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Gundam Wing: After Colony 198

Chapter 1

Duo Maxwell - age: 17

How long had it been? Almost two years? Duo Maxwell sighed. At least the world had come to peace, and the Gundams and mobile suits were gone. He and the other four Gundam pilots had gone their own way, making sure to talk every once in a while, though. He had gone back to a colony near to the one that he and Father Maxwell had lived on. He slipped on his shoes and threw his bag over his shoulder. He dragged his feet out the door and into the city. Same schedule as usual: get up at around six in the morning, eat breakfast, take a shower, get ready for school. Then, it's walk to school, take classes, walk home, and goof off the rest of the day? How was he going to spend the day after noon? Their school was letting out early so they could celebrate their year-long peace. He walked down the sidewalk, and, same as usual, saw the same stray dog. It was a thin, half-starved golden retriever. Duo always felt sorry for it. Normally, it had a collar, but today...he didn't see anything. Maybe he'd bring it home with him. He reached inside his black trench coat and offered it a thick piece of bacon. The dog sniffed it before licking it right out of his hand, gobbling it down. It stared up, its brown eyes wishing for more. "Sorry, little girl," Duo patted its head, "but maybe I can get you something after school, alright? You'll wait here?"

The dog whimpered in return.

The braided seventeen-year-old walked outside his school: a large building that looked like something that would belong to a major company. No surprise - Quatre's family threw in funds to build it, so people wanted to call it by the Winner name, but Quatre protested. The Winner family had done enough with the colonies, and had enough recognition. So, it was simply called Trenel School. It had the grades first through twelve, plus areas for after school activities. Duo's steps halted as he heard a thud, followed by a little girl's whimpers. He turned his head and his amethyest eyes set on a girl that looked like she may've been in first grade. She had short brown hair and watering green eyes. Duo kneeled down beside her, since it looked like she had fallen, "Hey, are you okay?"

The girl nodded, but when she stood, her left leg trembled and Duo saw the deep scrap on her knee. "Oi, c'mon," he held out his hand, "You should go show that to the nurse."

She looked at his hand, debating on whether or not she should take his offer. Deciding she should get it looked at, she slowly slipped her hand in his. As Duo led her to the nurse, she looked up, "I'm Juli. Who are you?"

"I'm Duo. What grade are you in?" The former pilot 02 continued the conversation.

"I'm in first grade. How about you?"


"Wow! Really? Are the teachers scary?"

Deciding against speaking of his english teacher(who'd gone up to twelfth grade from eleventh), Duo shook his head, "No. They're all nice, and I'm sure they'd love to have you when you get up there."

She flushed, "Really?"

"Yeah. -Here we are. Can you do the rest yourself?"

"Uh-huh. Thanks, Duo-nii!" Juli waved, then walked into the nurse's office.

" was I?"


Wufei Chang - age: 17

Wufei stared at his alarm clock as it buzzed off. He lazily slammed his hand on top, shutting it off. The asian sighed deeply and sat up. He opened the blinds and threw on a shirt. Since he had joined the Preventers, the boss had ordered the five Gundam pilots to return to school. When they had graduated, they would be allowed to come back. No doubt Trowa was already out, since he was a year older than the other four. Wufei glanced at his clock again, seeing it was much brighter than usual. It read seven fourty-five. He cursed under his breath and ran to the kitchen of his apartment to make breakfast. He had slept in almost a whole half hour! He'd probably be late today. Great. Wonderful way to start a Monday...or was it Tuesday - no, it had to be a was the first day of the year. Either way, Wufei didn't feel like kicking into gear, but he did. While he threw some simple biscuits in the oven, he took a quick shower to warm him up. Just as he got dressed, he heard the timer go off on the oven, and he took out his breakfast. He decided to eat while he ran to the school. He grabbed his books, threw on his shoes, and took two biscuits before setting off.

He ran down the street, biting into his biscuits and taking back roads to avoid the large group of adults heading to their jobs. He glanced up as he knew he approached the school. His eyes widened.

Oh, HELL NO...

That...familiar, unforgettable...long brown braid...

PLEASE say he ISN'T coming here...


Quatre Raberba Winner - age: 17

Quatre walked happily down the street, greeting people good morning. He was looking forward to his last year in school, since he'd pretty much missed most of his public school life. He was especially looking forward to this year. After all...they were coming. It was technically his school, so he got to see the list of the enrolled students. Three other ones who were familiar...

Duo Maxwell.

Wufei Chang.

