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The next week or so progressed in the same manner. Little progress was made in the Kira case, Light and L were constantly fighting, and L's nightly terrors continued. The nightmares revealed some of his past to Light, but not much. L still had no problem with his nudity, and it still bothered Light. Maybe only he noticed, but his comments and attitude towards Light were getting more sexual in nature.

"Yagami-kun, I've been observing you now for a while, on a more personal level." He was always watching him, especally when he was around Misa, who was now making daily vists. "And I've come to a conclusion," L said, looking at him. L was still slightly wet and naked from a shower.

"What might that be?" Light asked, tracing L's chest and stomach with his eyes before turning away quickly, pretending to have something in his eye.

"I've come to the conclusion that there is an 84 chance that you are gay," L stated calmly.

Light spun around, shocked to say the least. "Wh-what!? Why would you say that!? That's completely rediculous!"

"Just conclusions from my observations. No need to be so defensive."

"Well, what observations are those?" Light asked, attempting not to give L's body a once-over with his eyes and to keep his gaze focused firmly on L's face... neck... chest... abs... 'NO! Face. Face only.'

"Yagami-kun, my face is up here," L made a circle around his face with one hand.

"Yes, Ryuuzaki, I am perfectly aware of that," Light replied, mentally slapping himself for his weak resolve. He found his excuse quickly. "I was just wondering how you got that scar on your chest. Peripheral vision alerted me to its presence."

For a long time, L was silent, thinking back. "It... it happened a long time ago..." His voice trailed off and he became silent oncemore. There was a look in his eyes of hurt and mistrust.

"I-I'm sorry," Light whispered. Without even realizing it, he reached out as if to touch the scar. L stepped back, as if almost afraid to be touched. "Can I ask... what happened?" He looked into L's eyes. "I-I mean... I'd understand if you didn't want to tell me..."

L looked away. "No..." The sound of his voice was distant and withdrawn.

"Whatever it was... you still have nightmares about it, you know..." Light noted, his voice barely more than a whisper. He led L over to the edge of the bed and sat him down. "Relax. Whatever it was... it's over now. You're safe. If... if you ever want to talk... I'm here..." For some reason he felt an urge to hug the older detective and barely restrained himself.

Not sure how to react, L looked at him but said nothing. Never in his life had anyone stopped to care... 'No, now is not the time,' he thought to himself. Trying hard to supress the memories and even harder to supress these feelings, he got dressed quickly. "Ninety percent." His mood had changed back to its 'normal'.

"Ninety!? Why? Is a straight guy not allowed to care?" He cursed mentally.

There was a knock at the door. "LIGHT!" Misa came bursting in. Luckily, L had already finished dressing.

"Good morning to you, too, Misa," Light replied as he was tackled into a hug. "You really should wait for a response after you knock before you come in..." He couldn't help but laugh at how childlike the girl was sometimes. If anything, he throught of her more as a little sister, though he would never admit that. That was just the information L needed to up his 'gay percent' estimation.

"Hello Misa," L said with little enthusiasm in his voice.

"Morning! Light, did you forget about our date today?" she asked with an almost pouting expression on her face.

"Of course not," Light lied. He had, in fact, forgotten completely. "What do you want to do today, Misa?"

"Misa wants to go outside with Light, but she cant." Her pout grew.

"Yes, well, now that your plans are ruined you'd best be leaving," L stated dryly.

"Ryuuzaki! You could be a little more polite!" He paused. "Why couldn't we go outside? You need color. You're pale as a ghost. It might be good for us to get out of the building for a while."

"Two men chained together will not look good."

"And Misa Misa doesn't want to be seen with him."

"Look, we agree on something," L said with a sneer.

Light rolled his eyes. "Outside doesnt have to mean walking the streets. There is the rooftop, you know. It's wonderfully sunny today, too." He wasn't one to normally enjoy the outdoors, but he figured it was worth it seeing as L so obviously disliked being outside.

"...Fine." And with that one word L found himself being dragged up to the rooftop by Light who was being dragged by Misa.

Once they were outside, Light turned to L and mock-gasped. "Look! He didn't disintegrate!"

L smacked him upside the head. "Smartass. Shut up and enjoy your date."

"Ow! No need to get violent!" He yanked the chain and walked over to a spot on the ground, laying down on his back and supporting himself with his shoulders. "Enjoy the sun, Misa! Come on, sit down. You too, Ryuuzaki." He pulled him down with the chain. "It won't kill you."

