" UUUh are you ok?"

"Yeah why wouldn't I be?"

" Well, Layna you seem drunk."

" What how dare you after I saved you with a bucket of cheese I was going to ask you to help me with my homework but nooooo, you had to go and call me drunk some friend you are.'

" What..."



".. It's your fault K-A-T-A-RA."

" What do you mean my fault Layana?"

" I mean the least you could say thank you. Try this.. Layna thankyou for saving my life bu throwing a whole bag of chedder cheese that you could have eaten, on me."

" You guys are funny." Said the bubbly girl in the pink."

" Look bubbly! SHut your yap!"

" Don't yell at her!"

" Don't you tell me what to do! Your not my mommy.Hmph Dumb Dumb! . I'm out." She said grabbing a pair jeans to wear over her pjama shorts. She had a beader on so she really didn't care. She grabbed her black jacket and she climbed out the window.

" Layna where are you going?"

" Mind your own buisness."

She walked around the side of the house until she came across a small black and gray maltese. The cat purred and rubbed up against her leg little did she know a boy across the street was watching.



" I was so mean to her and she saved my life, even though it was with a bucket of cheese."

" You were kind of mean.."

" Shut up Sokka."

" What I'm stating the.."

" Obvous, your stating the obvious."

" Hey what's that boy looking at?" Asked Aang he had been staring off into space while he looked out the window. Sure enough a boy was sitting on the roof and staring at something then they heard someone yell.

" Hey Ryan!"

" Hey Layana!"

" GEt over here!"

" I'll be right over!"

" Okay, and Oreo says hi!"

" Well tell the little fur ball I said what's up?"

Layna looked down at the cat and said.

" HEy ore... Ryan says what's up" Oreo meowed in response and the two teens laughed.

After about five minutes Ryan appeared standing infront of her she didn't notice because she was too busy petting Oreo then she ran into something. Kaboom!

" Well you clutz.." Said a playful voice.

" Oh there you are Ryan...I."

" You what?"

" My dad's back."

" Oh no. We gotta get you out of here."

" Your right come with me and you have to promise to keep a secret.'

" You know me."

" Right, sware that you will keep this secret."

" I sware."

" Come on lets climb through my window."

" What's the secret?"

" I'll show yoou once you get inside."

They ran around the house, then finally came across the window.Layana suppourted by Ryan jumped in first then Ryan himself. After regaing their breaths, Ryan came face to face, With Aang.

" Hey your that guy that was watching the house!"

" I was looking for Layna she always comes out this time of morinig."

" Oh."

" Anyway, your the AVtar cast!"

" Tell us something we don't know."

" Stop being so sarcastic Sokka."

" What?!'

" Anyway you already know us who are.."

" We don't have that kind of time right now!" Layna interjected.

" Everyone into the closet, I gotta go warn my mom!"

" Well hurry back Layana I don't want you to get hurt."She smiled and ran to her mother's room only to hear arguing and the knocking down of objects.She braced herself for whatever would be going on inside that room. She tiptoed inside and looked at the two. The argument went something along the lines of this...

" Layyna isss comminggg tooo stay withhh meee!"

" No she's not and Tin Lau you're not even sober I will not allow you to hurt my child any.."

" YOuuuuu meannn o ur childddddd."

" No I don't you gave that up when you came home from the bar and began hitting her what kind of father is that?"

" There sheeeeeeeeee isssss. comeeeeee anddddddddddddd giiveeeeeeeeee dadddddddddy a hiuuuuuuuuuug."

" N..no just go away."

" See Tin Lau she doesn't want to go with you so just go away."

"Immm not going anywhere." He said reachoing for her arm. Layna quickly snatched her arm back and ran towards her room. SHe got in shut the door and was breathing hard. She grabbed her in haler off of her dresser and sat on the floor. Then her father bust the door open and she opened her eyes she was sprawled on the floor against the wall.

"Nowww come on Laynaaaa." HE said his voice saturated with anger and hate.

" I told you I'm not going anywhere with you!" HE grabbed her by the arm. She kicked him and flipped back wards and landed on her bed with a thud. THe gaang and Ryan knew it was time to act. They stepped out of the closet. Then complete and total silence...