to Angel fast enough.

Luther smiled. "Well. That works too." Luther then exploded into dust as Gunn plunged into his heart with a stake.

Buffy put her bound hands on his wound. This wasn't happening. It couldn't be.

His eyes stared through her, and she shook him. This wasn't happening. He was looking through her. His eyes seemed hollow, not warm. She pushed desperately at the hole in his chest, trying to stop the bleeding. Blood filled her hands, warm and slick and fluid, and it couldn't be real. Buffy never felt blood like this. This was Angel's blood. He was right there . Angel wasn't even looking at her. Not directly.

"Angel. Don't do this. Don't leave me. You can't." Buffy said through muzzled tears.

He didn't speak, just looked up with that expression she was so afraid of - fear -afraid to die. Looking up with eyes that didn't know quite what to do, as he leaked all over her hands and wrists, and the breath caught in her throat. He was drifting. His eyes were growing cloudy.

Buffy shook her head. "No. No. Angel. You can't. You know why?"

Buffy knew he would answer. His eyes told her everything.

"You're going to be a daddy." Buffy said, offering him her warm smile.

She could barely get words out, not really thinking what crossed her lips as she pulled him close and held him to her heart, as if she could keep him alive by her strength. A life without Angel didn't make any sense.

No more lonely nights, no more fighting side by side, no more fighting with each other, or Angel teasing her until she would hit him. He would not get to see his child.

If that was to be her life, she didn't want it.

Buffy felt his breathing start to slow and felt his heartbeat rattle.

Buffy clutched onto him tighter, making her body fit perfectly against him until she could swear they were one being and she could breath for him. Save him. As he had saved her, so many times before.

She lowered him to the floor, trying to meet his gaze, and began to shudder. His eyes were blank. He didn't have to say anything. Buff saw all he needed to say in his eyes.

Buffy began to shake. "Angel. No. You have to fight this. Please. You're going to be okay. Please don't leave me."

. "I need you. I can't live without you. Stay with me. Look at me, Angel Please." Buffy pleaded

Her eyes burned with hope, with desperation. Angel's eyes closed and his heart stopped Buffy couldn't breathe.

Buffy shook her head. "No. No. No. No. You come back. Please Come back."

.. If it ended this way - without a chance to say goodbye -

Wesley and Gunn ran over to Buffy and grabbed her.

"We have to go. We have company." Wesley told her.

Buffy shook her head. "No. I can't. I can't leave him here."

Gunn grabbed Buffy too, and began dragging her away. "He would want you to live."

Buffy looked back at Angel. Still on the floor.

.And his eyes were still closed.