L found it rather difficult to sit, but managed to. Misa just hung on Light and kept talking and talking. "Make her shut up, it's giving me a headache," L quasi-complained.

"That was remarkably rude," Light replied. "And why would I make her do anything? She's her own person. So if you have a problem with her, tell her yourself."

"Misa, would you kindly shut up!?"

"Light, make him leave, he's ruining Misa's date!"

This bickering went on for what seemed like hours. At the end of it, L's headache had gotten much worse and Misa had almost lost her voice. The fighting stopped just as the sun began to set. All three of them paused to watch.

Light was breathless at the sight. How long had it been since he had actually seen a sunset? Too long to remember. It was breathtaking. He watched the sun dip below the horizon before standing. "We should go in. It'll get cold soon. Misa, I think our date is over for tonight, wouldn't you say?" Misa pouted and reluctantly said good bye, leaving them both on the rooftop.

"In case you're wondering, you're up to ninety-two percent."

"Ninety-two!? What did I do this time!?"


Light turned to him disbelievingly. "Nothing!? Then why am I up to ninety-two percent!?"

"Because you did nothing. You just sat there and did nothing with her while she was hanging off of you. Any straight man would have at least tried something."

"I hate you right now," Light informed him. "Just because I might not like Misa doesn't mean I'm gay. She's not the only female in the world. And you're a hyppocrite. As far as I can tell... you're asexual."

"Excuse me? I happen to have a very healthy libido, unlike you," L replied, annoyed.

Light twitched at that. "Oh yeah? Prove it. Prove you're not asexual."

"God damn you, Yagami." He grabbed the back of Light's head and pulled him into a kiss. Not just a small peck, but a long, lingering kiss. Behind them, the sun began to disappear until they both stood in the dark.

Light's eyes widened. L was... kissing him? It actually felt... rather...nice... And, come to think of it, he'd never had a crush on any girl before... 'Okay, there goes the 'I'm not gay' theory...' Light thought resinedly. His hands came up to rest on L's waist and his mouth parted slightly, tentatively licking L's bottom lip.

L pressed his body against Light's, deepening the kiss. Damn, he hadn't felt this alive in many years. His body came to life, full of lust. He pulled away, breathing deeply. "Ninety-eight percent..." he said.

"Wrong again, Ryuuzaki. Try 100," Light replied, just as breathless, giving him another kiss.

"How do I know you're not just experimenting? That I'm not just a lab rat?" L asked, trying to resist him but finding it rather hard to do so.

"And how do I know you're not just trying to prove me wrong?" he replied, slowly backing them up against the wall. "We just have to... trust each other."

L turned them so Light was now pinned against the wall. "I suppose. But I am the one with experience; I will be leading."

"Experience? Until five minutes ago, I would've sworn you were asexual," Light replied, turning them back so L was against the wall.

"There is more to me than meets the eye. I've known I was gay since I was seven. You on the other hand..." L turned them again. "Are new. So just stay put." He pinned Light's hands to the wall above him. "And follow my lead."

Light scowled at the fact that he was once again the one against the wall and also at the fact that he was restrained. "Fine... but just this once," he muttered quietly, but loudly enough that L could hear him.

"Maybe I'll be nice and let you take the lead one day... When you know what you're doing." Again he began to kiss him, playing with Light's tongue and biting gently on his lip.

"Nmm," Light moaned softly into the kiss. 'Damn, I should've done this sooner,' he thought to himself.

One of L's hands slowly traveled down Light's body, pausing just above his pants. Waiting, teasing. "Light," L breathed in his ear as he started to rub him lightly through his pants. "I hope there aren't cameras up here..."

Light threw his head back, gasping at the sensation. "I could care less," he replied shakily.

Sure enough, there were cameras, but since Watari was the only one watching, decided it was best to have them stop recording after the first kiss. L smirked, continuing with his motions. "You're easy to please..."

"Shut up... Nnh, more... please..."

"What's the matter Light?" L purred in his ear. "Been pent up for too long?" He reached inside his pants. This side of L had rarely been seen by others, it was purely sexual.

Light gasped, a shudder running down his spine as he felt the hand slip inside his pants. "Fuck... please... just..." he panted.

"Maybe you should take longer showers, like I do," L's breathing was also slightly heavier than normal. Without warning, he slowed his pace down, looking Light directly in the eyes as if to say 'you need me'. He nibbled at his neck, gently running his tongue along the skin.