Heero Yuy.

Quatre knew that Trowa had already graduated, so he was staying in the circus with Catherine. Every once in a while, to get in touch with his soldier side, he'd take on a Preventer's job. Since he was a former Gundam pilot, Trowa was allowed in and out, to take a job or not, as much as he pleased. Although, Quatre was disappointed that they all five weren't there.

Why was it...he had the feeling was going to be an especially good day? More than he expected?


Heero Yuy - age: 17

Heero Yuy stood up. He heard beeps from his faithful laptop. He had hacked into the school's website to see the enrollment. He could easily switch schools if anyone dangerous to him was attend-

He slapped his face. Damn. The same school as those three...killjoy. This had to be more than coincidence, though. Either way...this year would sure be full of interesting events. Now knowing what to expect (no gun, he told himself, don't take the gun), he took his blue jean jacket and his bag. He'd eat lunch. It was late enough. He'd gotten up early, gotten dressed, and gone back to sleep. For sleep's sake.

As the somewhat warm air rushed over him as he stepped outside, Heero felt more awake. He walked rather quick toward his school. May as well get it over with, he told himself.


Trowa Barton - age: 18

Trowa opened his tired eyes and glanced at his clock. Grinning to himself, he mumbled, "No school this year, and practice doesn't start until later in the day. Heh...have fun, you four. I'm sleeping in."

Catherine called, "Trowa, get up! The manager wants us!"



Duo sat in the back of his homeroom. Mostly, it was fun and games in homeroom, but normally, people avoided him. He had friends there, but none talked to him much. He mostly sat and kept his thoughts to himself. Until a certain someone stumbled in homeroom a few minutes later. The teacher (who was also his dreaded English teacher...) barked, "Name?"

"Winner, ma'am. I'm so sorry I'm late."

Duo's head snapped up. He instantly stood. Was that his old buddy who was not longer into the bright colored clothes and was actually wearing darker colored clothes? Simple blue jeans? A simple, yet nice, shirt? The teacher finished a sentence to him, " don't let it happen again."

"Yes, ma'am."


"Hey, Duo! I didn't know I'd be in your homeroom."

Duo walked up to his old companion and patted him, turning back to his old self. "Quat, it's been so long since I've seen you! How's life been?"

"Pretty interesting, actually. I just recently moved to the colony. -And you won't believe who else is here," the former pilot 04 walked to the back with Duo.


"Wufei and Heero."

"No way! Are you kidding?"

"No. They're in the same homeroom. Room 17-A."

"Awesome. I wonder if we'll have any of the same classes."

"More than likely. How've you been?"

"I'm getting a dog. I've been rather lonely."

"A dog? Lonely?" Quatre frowned, sitting in an empty desk.

"Yep," Duo's eyes averted Quatre's, "Hilde is engaged to some rich guy. She's gone off with him."

"Oh, Duo...I'm sorry."

"For what? It's not like I loved her. She was a close friend; that's it. Nothing more, nothing less."

The two continued talking, noticing the strange looks some people were giving them. It was a strange pairing. A rich and famous kid, who was kind and gentle (former Gundam pilot), hanging out with a rough, famous kid (former Gundam pilot). One girl with black hair tied up in a long ponytail approached them. Her light blue eyes twinkled with mischief, "Duo, who's your friend?"

"Ah, there you are! Kelda, this is my buddy, Quatre! Quatre, this is a friend of mine, Kelda!" Duo happily gestured to one, then the other.

Quatre outstretched his hand, "Pleased to meet you."

She shook it, "You, too. So, it appears that I'm not going to be the only one talking to Duo now!"

Quatre raised a confused eyebrow.

Duo boasted, "I'm too cool for anyone to hang out with."

"You wish," Kelda grinned, deflating his ego. "People here are still nervous, you know. Everyone knows the name of the old Gundam pilots. When they heard Duo Maxwell, everyone instantly avoided him."

"Except you," Quatre pointed out.

She nodded in agreement, "Except me."

"Well, please do tell me...what trouble has Duo gotten into while I haven't been around?"

Duo buried his face in his hands and Kelda happily began telling him.


"Wufei," Heero quietly nodded in acknowlegdement.

Wufei nodded back. "I see we all have minds too much alike."


The two were mostly quiet, having nothing to really talk about. Mostly, it was small talk.

"Have you gone back to the Sanq Kingdom to see Relena Peacecraft?" Wufei uttered her name quietly.

"...Only once. I go to her speeches. In the shadows," Heero hesitantly answered.

