Stay Away

I saw the hands that reached out to grab me
I tried to dart them but they were too fast
'Stay away from me,'my mind screams
But that's all I can do

I hate these nights when I'm alone with him
How can he do this to his own child?
He knows I'm defenseless against him
Shimatta!If only I could tell someone

But who would believe me?
No one!
He's to high on a pedstal for them to realize it
I wish my mother was still here

I'm too young for him to do this to me
It hurts whenever he enters me
I train to be stronger than him
I'm getting there though

He wouldn't do this to me forever
I must fight back the tears of pain
I can't show him any weakness
He has so many other women who want to do him

Why doesn't he go to one of them when he's horny
Maybe because I'm easier and quicker to get to
He has robbed me of so many things
My childhood,my innocence,everything...

He has now begun to take advantage of femimine curves
That's all I can think as I hold back the tears
One day he will pay

I feel the stickyness inside of me
He's finally done
I hope he will go back to his own bed
Instead he lays there trying to kiss me

I refuse but he finally catches my mouth with his
Now I feel the tears roll down my face as he forces his tongue into my mouth
He gropes my body one last time before he finally falls asleep
'I hate him!'my mind screams over and over

I'm going to slip out of this bed and take a shower
The hot water runs over my aching body
I pray for the day when I'm stronger than him
The day when I meet a strong man to get me away from all of this

One day people will see the real side of my father
'One day',it echoes over and over in my head
I think this as I finally breakdown in tears
...One day...

A/N: Interesting little thing isn't it?This poem has incest written all over it doesn't it?Now I know you're
probably wondering 'who is this poem talking about?' Well I've decided to let you smart people figure
it out.I threw hints in the poem,it should be easy to figure out.I'll give the answer in my next DBZ
story or poem.So don't forget my name!! ~Valie