"Don't... don't stop," Light gasped out when L slowed. "Please, don't stop..." He tilted his neck to the side to give L more access to the skin there.

It was now completely dark out. L slowly began to pick up the pace of his hand again. "Yagami," he whispered.

"C-call me Light. Yagami is my father," he choked out at the increase in pace.

"Light. Heh." He moved his hand faster, trying to bring this to an end. "I want to fuck you, here and now. But it is not the time. I still have much to teach you and the rooftop is not the place."

Light shuddered, on the edge. "Ryuuzaki!" he cried out as he came.

L smiled slightly and stroked him a few more times before wiping his hand. "Now I'm 100 sure."

"I could've told you that for a while now," Light replied, still panting.

"I still had my doubts until now." L softly kissed him. "We should go in."

"Yeah... probably," Light shivered from the cold of the air.

"You are going to be fun to teach." He gave him a light shove. "What are you going to tell Misa? And your father?"

Light laughed. "Hey, don't shove!" His smile faded instantly. "Shit... I hadn't thought about that. Father's like... the ultimate homophobe. He'll kill me. Literally."

"Let us worry about that in the morning." L stripped down to his pants and crawled into bed.

Light nodded and did the same. He shivered. "Shit, the covers are even cold. It's too cold outside..." he muttered.

Once in bed, L realized he wasn't actually very tired. His heart still beat fast, yearning for more. 'Take it slow. Don't push it,' he thought.

"Hey... are... are you asleep yet? ...I'm cold." Light finally asked.

"No. I'm no longer tired." L pulled Light closer to him.

Light blushed despite himself. "You're warm," he whispered.

"And you feel like ice. Now shut up and go to sleep." L wasn't much of the cuddling type.

"But I'm not tired." In fact, he was bored. He turned to face L. "So... you said you had much to teach me, ne? When do lessons begin... sensei?"

L couldn't help but laugh. "What, haven't had enough yet?"

Light smirked. "No way," was his only reply. He shivered again. "Would it kill you to turn up the thermostat on occasion?"

"There's nothing wrong with the temperature." He kissed him deeply. "Besides, you'll be warm soon. Now... show me what you can do."

Light moaned softly at the kiss. "I can do whatever you want me to," he replied, disguising his uncertainty.

"Mmm, that's a start." Already his body had begun to respond.

"Just tell me what to do," Light whispered, hands tracing the other's stomach.

L rolled onto his back, letting him have more access. "Your hands are freezing." He jolted slightly at Light's icy hands on his stomach.

"I told you I was cold." His hands moved up to L's chest and began to roll across his nipples. Already he could feel the cold leaving his own body.

L gasped. The cold wasn't an entirely bad feeling. In fact, he was getting used to it.

"Now ...what do you want me to do?" Light purred in his ear.

Almost with a will of its own, L's hand moved down and he rubbed himself through his now overly tight jeans.

"Having some trouble?" Light asked with a smirk. He unzipped L's jeans, sliding them down his hips. "Just because I'm new at this doesn't mean I can't be good at it." He slid down L's body and breathed onto his tip before licking it lightly.

L gasped and moaned at the same time, his hips making one quick thrust.

"You like that?" he asked teasingly, blowing onto the tip oncemore. Light licked the side from the base to the tip.

"Yes..." L managed to reply, biting hard on his bottom lip.

After enveloping the entire length in his mouth, he swirled his tongue around it, pulling back before lowering his head oncemore.

"Light... you're good at this." His hand teased Light's hair, pushing him down, guiding him gently.

"Mhmm," he hummed in response. He bobbed his head a few more times before swallowing hard, trying to see what sort of response that would get.

"Light," he moaned loudly. He was enjoying another's touch. It was a nice change from his own, but this session was quickly coming to and end. His breathing was fast and shallow as small moans escaped him.

Light swallowed with each movement of his head, teeth scraping L's length gently as he did so. With a final loud cry of Light's name, L released. Light had to swallow to keep from gagging. L's body had now gone completely limp. Panting with exhaustion, he managed to lift his head and look at Light.

"Well?" he smirked. "What do you think?"

L just collapsed back onto the bed and sighed deeply, a grin on his face.

"I'll take that as an approval." He helped L get his pants back up, zipping them up, and slid up to kiss him on the cheek.

Already half asleep, L wrapped his arms around Light. Light snuggled into the hold and both were soon asleep.