This idea sort of popped into my head, so here goes bloopers

This idea sort of popped into my head, so here goes bloopers.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Fred, George, the rest of the order, Voldimort, and the death eaters all sat in the living room.

Voldimort: I'm bored.

Harry: (balancing a butter beer bottle on his head) me too. There's nothing to do.

Ding dong! The doorbell rings.

Snape: I'll get it.

He opens the door to find: Snape: James! I thought you were dead!

James: Nope. Just being a poast man for the mean time. Here's a box for you.

Sirius: Well give it here. (He begins to read) Dear Charicters:

Here are some moments in the books where you all really in my opinion screwed up. Welcome to the world of

Everyone together says: Bloopers!

Harry: Oh nooooooo!

The bottle falls off his head.

Voldimort: Oh shit.

Ginny: Well, there's nothing else to do, so let's look at these.

They popped it into the DVD player and hit play.

Chamber of secrets scene where Harry realizes Tom Riddle is Voldimort.

Tom: My real targuit is you.

He used Harry's wand to write Tom Marvolo Riddle in the air and then rearranged the letters forming: I am Lord Voldimort, but but at my night job, I'm known as the Dark Lord Poledimort.

Cameraman: Cut!

Harry: Um dude, didn't need to know that.

Ginny: (pokes her head up from the floor under the statue) How long do I have to stay down here?

Camera man: Until these two knuckle heads stop screwing up. No literally screwing.

Harry: Um in this, I'm only twelve, but he does look sexy as Tom Riddle.

Goblit of fire scene: Voldimort stands over Harry in the grave yard.

Voldimort: And to prove that I am stronger, I will kill Harry Potter tonight.

Harry: Um dude,

Voldimort: What?

Harry: You've got a booger right there. (he points)

Camera man: Cut! Cut!

Harry: I don't wanna cut. I'm not emo!

Same scene:

Voldimort, and to prove that I am stronger, I will kill Harry Pickle tonight.

Harry: You wish you had a hairy pickle.

Camera man: Um bad image…I mean cut!

Scene in DH where they're about to leave Grim Old place for the ministry. Suddenly, Drako Malfoy walks on screen from the left and stands in front of the door.

Ron: What the fuck! Where the hell did you come from?

Drako: I came from your worst nightmare.

Ron: You came from Harry's trunk?

Camera man: Cut! Drako get off screen.

Hermione: But I wanna have his babies.

Ron: But but but at the end of the book, we have all these kids.

Hermione: Screw the book.

Scene from POA where they're in the shrieking shack:

Hermione: He's been helping Sirius Black into the castle! He's a werewolf!

Remus: You are the cleverest witch of your year. I am a werewolf.

Ron: Are you fucking Serious?

Remus: Well, that too.

Sirius: Well, its because of my sexy hair!

Camera man: Cut!

James: Wow. All these years and I never knew that…

Sirius: (wacks James over the head, knocking him out) Fuck you.

Scene in GOF where Harry is escaping using the port key:

Voldimort: Do not kill him! He is mine!

Lucius Malfoy runns toward Harry, tripping over a stone angel. His robe comes open and he falls onto the tip of the wing balls first. Lucius: Oof! Give me a minute.

Camera man: Cut.

Same scene:

Voldimort: Do not kill him! He is mine!

He begins to run toward Harry, when his face contorts.

Voldimort: But first, I need to go to the…

At that moment, he farts.

Harry: (coughing) Somebody open some windows.

In his haist to get to the bathroom, Voldimort trips over the lit caldron, and catches his robes on fire.

Camera man: Evacuate!

Harry, not hearing him, keeps running and there's a loud explosion.

Camera man: Oh no. Now we need a new Harry.

Severus: Now you see why we wore those masks and hoods all the time.

George: I'm just glad he wasn't around when you cursed my ear off.

Snape's death scene in DH:

Harry walks toward the man on the floor.

Snape: Take it, take it.

Harry gets the memories and kneels down.

Snape: Look at me. (He grabs the front of Harry's robes) Kiss me Harry. Don't make me tell you again!

Camera man: Cut.

Harry: um dude, that is soooo wrong.

Snape: (begins to cry like a baby) You you you don't want me?

End of chapter.

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