"I see."

"Trowa's already graduated?"

"Damn lucky bastard."

Heero cracked a rare grin, "Can't argue there."


She stepped out of the car. Her first trip to a colony. She looked around, curious. It was...really cool. She paid the cabman and walked slowly toward the school. She had her light brown hair pulled back in a high ponytail, reaching right below her shoulder blades. Her icy blue eyes look around the large building.

"Huh...pretty big."

She walked up to the front office and received her schedule. She looked at the homeroom number. 9-B. Floor 6. Gosh! How big IS this place?!

She looked around and found the winding stairs. She groaned. THAT wouldn't be fun climbing every day for about one hundred and eighty days. Her eye twitched. She grasped her books and headed up the stairs. She had finally reached the sixth floor, and found her homeroom. The seventeen-year-old inhaled deeply before knocking on the door. The (dreaded) english teacher opened the door, and said sharply, "Yes?"

"Um...I'm coming from Earth," the teen explained.

"Schedule? Let me see."

She handed it over. The teacher looked it over. "Hm...I see. I am your homeroom and english teacher, Ms. Greenweld. Come in after I say your name."

"Yes, ma'am."

The teacher walked back to the classroom, leaving the door open. She cleared her throat, and it quieted down...instantly. "We have a student from Earth...the United States. She will be in most of your classes. Welcome Miss Raechel Parkens."

Raechel walked in and nodded her head, "Umm...hi."

"Pick any seat. Talk with anyone. Cause trouble, and you'll wish you hadn't," Ms. Greenweld said shortly.

"Yes, ma'am..."

Raechel picked her way to the back. Duo, Quatre, and Kelda sighed. Kelda walked towards her, "I bet she's gonna- hey, new kid! Raechel?"

"Y-yeah?" Raechel looked up.

"I bet you're going to play 'little lonely girl', right? Too bad. Come on over here," Kelda gestured.

"Okay." Well, people here sure are friendly.

She walked over to Duo and Quatre, following behind Kelda. Duo offered his hand, "Hey, fellow American. I'm Duo."

She shook it. If she knew he was a former Gundam pilot, she showed no signs. "Hi. Raechel."

Raechel shook Quatre's next, "Nice to meet you three."

"I'm Kelda."


"Which state?" Duo grinned, "Sounds like you're a little northern, yet...a tiny bit of southern."

"I'm from the northwest. Montana."

"Shoot. Well, it's been so long since I've been near another American. know."

"Heh. I see your point. What about you?"

"I'm not positive. I think I was from, like, one of the big cities. I want to say New York, but...I'm not sure. I've been in a colony as long as I can remember."



"Ah, nothing like gym to start the day, right, Q-man?" Duo grinned, "Catch up with you two later!"

"Later!" Kelda ran off.

"See ya," Raechel nodded.

--After school--

Duo, Quatre, Heero, and Wufei walked together about half-way home. They were catching up, seeing what the others were doing, including each other. At an intersection, Heero pointed off, "I'm that way. I'll see you guys later."

"Don't go blowing anything up, Heero!" Duo grinned and waved.

"Speak for yourself, baka," Heero threw a short wave of his hand before crossing the intersection.

About two blocks down, Wufei left them, leaving Duo and Quatre. Quatre had wanted to see Duo's place, and was walking back with said pilot. True to his word, Duo stopped on the way. The golden retreiver stood from laying down, and wagged its tail, as if it knew what was coming. Duo checked her all around. He could easily feel her ribs, and she had no collar. Otherwise, she looked completely fine. Quatre looked at her, "This is the dog you were talking about?"

"Yeah. She's been on the street for about two weeks, and I can't stand to see animals like that. C'mon, girl. You wanna come home with me?" Duo patted her head.

She gave a happy bark and followed.

"Well," Quatre grinned, "You get your wish. A new dog."

"Yep. She's nice, isn't she?"

"Cute little dog. You poor thing," Quatre bent down and pet the dog while they continued walking, "You're probably really hungry, aren't you? You look like you haven't had a decent night of sleep in a long time."

As if he were reading her emotions, she whimpered.

While Duo was fumbling with his keys, Quatre asked, "Do you know what you're going to name her?"

"I was thinking something like...Aurea."

She barked in agreement.

Quatre and Duo grinned.

Duo: I gotta doggy!

Me: Three years old, I think. The dog.

Duo: Sssuuurrrreee...

Me: Well...

Duo: Please read and review!