Title: The Lunar Virus

Rating: T

Summary: He had always been different from his siblings; the odd one out. It started with a strange illness and then the story came out. They were never suppose to find out like this.

Disclaimer: Sonic Underground is the property of SEGA Sonic Team but Simon is mine.

Fifteen Years Ago

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" The green and yellow hedgehog asked as he fell onto the mattress beside his lover. "Aleena, darling. I love you, so much, but we shouldn't be doing this." He ran his fingers through the queen's long, soft, purple headquills. She snuggled close to him.

"But I don't love Aron, I love you." She framed his face with her hands. "Simon... If it wasn't for this arranged marriage..." Aleena sighed and gently kissed him. "I love you."

They moved as one and held each other long into the night. One night, sealed with a kiss, could affect so many lives.

A month later Aleena's husband Aron was killed in a battle against Robotnik's forces. It was also when Aleena found out she was pregnant.


Although Aleena assured Simon that the children were Aron's and they couldn't be persecuted for their affair, when he first saw the babies he wasn't so sure. Aleena was lying on her white king-sized bed, her triplets playing beside her. The oldest, a little boy named Sonic, had bright blue quills, his mother's features, and Aron's striking green eyes. The middle child, a pink quilled girl named Sonia, had Aron's features and Aleena's blue eyes. They were obviously Aron's children. It was the youngest child, Manic, that Simon wondered about. Although he had his mother's eyes, and many of her features, the boy had emerald green, very spiky quills, not unlike Simon's own.

"Simon! Good morning. Come sit with us." Aleena invited, beckoning to him and he sat down lightly on the edge of the bed. He hugged her gently and she relaxed into his embrace. "I've missed you; it's been so long since you've some to see me."

"I thought it might be better for everyone, with what happened to Aron..."

"The children need a man in their lives." Aleena let her sentence trail; it would be something to speak about later. "Oh, how silly of me, come meet them. This is Sonic, Sonia and... Where's Manic?" Aleena bolted upright and Sonic let out a small whimper, reacting to his mother's distress. Simon watched as the small child's triangle ears flicked once, twice, and in a streak of blue he was across the room and pouncing on his little brother, who was making a bid for freedom out of the door that Simon had left open.

Simon chuckled at the sight of the youngest child trying to squirm away from his older brother and towards the door. "Oh, Manic... He always does that if you leave the door open." Aleena said as Simon crossed the room and gently picked up the two boys. Manic pouted but didn't try to get away, settling for giving Simon a teary eyed look from behind his quills. Sonic, however, the moment he was confined tried to dash away. "Sonic and Sonia inherited their father's speed. My advisors think that Manic might have inherited my abilities. When he gets older we'll go see the Oracle to check."

"How wonderful." Simon tried to gently set the two children back down on the bed. Sonic hopped down quickly, but Manic clung tightly to Simon's tunic with his four tiny paws. Simon smiled at the child's small defiance. "Maybe they need some time outside to play."

"I know they do but I'm worried about them wandering off, especially Manic, and with Robotnik around, I don't know what will happen." Aleena gently ran her hand through her youngest son's wild green quills.

They spent the next hour together, waiting for Manic to fall asleep so he would let go of Simon's shirt. Simon almost melted when the small boy yawned and relaxed, claws retracting from the material in their grasp. He slid down into Simon's lap and curled up into a ball. The older male gently set him in his crib beside his brother and sister. "I should probably be going."


"Ah, Simon Beaumont." The Oracle of Delphius said serenely, without turning around, as the young hedgehog stood in the entranceway of his cave.

"Y-yes sir." Simon stammered nervously, shaking snow from his hood. "I was... I was just... I was just coming to... I was just wondering if..."

"If the crown prince is your child." The Oracle said gently, the venerable reptilian man finally turning around to face Simon. "Come sit down, I was just making a pot of tea."

Simon was nervous. The Oracle was one of the most powerful beings on Mobius and an unimportant middle class hedgehog had just dropped in unannounced. At least he hadn't been kicked out yet. His first sip of the fragrant herbal tea calmed him considerably. "Now you wanted to know about the royal family."

"Yes, sir. It's that Aleena and I were... intimate around the right time for when the triplets were born and Manic-"

"Looks more like you than Aleena or Aron. Has a colouring that matches neither parent. Has not inherited any obvious magical talents." The Oracle supplied and Simon nodded slowly. "Yes he's your son, born early because of his brother and sister."

"That's why he's so small." Simon said softly, gently touching the tiny claw marks in his tunic. "Thank you, thank you so much. I have to go tell her." Simon leapt up and, after a hurried bow to the Oracle, bolted from the cave and into the snow.

"Simon wait! She won't be there when you arrive at the palace. The Prophecy..." The Oracle shouted after him, but the wind was too strong and the hedgehog had been swallowed by the blizzard.


Robotnik had struck while Simon was gone. The young hedgehog stood on the hill overlooking Mobotropolis and didn't recognize it. Robots were destroying everything. There wasn't a tree in sight and most of the palace towers were in ruins. He had to get to the bottom of this.

Simon ran through the boulevard and up to the palace. Robotnik was sitting, wedged in to, on Aleena's lovely purple quartz inlaid throne. The sight alone was enough to make Simon seriously ill.

"INTRUDER." Said one of the guards in its low electronic voice. The guards moved to apprehend the hedgehog but the doctor waved them off.

"No, no, leave him. He's probably just another noble come to swear his allegiance. Correct?" Robotnik slurred drunkenly, it was then that Simon noticed the pewter tankard hanging from the tyrant's hand. "And get me another drink and one for him as well." Before Simon knew what was happening, a tankard was pressed into his hands and he was forced to toast to Robotnik.

"Um... Sir, I was wondering, if it's not too bold to ask, what happened to the royal family?" Simon asked, now would be the best time to ask while the doctor was drunk; he was much more likely to get an answer.

"Oh, don't worry about them anymore. They heard I was coming and ran off. I've sent assassins after them anyways, just in case." Simon's stomach felt like lead and he gripped the front of his shirt tightly.

'My baby...'